Reviews for The Brothers Halliwell
Guest chapter 2 . 9/26/2017
Happy birthday, Jared.
Guest chapter 63 . 8/16/2017
Please update? This is like the greatest fanfic ever!
Me chapter 61 . 2/16/2017
The fact that I'll probably never know how this story was going to go haunts me. It's literally been 10 years since I first read this fic and even after all that time I still find myself coming back to this, rereading it the way you do with a favourite book. So many random questions I'll never know the answers to like:

How do they react to Rory's death?
What's up with Chris' sons?
Why does lee, a 15 year old, have a nightlight?
Did the silvery velvet journal attack Dylan?

I know you probably won't even see this, but if on the off chance you do, would you please, please consider finishing this amazing piece of work you started? I need some serious closure on what would genuinely have to be some of my favourite written work of all time.

Please and thank you,

A long time (very very long time) reader and fan
Rock Chalk chapter 17 . 9/2/2016
I happened to catch the series finale this morning on tv. It's been awhile since I've seen that episode. While watching Wyatt and Chris in the episode, I found myself wondering about the latest shenanigans and adventures of the Brothers Halliwell. I look forward to rereading this story.
Charlotte chapter 63 . 3/24/2016
Hope there is more
Awehrman chapter 1 . 12/4/2015
I really wish you would continue this. I really enjoy this story.
Asma20 chapter 63 . 5/20/2015
Am I the only one curious who rider, river and Riley's mother is and chris wife. I would have thought chris or the boys would mention her.
Awehrman chapter 63 . 10/26/2014
Please continue!
CharmedOpal chapter 63 . 7/14/2014
THIS STORY IS SO AWESOME. It has just the right humour for me, that has me laughing for days- I can't decide which is my favourite out of all the characters. It has just the right amount of drama, and the humour mixed into it makes it so I don't get too bored while reading it. And there's always α twist that has me leaving on the edge of my seat wanting more.

God, whyyyyy you no update. There's so many things that need to be cleared up- Is Rory truly dead? What's the deal with River? What was Wyatt like after the whole 'Rowans dead' thing? What did Hunter do? WHO'S BOBBY? There's probably other things but I have α short memory, so heheee..

MEH, I NEED MOREEEE. This story is too funny for me to forget, I'm most likely gonna read it all over again whenever I'm feeling sad- just for the laughs..

I would love to read α story about the boys in High School, the whole prospect of reading about the teachers exasperation 'cause of the Halliwell wit, the mischief they get up to, school bullies, boy/girlfriends or friends visiting the Halliwell manor to see what α complete uproar it is. All the Halliwell's being at Steve's school play reminds me of my sister and our cousins and the home videos we got of them doing their thing during school plays- and glancing into the camera every few minutes with cheeky grins cause they know they're being filmed. God- this story is gonna haunt me for ages. XD

I really didn't expect for your story to be so good by the summary, especially about the millions of OC's- I didn't believe I'd be able to remember them all. But you've wrote them so well, its easy to remember. (Not what they all look like though; Jared, Shane, Arrow, Hunter, Rory, Riley, etc; they're just α few that I can remember since I've watched things that they have been in.) Anyway, I clicked your story and was ultimately surprised by how hilarious it was- I just couldn't help but make this my favourite- immediately.

And all the references to different tv shows and movies- those you gotta love. The first one I think I really recognized was the Teletubby one. (Favourite show growing up, drove my mum maaaad everytime it came on tv.)

Tinky winky, dipsyyy, lalaaaa and po. Heehe. Ahem, anywayyyy...

Chris' protectiveness and fatherly thing, Wyatt's serene im-older-than-all-you-bitches-bow-down thing he's got going on, Rory's selflessness, Shane's temper and comebacks, Tristans hilarious rants, Steve's quirkyness (tangents), Lee's cute-baby brother-sunshine thing he got, Dylan's sass, Jared's kick-ass power and mediating thing he also got going, Riley and Rider's sarcasticness- that you gotta love, Hunter seems sweet as far I know, Arrow had an awesome entrance so- I like him!, uh.. They're probably more OC's right? Yeah well, I love them too.

I can see some relativities between the names you've chosen aswell, (probably just me using my obsessive celebrity stalking thing) but names like Jared and Tristan. (Tristan is Jared Padaleckis middle name), Rider and Hunter, (Boy Meets World, Shawn HUNTER's real name is RIDER Strong), Tristan and Rory, (Gilmore Girls reference, TRORY pairing, guess that relates to Jared Padalecki too, seeing as he was also in GG), Steve, (Chris Evans portrays Shane, and also plays STEVE Rogers in Captain America- there probably wasn't α good connection there but I wanted to make it look like I had more name-connection-thingies then the three I said) blablabla, I need α life. I know.

Uh, yeah- PLEASE, dear god, update some time in the future. I'm in pure love with this story after finishing it in just two days- DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING, PLEASE. Okay.. Uh, long ass review over. Hope you read it and I didn't just write all this for nothing. So.. Yeah. :D
CharmedOpal chapter 32 . 7/14/2014
Okay, Aunt Lorelai (do they really have an aunt Lorelai or is that from Gilmore Girls xD)

Clark Kent along with Sam and Dean- that is just perfect, xD

Let me guess, in the future; Supernatural is still going on and once again Sam and Dean are being revived from the dead.
CharmedOpal chapter 31 . 7/14/2014
That Boy Meets World reference, though ;)
kasey123 chapter 61 . 7/9/2014
need. more. please. please. soon
Jess chapter 63 . 6/14/2014
I love your fic so much. Why haven't you updated? The last chapter said you were going to update, but you haven't. It's so good. You can't just leave it on a cliffhanger. Please, please continue it.
Anon chapter 63 . 6/12/2014
Hi, I'm just wondering, and I've read this fic a couple of times, but are you ever going to update? It's an amazing fic and honestly, it would be a shame to never finish it. Just saying. Hope you're doing well. :)
PrincessRedfern chapter 63 . 12/30/2013
What? No. I've reached the end already? What?
Okay so I honestly didn't expect to like this story especially with all the OC future children but something about it made me persist. It took me a while to cotton onto the humour after all its very different from the show but once I got it I really enjoyed it. I love this plot with the 9 brothers and the house and Paige and Henry and Chris's kids (that definitely threw me) and I can't wait to learn more about the curse. This is definitely one of the more awesome fanfics I've read and I hope it's being continued :)
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