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Maglor's finch chapter 12 . 11/18/2012
Dear Guest,
1)"It's nothing" is not a metaphor.
2)Statements made by a character aren't necessarily the author's opinion.
3)Maybe Finrod has a reason for talking the way he does?
Guest chapter 12 . 11/18/2012
Okay the problem with using metaphors is exactly this. As much as you might desire to describe it as nothing, it is not NOTHING, nothing does not wear robes, nor defend Askaban, etc. It can and has and does kiss people and removed their soul. It clearly has attributes such as the attribute of "making people think it isn't nothing", guess what lacks attributes (which is an attribute, lovely impossible philosophy), nothing.

The people in Askaban go insane, if anyone over the hundreds of years or whatever it's been open is going to suddenly think that all Dementor's are nothing it's going to be them.
divad relffehs chapter 6 . 11/15/2012
Even all these years later there are still people enjoying this story.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 18 . 9/14/2012
Oh well, it was probably just a freak of nature, Poppy decided. A minor freak.
Don't use this word! He is an elf, and not one to seek a master, to obey somebody easily.
'Do you want to interrogate me while I'm under Veritaserum?' he asked when the silence started to get on his nerves.
Veritaserum tells not the whole the truth; it gives only answers which the interrogated person believes to be truth.
He squeezed his eyes shut. It was illogical. Ludicrous. Not even Severus Snape would endanger a school full of children to get back at an old enemy. And yet -
It's more likely that some ignorant student, unable to recognize the potion as Wolfsbane, added ingredient - like juice - into it, and it could not work.
As he had no wish to lose his way, he withdrew in astonishment. This mortal knew to ward his thoughts as firmly as the Eldar of Aman did, and they had been instructed by the Powers.
Severus had tried to point out that an unknown entity with strange eyes showing up unexpectedly in a place where Apparition was impossible, would pose a considerable risk.
her tea leaves refused to have anything to do with the man, while he refused to have anything to do with her crystal ball.
I don't like to obliviate the children.
Then you should have better privacy wards.
'Thank Snape?' the healer said, surprised, as if this was a novel thought for her. What ails these mortals? Finrod wondered. Was it their magic that made them behave so much more oddly?
Hermione's dream altered reality...
If Sauron's beast had nothing in common with the werewolves here, how could it be that Severus Snape's antidote had countered the workings of its venom so well?
It was a general antidote, I suspect.
Yet they were both wronged and wrong, and Snape wanted to cry out in fury, in sorrow, in shame, for he was in the midst of it and part of it: a rebel with a cause yet knowing he had, of his own free will, chosen to follow a false lead and therefore deserved the curse.
Cruel beauty...
Snape shook his head to dispel the last shrouds and shreds of sound. He gritted his teeth. I refuse to be swayed by this sorcery! He felt a strong urge to believe what he had witnessed,
'I see a wolf. I see a hound. I see a maiden,' Sybill spoke abruptly, her voice gone harsh, her gaze distant, her posture rigid. Finrod stopped in his tracks. 'Wolf and hound shall struggle fiercely,' the Divination teacher went on. 'The hound prevails; the wolf runs; the doomed one shall live, the deceiver flee to his dark master. The maiden holds the key to that which was wrought in the past and must come undone. The maiden... holds the key...'
Remus, Sirius, Hermione. Finrod, Wormtail, Voldemort. Severus Snape would probably be relieved he is not bound by a prophecy.
'A grim is a harbinger of death,' replied the Divination teacher. 'It appears in the shape of a large black dog. It has been sighted near Hogwarts. I fear that you shall see it, and die.'
Hermione, you should have known better than charm only covers of the book, and not the pages!
When he entered the Great Hall Hermione was in her usual place at the Gryffindor table, as if she hadn't run into the opposite direction mere minutes ago.
Time-turner. And I wonder how Professor Snape managed to find the key so quickly. There is no chance he will not recognize this world as the homeland of Finrod.
Padfoot's heart felt as if it was about to burst. It had never occurred to him that the fucking tree might have a soul. He wanted to howl - in sorrow or joy, he didn't know which.
Unusual. Otherworldly.
At edge of the trees, he stopped briefly when he saw precisely the piece of wood he had come to seek. He picked it up, hoping the forest would not begrudge him such an insignificant a piece of itself.
If you were a wizard, I would say you found wood for your wand.
But instead of allowing it to transport him elsewhere, Snape hitched up his robes and leaped, displaying a strength and agility she hadn't known he possessed.
He is stubborn, I know...
The black eyes in the sallow face narrowed; but why did she have the impression he had lost her? 'Not today,' Snape muttered at last.
Hermione met Finrod? Who was impersonating Severus Snape? Or are they just naturally similar?
Snape, who didn't believe in coincidence, was determined to solve this riddle.
Brilliant. Observant as ever.
Remus stepped closer. This was fun. 'You're good,' 'What gave me away?' 'The robes, mostly. Snape never wears anything but black.'
I hope exchange of memories will make Severus and Finrod friends, as they should be.
Hermione wondered if conjuring up a character from a book was considered Dark Magic in the Wizarding World, what the punishment would be (would they expel her?)
First, it's not conjuring - it's bringing a living person from another universe. Second, you should be more worried about Finrod, for it's not easy for him to return.
'At first, it was a frightening experience, but nothing is... nothing, even if it wears a cloak to hide it. Not something worth fearing.'
It's rare that Dementor is destroyed by laughter, be it of joy or grief. Is it possible that immortality, or otherworldness, of Finrod influenced the event?
So either The Lord of the Rings was about something different, or all traces of its removal had been wiped out.
About something different. Or not in Hogwarts. Cannot Severus Snape go to a Muggle bookstore?
It's unfortunate that in your book Severus Snape is too single-minded to see what is in front of him.
If you are in need of help, tell me. Do not try to solve things on your own.
Like you would help! Remember the Stone?
Patronus must be in your very gaze.
Snape had come to believe Felagund was telling the truth. As he had pointed out, the images of the dark pit and its horrors were too vivid to be fake,
'You were almost dead when I found you in that dungeon. I brewed the antidote that saved your life and madam Pomfrey nursed you back to health. Would you throw away our efforts on your behalf?'
Agree. I hope that Hermione's wish will create an Alternative Universe for Middle Earth.
Good luck. It's a sad story.
Guest chapter 18 . 9/14/2012
Your Finrod has great depth and is simply glorious... as he ought to ever be. A true Finrod! (complete with the elusive for many other authors, but not for you, spark of well balanced and graceful Elven playfulness, and without it turning into ridiculousness.)
I find what you wrote in relation to music, magic, art, the expression of the soul quite amazing and exceptionally well worded. Kudos!
Thank you!
Murazor chapter 1 . 9/12/2012
Something I posted elsewhere about your fic that adequately summarizes my feelings about this work, overall.

First thing of all, this story is no epic. It is more of a mystery novelette with a weak plot (focused around the unveiling of the crossover mechanism and its specifics, as well as the solution to the story) and a lot of character moments. People who hated Being Gilderoy Lockhart likely will dislike this fic as well given that it ends with a return to canon status quo, but I give it a pass, since I've recently found a new appreciation for Borges' The Secret Miracle.

The writing is good, though the text has a fair share of minor mistakes (though some seem to be caused by eating part of the story formatting at some point). Dialogue is pretty good, as are the descriptions. Not much to comment in terms of action, though. In terms of characterization, the work done is praiseworthy and the author has obviously put up quite a bit of thought into it doing a surprisingly fine combination of metaphysics between two wildly different settings. Hell, there is even some commentary about the nature of self that avoids sounding pedantic.

Overall, a read that is not for all, but quite the enjoyable passtime if this kind of thing happens to be up your alley. 8/10.
Guest chapter 7 . 9/5/2012
Such a good story!
Thank you for sharing!

You have so very very good thoughts and expression about the music, devoting time to things, and so much more...I happen to share them wholeheartedly... You truly have a gift with words and put things down so well!

Just finished ch.7. I feel somehow... concerned... about poor Finrod... I suppose it might be somehow trying for an Elda, especially one who has known elves and men of old in the way he had, to suddenly find himself into the pettiness, crookedness, small-mindedness, blurred evil-good distinguishing, distrust, etc. of the "modern/progressive world-of-man"... Even if the plumbing is really really good...

Thank you for writing and posting this story! People need such texts...
Kingsdaughter613 chapter 18 . 7/23/2012
I really enjoyed this fic. Great job!
Less Wrong chapter 1 . 1/19/2012
A strange little story that worked surprisingly well - I really wouldn't have expected HP/LoTR to work.
colordrifter chapter 18 . 11/17/2011
Attempting this crossover is absolutely and unbelievably crazy. But you made it work in such a bizarre, unexpected way. Not only did everything make perfect sense, but the story itself was beautifully told, dialogue and prose and everything. I read this all in one go, and although the ending was at a very fitting moment, I couldn't help but wish there was more. All in all, a very beautiful and unique fanfiction.
Requiem For A Devil chapter 4 . 9/24/2011
Snape charms his robes into billowing mode? x) That explains a lot.

Great story, I love the way you keep changing the PoV.
Nauro chapter 18 . 8/23/2011
How can anyone pull a crazy crossover like that is beyond me. But here it is, working and beautiful.

One of the first few I have read, and one of those I like a lot.

All the interactions with Lupin are wondrous.

And the carved Padfood tops it all.
Inwitari Turelie chapter 18 . 8/12/2011
TV tropes just lead me back to this.

Have to say I still love it now just as much as I did when I read it originally 2 or 3 years ago :)
AzureSkye23 chapter 18 . 6/4/2011
So, I'm a few years late. I just found this today, I couldn't resist telling you that this is the best cross-over I've ever read. You managed to blend the two powerful stories with finesse, and manged to do so without changing either one. I will say that PoA is my favorite HP, and The whole tale with Finrod, Beren and Luthien is my favorite in the Sil. Wonderful, wonderful job. (And I'm with Hermione!)
FireFly07 chapter 9 . 6/2/2011
Compiled review for 6-9. :)

Firstly, I loved Finrod's thought about too much troubles with time. That was cute. Speaking of cute, the conversations are wonderfully in-character and sometimes just make my heart fluff up in delight.

Shivers ran down my spine when I read of Finrod singing about the Kinslaying and their history... : Those were beautiful paragraphs.

Also, all these tie-ups/relationships between things in the Silm and in HP are really curious. Nice! I am really loving this~

I also just awwed at what Finrod said about what his more-than-a-handful-of-older-cousins would've told Remus about his restlessness. *fluff* You must know by now that I love the Finwëans hahah.

Snape in a blue robe...? Finrod, did you break your promise to Remus...? D:

Wonderfully in love,

Your fluffing-up reader,

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