Reviews for Coming Home
Veronika Krajnik chapter 1 . 10/2/2016
amazing ! so nice and wonderfull - missed the aunts they should have made another episode with them and with some others too - thanks for fanfiction - thank you for this story a pleasure to read - great lines like a surprise to meet yout aunts in the town where you grown up und they lived there whole live . . . . nice that aunt may like the coyote... very well written thank you
JeanneZ84 chapter 1 . 5/20/2007
This story I did read before a while back and again now.I loved it.

Mark really did pour on the charm didnt he.

there needs to be a story in which he does keep in touch regularily with having him writing to them or calling to keep in touch.

I love the story was great.

cheride chapter 1 . 5/12/2006
Liz: I've been remiss in reviewing, but you should know I've read this several times now, and it hasn't failed yet to delight me. Mark and the Aunts is a winning combination any time, but to see them won over so quickly is just charming. But, of course, how could they resist?

A small parallel that I've always liked: it's interesting to me that the Aunts decided the kitchen room wasn't good enough for Mark just the same way HC decided the gardener's trailer wouldn't do. I guess some amount of good sense does run in the family.

Thanks for such a nice visit to Clarence.
JB060800 chapter 1 . 5/1/2006
What a wonderful story! You have the characters down pat. It is absolutely believable that Mark would win the aunts over with his charm and sincerity. Loved it! Keep up the good work!
sbishoff chapter 1 . 4/25/2006
Liz, this was a great introduction of Mark to the aunts. His winning them over was so sweet. May immediately enjoying the ride in the Coyote and wanting to go faster.

Then once they get to the house, they change their minds about giving him the cramped room off the kitchen after just a few minutes.

They are just as sweet and forceful as we saw in the series. I loved it. Thanks for sharing.
ScreamLLC chapter 1 . 4/25/2006
I'm a sucker for the classic Hardcastle & McCormick bits:

Mark beamed while Hardcastle glared at him.

“Milton, some day your face will freeze into that look.” Zora admonished her nephew.

“Too late, it already has,” Mark quipped

And, I love this piece from McCormick:

“Uh, not exactly.” Mark peered up through the hair falling into his face with a weak grin. “I stole the Coyote from the killer, got caught and, heaven help me, wound up as Hardcastle’s last case before he retired.”

"Heaven help [him]," indeed! George Bailey got Clarence. Mark got a gruff, gavel-banging, John Wayne-loving donkey. And, you know he wouldn't have it any other way! (Though I'd have to say...Every time a gun fires, FRANK HARPER gets his wings!)

I can't wait for the aunts to visit so McCormick can break the double nickel with Mae!

From the gossiping church secretary to the doilies in the room, you've captured our favorite aunts perfectly! (Aunt Zora even gives an ol' Hardcastle sniff!)

A delightful visit! Thanks!
JudyH chapter 1 . 4/23/2006
-This is so true to these two lovable characters. I think most of us have at least one aunt that resembles one of these two. And how could they resist the McCormick charm? Thanks for the biggest smile I've had all day.

Judy H.
L.M.Lewis chapter 1 . 4/23/2006
Heheh. Zora's right about the Archie Goodwin thing, though Hardcastle as Nero Wolfe is a stretch, indeed. And don't you just know that McC'd win over the aunts in a half an hour, if it took him even that long. Then cutting out the middle man and going right to inviting them to Gulls Way himself, that'd be Mark to a tee.

Now you just stick a week of vignettes in where that second 'H&McC' is, and you'll have half your scene-break formatting hassles dealt with, eh?
owlcroft chapter 1 . 4/23/2006
Any story with the aunts has to be great, but this one is just so _cute_! I love how quickly May unbends and how she enjoys the car ride, and Zora's right there with her in accepting the "criminal" into their home after only a few minutes of the McCormick charm (not to mention his excellent manners).

It also cleared up the quesion about the aunts being absent during the "Man of the Year" celebration, and you even managed to bring in that "pudgy" guy from the tag - well done, Liz!