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Winter's Majesty chapter 1 . 12/19/2020
Okay, so I’ll try to give a somewhat balanced review. It’s been a while since you published this, and I’ve read it a few times over the last few years as it did suck me completely in! The start of the story was good to be honest. The way it moved and how it happened was cool. I like how you portrayed the Witch King until the point where Sarah first hooked up with him. It seemed a little too rash in a way, and I felt they had little connection to go from a newly kindled start of a friendship. If they’d spent more time actually getting to know each other, and they would have found themselves actually having a personality compatibility as well as mutual interests or values (at the core, as I realise that a 21 year old girl would be hard to match with a 2000 year old being). Since they grew to care for each other in the first place I don’t see how it was unlikely that they could have more things in common before jumping into it. The fact that Sarah gave Sauron the information was sort of a good move I think. Yeah, sure. She knew how evil he was, but realistically, very few people would have managed to withstand him, or felt brave enough to push it and go into torture for something that’s not even their own reality. I liked her sense of humour and sarcasm, and as I later read Inheritance I saw the parallels and connections in what you had been building up in this story. I think that in the end this was a story about Sarah finding love somewhere else, not with the Witch King or in Middle Earth at all, but right there at the step of her own front door in life that had seemed unthinkable. She seems however, a little mixed in her core values and personality. She’s not consistent, and even if she says she loved Gorendil, she’s still not so much that she sticks to it no matter what. The annoying knack for siding with the “good guys” just because they are seems to dominate her personal feelings more than her supposedly real love for Gorendil. Gorendil I can sort of understand to a degree, as he’s bound to be more complex and cynical in his evaluations due to his immense age, experience and personality. Still, the fact that she managed to turn Gorendil just like that and somehow have this foolish notion that Sauron wouldn’t see the treachery in Gorendil seems naive. Even from Gorendil it seems hopelessly naive and little thought trough. And why would he suddenly stand up against him just like that? He’s been under Sauron’s thumb for a while yes, but he still managed to justify the reasons for his actions and Sauron’s motives. Perhaps he’s grown to become a philosopher of morals but the fact that the Witch King comes from ancient Numenór he is likely to have hated the Elves almost from a hereditary tradition over the course of his natural life and it’s only to be continually cementing itself as he fell into darkness. It’s just a difference in culture that we think maybe it would be easy to turn from. But we know that people even in this world can’t get past their cultural differences, so why would the different races and people of Middle Earth do? Most likely he would have little and next to zero like for the Middle Earth human inhabitants as they were held in perhaps even less regard than the Elves during the Witch King’s mortal and immortal reign. We don’t know anything particular about his identity as a human (which king he was) but the kings and people of Numenor did not like the humans in Middle Earth and they raided and conquered lands. They hated the Elves for their immortality whilst the people of Numenor who had been granted a long life and a likeness to the Elves was still to die a mortal death, which is why Sauron could turn them against the Valar in the end which also resulted in the fall of Numenor. The fact that Sarah is not from Middle Earth and can see and feel him as he once was is however a plausible explanation for why he’d care and fall in love with her. And I like his character and sense of justice and reflection. Sarah seems a little shallow, as you see she’s empathic towards a lot of people, but it seems she cares more for the people she don’t know then the ones she does and who loves her. And while I appreciate the ending that comes around the end of the sequel you wrote, and like I said, realise it’s a love story of someone other than Gorendil, it felt like the story could have a gone a lot more differently in terms of the meaning of her meeting Gorendil. The story didn’t offer anything more than righting a wrong that didn’t really seem wrong if she was so in love with him as she claimed to be. Sauron’s abuse of her seems likely too, as he would enjoy doing the things that would hurt the most, but again, I felt like it could have been more on the psychological side rather than only the physical side. I just felt it could have been a lot more depth to the character of Sarah and the relationship to Gorendil. Perhaps I’m of a different personality, but I see the sides of evil and good as a fine and possibly blurred line entirely. Things would not be eternally blissful and joy after Sauron’s downfall either, it’d be the first time the people’s of Middle Earth would be able to create their society and make war and love on one another without the presence of a godlike opponent/oppressor, but wars and atrocities would still happen, no doubt. So I guess I’m just thinking it could have been a good future in Sarah’s alternative reality in Middle Earth and it would have been interesting to see how that may have gone. Still, all in all, I confess I’ve read this story more times than what is probably socially acceptable to admit I’ve enjoyed this far more than most stories️
FelineNinjaGrace chapter 19 . 10/14/2019
You are an incredible writer. I wasnt that fond of this story as I could have been. I couldnt connnect with the protagonist very well. There's so many things I would have done differently than she did. She gave the excuse of loving a witchking because "she couldnt help it that she was in love with him." Which I think is the worst excuse ever. However, the journey that Sarah went through sucked me in and didnt let me go. I had to finish the story. So you definitely did a good job on that account of things.
FelineNinjaGrace chapter 3 . 10/12/2019
This story has been so wonderful to read so far! The imagery makes everything so realistic. I feel as if I'm there with her, hearing seeing and feeling.
Guest chapter 8 . 9/29/2019
I was hoping she would be with Sauron instead :(
Resalicia Belger chapter 6 . 2/18/2019
... i do not understand why she just revealed everything so easily... She does know how evil Sauron is supposed to be, no ? Was she drugged ? Under Sauron’s magic ?
Anyway, beside that i really enjoy the story so far.
Guest chapter 19 . 2/12/2019
That ending creeped me out so freaking much. SO FREAKING MUCH HOW THE HELL DID SAURON WIND UP IN MIKE’S BODY? POOR MIKE!
Guest chapter 16 . 2/12/2019
Excellent story. However Mary-Sueish the “falling into Middle Earth” thing is, what happens for the rest of the story is believable. Oh, and another story similar to this one is about TWO girls that fall into Middle Earth and in love with Uruk-Hai. It’s called Misfire of Epic Proportions and it is by the Zoop, a author who is quite good at this sort of thing.

Anyway, I hope the quality continues as I read. It is excellent so far and I’m hooked.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/12/2019
I love this! A believable OC! YAY!
SillyKatja chapter 19 . 10/14/2018
I loved this story from beginning till the end, and honestly, the ending gave me the chills. So worth the read, because as much as I like the typical American "and they lived happily ever after"-ending, a good tragedy will always trump a happy story (e.g. Romeo and Juliet, the Iliad, Hamlet and so on).
bananabomber123 chapter 1 . 9/13/2018
That was a truly awful ending.
Frozen862 chapter 19 . 7/24/2018
This is a really shity story.
GreenBelleWalker chapter 1 . 6/15/2018
just came across this gem. can't believe I missed it. fantastic writing. a beautiful story of love and hardship that left me in tears. now on to read the sequel I think.
Namikaze Soul chapter 19 . 6/10/2018

As for the story itself, brilliant! I almost didn't read it but I'm so glad I did! You got me with that ending I was shouting at you! I love how you changed so much and you had me rooting for people I wouldn't have before, of all the lotr fics I have read this is definitely the most unique. I'm totally in love!
MaiWishes chapter 1 . 5/30/2018
If youre going to read this be prepared for the sorry ending which Im warning you now is a complete waste of your time. The heroine improves nothing on Middle Earth, Angmar dies completely pointlessly, she's raped by Sauron repeatedly until she hates him so much she sacrifices herself to kill him just for him to return. The End.
MaiWishes chapter 19 . 5/30/2018
Fuck you for wasting my time.
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