Reviews for Backfire
Guest chapter 10 . 10/3/2014
great story
uuu chapter 9 . 8/24/2013
do an accidental first time with jeryumi
Ulrichlover23 chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
Wow this story was amazing great job I give u cred great job ur so talented good job
Garfakcy-chan chapter 9 . 9/8/2012
Such a great story! I love it! I have to say the revenge chap was my fav :) That's probably cause I love Odd though. When I read they were calling Yumi I was like "Well, that's not gonna help anything...poor Oddball..." It is just like Odd to cause so many problems unitentionally though. Great fic!
yellow.r0se chapter 10 . 8/28/2011
Now for my final review: I love this story! You added humor in there too, which I love. Lots of drama, and romance which is great. Spelling was good for the most part. None of the characters were OOC, and the ending was cute(: all in all, this was a pretty flippin' awesome story! The only thing I don't like is that there's no sequel. Keep writing girl, cause you'll go far! I consider it a privelage to have read your story, and I'm so glad I did! Also, it's 2:30 am, so the reviews I sent earlier probably made no sense because I'm exhausted. This isnt the last you'll be seeing of me!

yellow.r0se chapter 9 . 8/28/2011
Haha odd is odd.
yellow.r0se chapter 8 . 8/28/2011
Haha score one for Yumi! Hey Yumi, Ulrich! Do u guys see me? I'm the one watching u in the bushes...
yellow.r0se chapter 7 . 8/28/2011
Hahaha! That's what u get for being a crap face Ulrich! Haha :P I warned ya, did I not?
yellow.r0se chapter 6 . 8/28/2011
"You think I'm a cat on earth?"

"No Odd, I think you're a flippin armadillo."
yellow.r0se chapter 5 . 8/28/2011
So class, if you take out your triple lense microscope, and look intently at Ulrich's lips, you will see him forming the words 'what the f*ck.' haha sorry idk what that was, it just came to mind when I was reading that part.

SAY WHAAT! yumi did not just push Ulrich into the unavoidable void with her mind! Please tell me she didn't!

Oh, but she did!
yellow.r0se chapter 4 . 8/28/2011
Omg ok is this a JeremieXyumi fic? If so, Im getting the chills. If not, I continue on!
yellow.r0se chapter 3 . 8/28/2011
Ulrich u big fart face! I'm gonna shove my knee so far up your crotch, you'll see stars! Haha sorry, but he was being so mean to her! Like c'mon Ulrich, really? Who ripped your heart out and flushed it down my garbage disposal?
IamUlrichStern chapter 10 . 7/14/2010
I am typing this from my PSP and it won't let me sign in so the is the same, just not a link. As usual, great story. I love how most of your stories are Ulrich and Yumi or maybe those are the only ones I pay attention to. This is off-topic but I need help with my FF, (a.k.a. my only one) Code:Ulrich. So, anyone who reads this review, if they could R&R my story, partake in my poll for what happens in Chapter 4, I will even accept flames. So, all and all, great story.
moxie4evr chapter 10 . 7/11/2009
a big first with ending it with aelita and jeremy. the story was awesome though! i honestly think u should've gone with ending it with an odd and aelita couple, but remember, that's just me. again, loved it!

xxguesswhoxx chapter 9 . 2/27/2008
lolz having 2 ppl trying to destroy him i feel sorry for odd
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