Reviews for Expecting The Unexpected
dream-whizper chapter 3 . 5/12/2006

sorry for not posting a review earlier. friggin school -_-;; aw well better late than never...:S

I liked the chapter It sounds for for Envy to be a parent, and Edo...-laughs- oh god poor child ; with THOSE two as parents.

I don't think Al will hate it :3 I think he'll be overly happy by it from what I've seen from the FMA movie he seems like the type :3 snd he's really cute btw

Looking forward to coming chapaters :3 I'll be sure to read them

ps. I'll be expecting a message with the mail sometime ne?

-hugs- keep up the good work
Mikaxx chapter 3 . 5/9/2006
Hey! That was good!
kakashisninjadogs chapter 3 . 5/8/2006
PREPARE FOR THE MOOD SWINGS! *hops in bomb shelter*

But it's still cute how their relationship is

funny as well

But by gosh... I mean Al will mostlikely understand


*shudders* poor Ed

Mustangs gonna have a field day with it (the jokes, THE JOKES!)



Firehedgehog chapter 3 . 5/5/2006
mwaa ha ha ha! continue
Ally Inu chapter 3 . 5/4/2006
;3 Envy's so busted. :0 Less sex for you! It's a bit OOC, because of the extra fluffyness. I wonder how Al's gunna react? :D That's always good for a laugh.
Sashimi Mamimi chapter 3 . 5/2/2006
SLIGHTLY on the mushy side for my taste. XD I'm used to more Angry!ChibixSmirking!Envy. But it's still good. You get 10 points for having the courage to write mpreg and submit it. I'm hoping to do my own eventually. *Shrinks nerviously into a ball* When I find the courage to do so. Abdomin play is love
Sashimi Mamimi chapter 1 . 5/2/2006
Need EdxEnvy mpreg. O.p I will disreguard anatomy for simple fanfic lust, for I am a shameless mpreg fangirl. *Squee* Cute. But maybe a bit less Domestic!Envy, although he is rather cute. ) He reminds me of Manga Envy rather than the one from the anime. I really would love for you to continue to the end, though. There isn't enough mpreg for my tastes either...Good start, though. It's readable, and I'm very stubborn. *Bakes you cookies*
Uzu-kun chapter 3 . 5/2/2006
Wow. I mean, wow. That is... just, wow. A very good fanfiction, to say the least. Update soon.
Forever Yours Zana chapter 3 . 5/1/2006

Finally, there's so many Pregnant!Envy ficcies out there...hahaha, Envy's gonna be a daddy...I wonder what kind of hybrid a palm tree and a blonde chibi make? Most likely a cute lil' kid. I wonder what all woul say? Update soom pleesesh.

Solo Maxwell-Yamato chapter 3 . 5/1/2006
*grins* Lovely chapter. Continue.
Kaoru Gal chapter 3 . 5/1/2006
And I shall leave another shockingly long review that will make you question the amount of free time i have on my hands...yeshh isn't it strange how i go on and off with using good grammar and IM language...uh huh

I wonder if i can make a review SOO long that it takes up a whole page! Now THAT would be amazing...and pathetic...heh but I'm mega bored and i dunt wanna do my hw...and i love you.

Let'ss see now...that lemon was HOTT sexy like you _~ *kisses* of course i was expecting a lemon sooner from u! *laughs* it is ur talent...u should share ur talents more often, ne? *laughs harder* gawd i think i'm hyper...dont u think it's funny when guys use the term hyper? i think it's hilarious! A reall knee slapper. Like this guy on the bus to cali was drinking these energy drinks and whatnot and he was all trmebleing and twitching after 6 drinks hahahaha! then he announced to everyone how hyper he was and they called him gay...uh yeah...anywayy u should watch loveless...its funny/angsty u'd like's also yaoi *wiggles eyebrows* there's also some yuri in it but they're really funny cuz the the 2 lesbo girls are so funny! except for one of them she's just ANGST ANGST ANGST but the other girl makes me laugh cuz she says weird things and everyone calls her a freak. I'm off that topic hahaha no. okay enough ryhimg! let's get down to buisness!

I do not know how you write so fast and so well! it amazeses me (i cant spell for shit) but it really does. I'm running out of energy...uh...must makes this so incrediably long that pple will think im stalking u or something which i am kidding. i dont need to stalk u *evil laughter* okay um...did u know i am taller than ed? cuz it turns out he's even shorter thn i thought if u subract his boots from his height. then he's lik 4'6 so that means im lik 3 or so inches taller. gawd im proud! SEE, I PROVED THAT COFFEE DOESN'T STUNT UR GROWTH TAKE THAT WORLD! ahem. I enjoyed ur chappie and now im horny lol kidding did i scare u? prolly not. if i did...sorry for making u cry lol my weirness made ur eyes water. Bwahaha. I feel lik having a cookie. But i can't. But u can. *gives cookie* KEEP IT! IT IS A MEMENTO OF MY LOVE! but it will be gone soon when u eat it. This is getting really loong! To me anyway. everything seems longer to me. Ew. Hahahaha! I think i have a split personality disorder. oh well, if i do that means u do too. doesn't that make u feel all fuzzy inside? mhmm i thought so. who do you think actually uses that spell check thing? you'd have to be REALLY OCD to use it. that would be funny if u use it all the right along.

I wonder how al will react to ed's...situation. scenario 1: "Ph okay that's perfectly normal nii-san i love you ehehehehe" scenario 2: "what the fuck?" I like scenario 2 the best...but i'm weird so eh my opinion doesn't mean anything. ahh today i had my pic takin but this weird guy who was lik PMSing i swear. stupid sheman...are u impressed at my abilty to rant about nothing for this long yet? if not i must plow on! into the feilds of randomness! maybe i should sing a song..naw that's what ali-chan would do. What shal i do...i shall i shall i shall i harvest moon so i can get my kid...but thats boring i'd much rather annoy my loving and doting nee-san! Uh-huh. Hehheh i've run out of things to rant about...but i shall find some topics...oh geez r u seriously gonna read all of this? i bet u wont...I BET U WONT *screams* ok that was weird. I love you! Maybe i should just rant about how much i love you. but that's kinda hard to do. u know? i'd sound creepy ranting about my ever lasting love for my nee-san so instead i shall...didn't i already go through this? i believe so. Should i stop? i really want to make this long though! *tears*This is so confusing! i almost broke my ipod everything. Broke it by throwing it at someone. i manhandled my own child/soul/heart/life/everything! *cries* i'm such a bad person! *pats ipod* i even named him. His name is Joh jr.! I'm a freak. heh. oh wait. i just reliezed something. i gave my ipod a girl name...oh well...Joh can go either way i guess. so i'm ok. yep. uh huh. yes. how long have i been writing this? o geez i think i should be studying. oh well too late now. not really. okay i'll go study lik the good little girl i am _~


Me And My God Complex chapter 3 . 5/1/2006
"Nii-san, you've been pretty quiet lately. What's up?" -Al

"I'm pregnant." -Ed

"No really, what is it?" -Al


((faints)) -Al

"Envy, what the fuck did you tell Al?" -Ed (the real one)

"Nothing. . . now get on the bed!" -Envy

I can imagine it going like that. . .

Nice update, btw! Can't wait until the next one!
HolyMistress chapter 3 . 5/1/2006
I liked the Disclaimer. The part where you go back to diabolical plans. It made me laugh.

Oh...fudge. O.o Edo-kun, you are in DEEP #%$ right now. Everybody is probably going to tease you non-stop and Envy, I feel sorry for you. You won't be able to get into Edo-kun's pants for a LONG time. Isn't that a lovely prospect?

Jessie-chan..Are you saying that Al does or does not know about their relationship? I think he does though. I mean, they're brothers and really the only family they have are each other. Even, Al is always the one that's calm and tries to help others. He might try to reason with his brother if he doesn't know but overall, I don't think he'll have that bad a reaction. Like trying to strangle Envy right there and then. Though he'll probably be resisting the urge to. And Envy will probably be taunting him with a smug smirk on his face. That gives Edo-kun a reason to punch him with his right arm.

If Al doesn't take nicely to the news, Edo-kun will probably go into emotion-overload and start crying. Another reason he won't get too angry. But I have learned a lesson.

I never want to have children. Ever.

Oh, and is Al back to his original body in this story? Just wondering.

Oh, and I loved the lemon! It was lovely.

Wait a minute, how will WINRY take it? Hope she's a yaoi-obssesed fan or else Edo-kun will be dead. Envy won't be too happy about that...

I just realized they had an emotional moment here. I found it...KAWAII! Emotional moments are rare in some stories. Especially if it's with two lovers. Most stories I read had an emotional moment but there was only one person.

I know I'm going a bit ahead, but I just want to know how will react when they realize that their...daddy can change his(or her. In the anime, they don't know his gender. I'm not sure about the manga though.) appearance whenever he wished. Good for Halloween. Scare the #%$ out of the kids.

Overall, I love the story! Hope you get the next chapter up soon! Good luck at not getting writer's block! Work at your own pace. Don't rush. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. I love that saying!
Light-Hideko chapter 3 . 5/1/2006
I just waited Envy to start calling Ed 'mom'XD EmotionalEdAww!
Larom chapter 2 . 4/30/2006
Love it! please update asap.
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