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Missyick chapter 32 . 2/29/2012
Kavaleria Nox, is there a sequel? interesting story! I like it, i hope you will posted some day! Great story...
noodle-monster chapter 2 . 8/18/2007
well i liked the story

i only really had beef with the illusion stuff.

what you had Airelle teaching was some form of mind over matter, not illusion. you can't just have an illusionary slide, and have kids slide down it on air, because while they believe it's there it is in fact not there, ergo they'd fall to their deaths-the only way they wouldn't fall is if their minds compensated for it using their own magic..which they wouldn't since they believe in the slide. it would work in the matrix, since it's all in the mind, but it wouldn't work in the real world.

while story wise speaking it's ok and i guess could work in an AU, it just doesn't follow logic what you have magic doing in this story-and according to Rowlings Uni. magic is logical.

well, enough blabbering about, it was still a good story
Nameless chapter 19 . 10/5/2005
Lockhart or somebody innocent

-snicker- Implying Lockhart isn't innocent? Never!

Nameless chapter 18 . 10/5/2005

Well, darn it.

Romantically together - I guess I should have guessed eventually... Thank you for sparing me the rest of the scene though. -grin-

... darn it.

-cough- Don't mind me... I'm done ranting... I just don't like romantic- bah, not going to get into it. -shakes head-


Great chapter! Besides the... er... ending. -cough-

Moving on! I liked their conversations and interactions (before the last page or so) ... Yes'm, well...

-goes to read more-
Nameless chapter 17 . 10/5/2005 sad...

Great chapter, but the ending was *so* sad, especially with the amazingly beautiful and sweet imagery before it. sad...

I really like the Quidditch game; it was very entertaining. -nod- -grin-

Enya awesome. -grin-

This chapter was amazing! -nod- I really like the interactions and the imagery. -sigh- The imagery was really astounding - now I want to be on that hill...
Nameless chapter 16 . 10/5/2005
Oh, mixed feelings - I'm laughing and frowning - must be an odd sight, no...? Oo

Great chapter as always! And long. (long good... *always*)
Nameless chapter 15 . 10/5/2005
There you go with the semi-romantic-and-then-shifting-into-not scenes... Gah, they're weirdd...

-cough- Honestly, I think Snape was just trying to creep her out. Or something. -roll eyes-

Great chapter! Too much to say! Too much more to read! -grin-
Nameless chapter 14 . 10/5/2005
Great, and left me alone with this babbling idiot. I’m going to choke the life out of him…

That's the Airelle I know and love... -laughs- Honestly, I love her. -grin- How horrible of Dumbledore to allow that ... -cough- person in!

Airelle knew that already, but put on a face anyway. “Excuse me? Since when did the male always get to do the leading?”

-dances- Airelle is awesome.

I swear, if that man winks one more time…

Punching reporters is not going to get you anywhere.

-snickersnicker- That's kind of sounds akin to how I would react around Lockhart... And I'll swear that he changed his name.

Oh, dear. Good job Tracy and Alica!

Long chapter! Whoo!
Nameless chapter 13 . 10/5/2005
-laughs- Wow, Dumbledore does tend to do that. I think he *really* likes it.

And I want a room *and* bath like that - except maybe without the keeper - that would be a little weird...

I want to know what she was muttering in her sleep... And Snape can play the Piano - what? -grin- So many questions and mysteries!

Great chapter! (of course)
Nameless chapter 12 . 10/5/2005
-laughs- These almost romantic occasions that turn into something completely different - really weird me out until they do turn into something different - even if I know/think they are going to turn out not to be romantic at all (thank goodness).

Okay, so that probably didn't make any sense... But *I* understood it... -sigh- -roll eyes- Sorry, won't ramble! ;

Heh heh.. I love Airelle and Snape's interactions and personalities... -nod-

And I want that bedroom too... Though sans Snape I think... -sweatdrop-

Great chapter!
Nameless chapter 11 . 10/5/2005
One thing, Airelle knew- if she ever married, she’d pummel her groom senseless if he tried to carry her over the threshold. Just a little pet peeve of hers, that’s all…

-point- I love Airelle. -grin-

Except the whole thing with her thinking/actually liking Snape... I'm wondering if it's a spell/charm/illusion/or just mixed up memories and feelings sort of things.

Bah, romance... - -cough- don't mind me...

Great chapter! And very amusing - their interactions are too funny. -laughs-
Nameless chapter 10 . 10/5/2005
-laughs- I really like the presents - and that card was so Snape-ish. -grin- Great chapter, very amusing! -nod-
Nameless chapter 9 . 10/5/2005

Uhm... Next chapter... -eyeshift- -click-

Great chapter! Smug Snape... -roll eyes-
Nameless chapter 8 . 10/5/2005
-mixed emotions-

If I were Airelle - I would just cast a - spell so they could never smile again... *what* do they all know...? -twitch-

Okay, I think I'm good... -eyeshift- I really like the flashbacks and - Airelle... Oh, I forgot to mention - I really like how Airelle doesn't ride her broom 'side-sadle' -grin- It's a stupid idea anyway. That's it...

Stupid house rivalries... Gr...-cough-

Great chapter! (as usual... )
Nameless chapter 7 . 10/5/2005
...Aw.. That's so nice of Airelle! -grin- I love her personality... She's sarcastic - and nice. Heh heh...

Just wondering, was she out there with Neville all day? Oo Because - didn't they start in the morning?

Great chapter! -goes off to read the next one-
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