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djb21212-Steeldramon21 chapter 10 . 6/3/2012
First of all, check how long ago this story was posted. This was one of my earliest ones and both my writing style AND pairing preferences changed since then. Second, sorry you won't be reading my other stories but Davis is in quite a few and even takes center stage in two of them. Three, I only had the first two seasons to go off of when this was written and, like I said before, my pairing choices changed since then. Finally, if you didn't like it, why did you keep reading? If you bothered to look at my other stories, you'd see I'm more of a Daikari fan than Takari these days. But since you already made up your mind, I guess I'm just wasting my breath.
DEATH2Karifans chapter 10 . 6/3/2012
Think I'm just going to avoid anymore of your stories. Even with Taiora, they suck! Especially since you can't get it through your thick head that Kari and TK were weak! They weren't strong. The only reason their "angels" won their battles was because they stole the energy of the other Digimon. Lets go through the list and who beat them! First and second season main enemies.

Devimon was beaten by Angemon but at the cost of his life and he only beat him because the rest of the kids gave him energy.

Etemon - beaten by MetalGreymon because Tai was truly courageous!

Myotismon, beaten by Angewomon because she stole the other Digimons energy!

VenomMyotismon was beaten by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon with lights from ALL the kids digivices.

MetalSeadramon, beaten by WarGreymon, with help from Whamon and Zudomon.

Puppetmon, beaten by MetalGarurumon, because in a rare unselfish moment, Matt wanted to protect his friends.

Machinedramon, beaten by WarGreymon. I'll admit Kari had a silly little glow that gave Agumon power, but that's it. She's still weak! And her "Angel" did nothing!

Piedmon, was beaten by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, who smashed him into MagnaAngemon's silly little portal!

Apocalymon, beaten by a combo of kids and Digimon!

Notice a pattern there? No much "angel" action!

Second season main enemies.

Ken, the emperor, beaten by Davis and Magnamon! Then Davis brought him over to their side!

Arukenimon and Mummymon, most of the time beaten by Paildramon, but ultimately killed by MaloMyotismon!

BlackWarGreymon, beaten by WarGreymon and Imperialdramon. then brought to the kids' side by the Digimon rookies of those forms.

Daemon, beaten and sent to the Dark Ocean by Ken, not idiotic Kari! Ken plus the Digidestined, mainly Davis again being the strong one!

LadyDevimon, beaten by Silphymon, because Angewomon was once again too weak!

MarineDevimon, beaten by Shakkoumon and Zudomon.

MaloMyotismon, as if we haven't seen enough of him, beaten by Imperialdramon and the spore kids who kept their dreams going because of Davis encouraging them. also, Davis pulled the Digidestined out of their fantasies!

Another pattern! No angels because they're weak! Hope this wakes you up a bit and makes you realise just because they were angels, doesn't make them all powerful! Grow up!
DEATH1Kariherassholefans chapter 9 . 6/3/2012
How DARE you claim that every sodding Digidestined is there, when you didn't even F***ING mention Davis! How DARE you! He and Ken were stronger than slutty Kari and stuipd TK! You are such a tosser! A total idiotic brat! Davis was way stronger than stupid TK and slutty Kari!

Oh, and Angewomon should NEVER have F***ING appeared in the bloody episode! You're just so bloody THICK! Davis is worth 2 or more of slutty Kari and bastard TK!

GROW UP YOU STUCK UP F**K!1! DEATH 2 your shit story and slutty Kari! And slutty Davis bashers like YOU! DON'T BLOODY BASH DAVIS! BRAT!
DEATH2Kari chapter 8 . 6/3/2012
Are you F***ING deluded or what? Kari slutty Kamiya may have been brave in the first season, but she was NOT thesodding strongest, or even one of the strongest! Get with the program you geek! I hate all this trash that morons put about Kari slutty Kamiya! She was not the strongest! Tai and Matt were the strongest! Slutty Angewomon didn't even beat Myotismon alone! She stole the energy of the rest of the Digimon to boost her own moronic attack! MagnaAngemon was strong but only showed up once or twice. Big deal! The angels are WEAK! The brats of "Hope" and "Light" were weak! Kari spent over half of the second season flirting with the guys and not deserving either, or hiding behind others! She was always dragged ot the Dark Ocean and relied on other people to pull her out! So stop with all the bloody rubbish about Kari being strong when she is NOT! God, you're story started out good with the idea of Taiora, but you've totally blown it! Your "story" has gone from good to trash!

This story is S**T! DEATH 2 Kari and slutty idiot moronic fans of Kari!
DEATH2SoratoTakari chapter 7 . 6/2/2012
Matt would NEVER kill Tai. Matt wouldn't have a CHANCE against Tai. He'd be slaughtered. How DARE you even put that! I thought I would like this story as you despise Sorato, but you're really screwing it up!

Slutty Kari has a boy, not a girl! Bad enough she has a kid! At least it was a boy, not a girl. We don't need another slutty Kari in the world! She's a whore! A playing little whore who messed with Davis and TK's heads and didn't deserve EITHER of them!

I carried this on because I wanted to see the taiora in this chapter, but now that slutty Kari and her slutty daughter who's probably also a slut is back in the picture, I think I'm gonna stop reading here before the whores come into it properly!
DEATH2SoratoTakari chapter 6 . 6/2/2012
God sake. Think I'm going to spare myself the sickness and not read anymore. I hate all this stupid angel digimon crap! They are NOT all sodding powerful. I may love Taiora, but a) there's obviously going to be Takari, if not Takari, then the sodding ugly fake "angels" and b) there's no sodding guarantee that there's going to BE Taiora! So think I'll spare myself as I'm feeling ill from all this sappy angel crap! They're total fakes!
DEATH2SoratoTakari chapter 5 . 6/2/2012
TK wasn't brave as he didn't tackle devimon solo. It was all down to Patamon who wanted to prtect the cowering little idiot!

TK was a total coward and a baby when he first went there. But he was 8. Still, Kari was much braver, not that she was brave in season 2 of course. Kari went from cool, to a sucker!

Omg, typical that MetalAngemon doesn't revert straight after the fight like the rest of them do. I don't like the way this story is going with the disgusting DarkAngewomon,MetalAngemon bond! I absolutely HATE HATE HATE and DESPISE Takari! And anything like it! Stinking "holy" Digimon think they have the ultimate power to right everything! AND you copied Angewomon's slutty words against Myotismon! The "angels" of the group only defeated their enemies Devimon and Myotismon because they TOOK energy from the rest of the Digimon! So they didn't do it alone, unlike with Davis, Ken, Tai and Matt's Digimon! The "angels" cheated!
DEATH2SoratoTakari chapter 4 . 6/2/2012
Matthew's worse than Matt. He's putting them all in danger by staying in that spot. What a moron! And did you HAVE to keep including ANY sodding reference to that stinking Gatomon? Bad enough you have Tarimon looking like that ugly excuse for a cat, but NOW you include a Dark"Angewomon!" SICK!

So porr Tarimon again doesn't look like the parents Digimon. Just an overgrown rabbit. And Beemon looks like Wormmon's forms! I'm sensing unfairness in this story! Isomon and all forms should look like Agumon and all forms. And same goes for Tarimon and Palmon! Well at least you made Tarimon's ultimate form look like ONE of Palmon's digivolution. But she should've looked like Lillymon! And I'll give you the ultimate form of Beemon as not may people know that Minomon eventually digivolves to Dinobeemon! Then GranKuwagamon! Those are Minomon's ultimate and mega forms!

darkAngewomon's a coward I see! Muck like Kari and Gatomon were in the second season!

All in all, with the apprearance of a slutty Gatomon's forms and the forms of Agumon and Palmon NOT being used, I didn't like this chapter. If it carries on like this, I may have to stop reading as I HATE Gatomon and ANY of her ugly slutty forms!
Death2SoratoTakari chapter 3 . 6/2/2012
Man. Serena's such a stupid little idiot! Mimi was so much better. She may have whined, but she got on with it! Unlike this Serena, Mimi deserved her crest!

If I were in Matthew's place, or the Digimon's, I'd have asked my Digimon to knock Matt out! Or I'd have done it myself! Even kinds know violence is wrong and should be stopped! And the bratty girl hid herself as usual!

Knew it, Matthew's Digimon looked like the parents Digimon! And why does the weirdo evil Digimon keep sating yes at the end of EVERYTHING he says? Weirdo. lol.
Death2SoratoTakari chapter 2 . 6/2/2012
Man, what is it with your making the main Digimon look like Guilmon's forms? I'm sorry, but if the rest of the Digimon, minus Tarimon who you seem to put looks like ugly Gatomon, look like the parents Digimon, then it makes sense that Isomon and all other forms look like Agumon and all other forms! I still say poor Tarimon. Fancy making her look like ugly slutty Gatomon!
Death2SoratoTakari chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Hey, you do realise that unfortunately, in the epilogue, Izzy and Mimi aren't actually together. Plus Tai becomes the Digiworld Ambassador and slutty Sora becomes a fashion designer. Totally backwards if you ask me. Just at the start you said it'd include the unfortunate epilogue. lol. I sincerely hope you keep TK and that idiot Kari apart though, as long as you change the Sorato part. That pairing literally makes me sick! There's no background with those two! Plus aparently, they end up getting divorced anyway. That's why they're never together in the epilogue part. Not like Ken and Yolei who are always together in it.

Eww, Serena has no fashion sense, just like her mum i guess! lol! And Matthew's a dick like his dad! I HATE Sorato! lol!

Um, also, Tarimon shouldn't lookn like an ugly Gatomon when all the rest of the Digimon look like the parents Digimon. So Tarimon should look like Palmon, not Kari's ugly Digimon!

Poor Tarimon. I'd feel insulted if my Digimon didn't look like my parents Digimon and instead looked like a reject of a cat! I've always hated Gatomon and started hating Kari in the second season.

Overall, good chapter, but hate Kari and Gatomon, and Takari along with it! It's common, plus there's no good stories anymore with Takari. And they all bash Davis! Plus despise Sorato!
David Alexander Wright in love chapter 10 . 7/24/2008
I was walking in Medford Square

A person was near me.

There was a concentrated burst of energy near me... like someone splashing in a pool

I told the person it felt like someone was praying near us.

I was told he could see aura's - he suggested my aura looked yellow green

I recalled the green lantern oath to power up the ring

I asked if my aura looked different.

I wondered if the feeling was a green color...

I said dragon rage (not summoning the feelings of the dragons for destructive purposes just the feeling to see if it had a color)... no clear sign.


I pondered tapping into Khim's or Derrick's or Marcuses array does not make a brother out of one.

I encourage them to walk a path and be one in love and find brouther hood not though plugging into someone elses choices and expericnecs but through makeing the choices together as one in love.

I gave them both hugs the people who I chatted with. William and "brother"...

I felt a little tanner after thinking about that... perhaps I should not have evoked the feelings of dragon rage there. It was external so I am not feeling rage at them.

I pondered if the Digi fire is like the rage feeling... I tan much better after it...
D1 chapter 1 . 10/2/2001
Good start. I like the new characters and Digimon already. I think I'll continue to follow this story and see where it'll lead to. Say, would you mind taking a look at my fic? It's called the Digidestined Chronicles and unlike yours, it's a prologue to the original Digidestined. if you do read it, please don't flame me.
DigiDestined of Courage chapter 10 . 9/16/2001
Too awesome! I think Tai was right, though-history does seem to be repeating itself. TAIORA FOREVER! Where's the next chapter?
Digi fan chapter 10 . 9/13/2001
I hope there is a sequal soon.
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