Reviews for PokeQuest
ken chapter 2 . 12/22/2009
Congratulations. The kid choose Spinarak instead of the most useful of those Teddiursa. He is a retard
sunshine5991 chapter 1 . 11/14/2009
I would really like if you would use my OC, it would be brilliant if she could be in it quite alot, either travelling with them or reoccuring

fell free to change any of the details,

would you please send an message to me saying wether or not you will use her, as well as if you are using her how often she would be in it, thank you

Name: Paige Harris

Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearence: she is very pretty but does not think that she is, shoulder length brown hair, almost always down and straight, she wears a pair of extremely light blue ripped skinny jeans which are nearly white, a light blue baggy top which hangs off one shoulder and has a silver design on the front, a white vest top underneath the blue top, a pair of white high heeled boots, and a white belt holding her six pokeballs

Personality: is generally kind but is very short tempered

Trainer type: trainer

Pokemon: as she hade spent so long working and training all her pokemon are very strong, although her blazikin and delcatty are strongwer than the rest. she does not plan on catching anymore as she is very close to all her pokemon (they were her only friends for a long time) and she doesnt want to send any away

feel free to change any of the moves (I left out common ones like tackle and quick attack) and i know that there is more than four but i know its very hard to write about a battle if you only have four moves.

blaziken - starter - Flare blitz, sky uppercut, brave bird, blaze kick, fire punch, hyper beam, overheat, earthquake

delcatty - 1st caught - water pulse, blissard, solar beam, iron tail, thunder, assist, zen headbut, shadow ball

golduck - 2nd caught - hydro pump, water pulse, confusion, fury swipes, ice beam, psychic, focus punch, hyper beam

dewgong - 3rd caught -blizzard, ice shard, aurora beam, aqua ring, aqua tail, ice beam, protect, avalanche

Gardevoir - 4th caught - confusion, teleport, magical leaf, future sight, psychic, energy ball, sunny day, solar beam

rapidash - 5th caught - mega horn, fire spin, take down, flare blits, fire blast, overheat, poison jab, solar beam

(Remember you can change any of these if you wish, i dont really care)

Hometown and Region: Fortree city, Hoenn

History: her mother and father were both top co-ordinators and pressured her to become a co-ordinator, she never wanted to be a co-ordinator as her true passion was battling, her parents refused to let her be a battler so she ran away and never went back, nor does she plan on anytime soon

Acomplishments: when she left she had no money of her own so although she had her starter she couldnt travel, she got a job in slateport and worked for a few years, during this time she caught pokemon and trained. when she was thirteen she finally travelled Hoenn and got to the final where she lost while both trainers were on their last pokemon and both pokemon were ready to collapse, but hers did first

Goals: to become part of the elite

Other: she tries to keep her a past a secret but sometimes people can see she is hiding something and depending on how close she is to the person she may tell them but it will take some convincing, ever since she ran away she hasnt spoken to her parents and doesnt plan on doing so any time soon, the only reason she went back to Fortree was for a badge
v i t a l e t u m chapter 1 . 11/9/2006
A good start. Bulbsaur IS a cute pokemon.

Ok, you need a OC? I'll give you one ok?

Name: Alice Heartwell

Age: 15

Hair: Dark Brown in low pigtails to middle back.

Eyes: Amber

Clothes: Black Capris, White spaghetti top, yellow Zipper jacket with she rolls the sleeves up to the elbows and blue trainers. She carries a white belt (slanted) to hold her poke'balls and a white messenger bag.

Origin: She comes from the Sevii Islands and has been a trainer for five years, now, starting when she was ten.

Personality:(short ok?) Brave, Motherly to her pokemon, Doesn;y like being called short (remind you of anyone, Pipsquick?) Friendly, Loves pokemon.


Kadabra - Male

Seadra - Female

Ninetales - Female

Gloom - Female

Sizor - Male

Flaaffy - Female

Goals: Pokemon Researcher

(See her? she the one I put in in your other story _)

Well onto chapter two.
RubyVulpix chapter 5 . 4/24/2006
Great story!

It's really good!

If you need characters for your new story, I

got some from a fic that I wrote on paper that you can


Name:Fiona Avalon


Appearence:Long brown hair tied in a ponytail and blue a blue t-shirt and jeans

Hometown:Celadon City,Kanto

Pokemon:Shiny Eevee(Sparky),Flareon(Firebolt).Espeon(Sunny)and Vaporeon(Wave).

Personality:Tomboyish,but kind

She's a pokemon coordinator,her parents,Gerald and Susan Avalon are Eevee breeders.

Scott Summers


Apearence:spiky blond hair and brown an orange t-shirt blue pants,and a blue cap.

Personality:Smart and brave

Hometown:Goldenrod city,Johto

Pokemon:Growlithe,Quilava , Blaziken(Kenshi)and Pidgeotto.

He's a pokemon trainer and Fiona's boyfriend

This is great so far!Keep on the good work!
uncutetomboy chapter 4 . 4/22/2006
Hi, Rei do Mundo. uncutetomboy here. I like where your story is going so far, it makes it stand out from all of the "My Own Pokemon Quest" stories, as I call them, and at the same time it's very refreshing. I read in your summary that you're looking for OCs. If you want, you can use my OC from my own Pokemon story (I haven't posted it yet, tho). Just send me an email or reply to this reveiw and I'll send you all of the details and descriptions for her and, if you want, her Pokemon.

Keep up the good work and keep writin'!


Alteise chapter 4 . 4/22/2006
Nice catch! Tauros is awesome! But what was really cool was that you memntioned Lapras, my favorite pokemon! If you want reviews, change your summary to say that OC's are wanted. That'll catch their attention. Update soon!
Alteise chapter 3 . 4/20/2006
Yeah! those really were my first pokemon in FireRed version! The abuse I put my Magikarp and Charmander through... But when it evolved into Gyrados and Charizard, it was worth the torture of being fooled by that vendor and having to train forever! They destroyed anything that faced their Flamethrower and Hydro Pump. Also, can I have a Ralts? I love that little guy.
Eritree chapter 2 . 4/20/2006
LOL! Hey_ Thank for reviewing my STORY! YAY!;) This fanfic is really quite on a good start so well done)! You too have great writing potential)! However when Mark gets the Spinarak, it supposedly turns into a Teddiursa? Is it meant to? Just checking.)

Well better dash hehe(others of your fanfics to read;D)

Peace Out,


Alteise chapter 1 . 4/19/2006
THis story has lots of potential. You might try using other people OC's. Reviewers love to see their own characters. If you decide to use any OC's, how about using mine? If so, just reply to this review and I'll describe him. I'll keep reviewing until you quit.
Facia chapter 1 . 4/17/2006
Um, is the title intentional or a glitch? And are you still writing your other story? This is okay (different opening than usual, and good description) but still somewhat standard...there are a lot of OT stories, after all.