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Top Hats and Other Items chapter 11 . 4/29/2012
...Damn. This is good. This is very good. You should continue this. Please :D

Please? :D Updates bring Fantine closer to Valjean :D
Dern chapter 11 . 2/28/2012
Hey, old buddy! I tried contacting you a while ago but you changed your email somewhere along the way I suppose, dunno if you'll ever see this but it's the best idea I have right now.

I was just on a total nostalgia trip reading our chapter sketches and plans (can't believe we went all the way to 45!). Also thought of my favourite Wagnerian while watching the Met Opera Gotterdammerung broadcast a couple of weeks ago :)

So anyway would love to get back in touch if you happen to see this and find the time, I'm still Jean-le-Cric so you know how to find me, inspector. Cheers!
Trompe-la-Mort chapter 11 . 3/5/2008
Hey, have you forgotten this story? Please don't, please finish this. Even if there's not much Les Mis left, but I like Lindgren just a much...
Ivee Waterlilly chapter 11 . 2/15/2008
You are AMAZING! I love your writing, and it breaks my heart that you haven't finished it yet. Although, to tell you the truth i would really love a touching moment between Gavroche and Javert when he comes back. Maybe having something tramatic happen to Little Gavroche and Javert helps him through it. I dunno. But please keep up the good work and i will be watching your story like a hawk! -.- my watching face

Please keep going!

Your fan, Ivee Waterlilly
Rachel chapter 11 . 5/25/2007
Wow! I'm so delighted to see this story updated - it is so unique, so richly textured, and I love seeing how all the characters have developed in their new relationships. This Valjean chapter was heartbreaking - beautifully written, and I especially loved his realization that he'd left anger behind him, and that's what made this prison sentence different from his last. And the line about his lifetime of slavery catching up with him again was so sad. I can't wait to read more! I hope especially to see how Valjean and Javert will interact now that they're both at Norgard...
Aurelia chapter 11 . 5/24/2007
Finally, you updated! I love Valjean's POV here. Please update soon!
AmZ chapter 11 . 5/24/2007
At this point, the story has shifted so far into the other cross-over that I can't even follow it anymore. The Les Mis aspect is just about gone - there's a guy called Jean Valjean, but no Paris, no France, no 19th century, no French society. It's all Lindgren I guess.
Mithril2014 chapter 10 . 1/16/2007
Always glad to see an update from one of my all time favorite authors! I liked the tone of this chapter. The somber mood of Eponine, the steady rain, the uncertainty that hangs in the air like the wisps of smoke from the devastated village. I like Eponine's independence and her strength as well. She prowls over her domain, her bow slung over her shoulder, her daggers at the ready. And when she encounters an enemy, she swiftly deals with him!

Yet there is a softer side to her. She thinks on her brother, who misses his guardian and friend. I miss Javert too! And I look forward to seeing what he is up to. The peace in the valley has given way to conflict and war seems imminent. Surely in this place, good will prevail...but apparently, not without a fierce fight!

Great writing...more soon, I hope!
NemoRex chapter 9 . 12/8/2006
Nasty, nasty, nasty, NASTY chapter. Dark and nasty - in a good way. How very like Valjean to sacrifice himself in that way; a good move, but the man's pseudo-saintliness sometimes gets on my nerves. And poor Yossi... As always you strike the balance between just the right amount of lore and the present goings on. This chapter, however, really does make me think on what is going on meanwhile in Norgard's camp, and I am very worried for Javert (and maybe Valjean. A little.).

Well yes, sorry for the very late (and not very conherent) review. *yawn* I'm still half asleep.
Mithril2014 chapter 9 . 11/18/2006
Woot! An update! And the focus is on Valjean! He is so quiet, so unassuming, so unwilling to kill or harm, even, another. He is finding his place in Rosendale, using his strength to man the bellows, trading a variety of jobs, large and small, for a place to sleep at Fantine's cottage. I like the deepening relationship between those two!

And I liked shirtless Valjean! ::grins at the thought of those muscles flexing as he worked the bellows:: Poor man...the teasing he gets over Fantine!

The unease in the village continues to grow...the shadow lengthens. I loved Morcas' storytelling, as I was wondering about the legends too. Great way to both introduce new characters and arouse curiosity over ancient mysteries.

And the mercenaries arrive! I know they are bad...but woah...the leather...the long hair...::coughs::. Interesting, the past friendship between Morcas and Paric...and the animosity now. Once enemies. a heart and soul can twist and darken. And brave Valjean, so ready to sacrifice himself for the good of many. And brave but foolish boy, Yossi. If he can survive, he might grow into a fine warrior someday.

What a cliffhanger! Javert is away...Valjean is being held hostage. What will Orvar do? Excellent chapter! Finely detailed and crafted. And Asharak...welcome! ::bows::
Mithril2014 chapter 8 . 9/18/2006
Woah...really incredible update! Of course, I loved that Javert was the central character in this chapter. I have to admit, I've grown quite, quite fond of this man with the gypsy skin and a heart that seeks justice at all times! ::purrs quietly:: And it was very good to see him in so many different scenes, see his interactions with so many others. It was especially wonderful to see him in the tub! But I run ahead of myself...::winks::

Gavroche just seems to belong at Javert's side. I continue to be amazed and warmed by the one time Inspector's patience with the boy. And more than showing tolerance, Whiskers seems to care deeply for Gavroche. He understands how to deal with him...and when to apply a firm hand and when to cut the kid some slack. Gavroche never fails to draw a chuckle from me...and maybe here, in this place, he cheers Javert and gives him a sense of purpose.

I loved the arrival of the rebels...led by a wolf! How extradordinary, the bond here between humans and the wolves. I liked that Javert, who himself often reminds me of a wolf ::slow smile::, so quickly understood what she wanted and accepted her, without hesitation, as the messenger. He seems more at ease around her than he does with the group of young men.

Very interesting, and forbidding, place...Golrath's Hollow! Great touches there, the bleakness of the land and the heavy silence of the place. The muffled voices, the grasping branches, the dry, rattling vegetation create a deadness in the atmosphere that perfectly sets up the finding of Dolorin...or rather, his remains. Imagining the stench made me wrinkle my nose in sympathy! But in spite of the horrible discovery, it was very good to see Javert become, for a time, an Inspector again. I liked watching his sharp mind analyze, even as he detached himself a bit from the situation so as to run a critical and shrewd eye over the crime scene. Very excellent and believable details there, concerning the corpse and the state of decay! ::grins::

And then...::waggles eyebrows::...after all that, of course Javert would need a soak in a tub full of hot water. What a sight that would have been...seeing him easing back with a deep sigh, and nodding off, allowing tense muscles to relax! Great scene with Eponine arriving for a visit! ::grins:: I'm envious! And although she wasn't supposed to peek, she apparently did! ::laughs:: I sure would have!

Woven through this whole chapter was that dark feeling that things are about to change. The ancient story, the prophecy about falling under the shadow, the cold fear gnawing inside young Gavroche all add to the sense of an impending storm that is gathering, threatening. I knew Javert would leave the boy ::sadness:: I hope he returns to him soon. That was a very touching scene with Gavroche as Javert sought to say "goodbye". He goes to do a greater good. Even if Gavroche doesn't understand why, I hope he'll trust his friend, and wait for his return. ::deep sigh:: And I wait to see how his adventure turns out too. I'm glad Sophia was there to see him off and tell him goodbye. He needed the touch of another to ease his leaving...and remind him to come back.
NemoRex chapter 8 . 9/13/2006
My friend and I have a running joke about Javert in the bath, and I think this has just been added to the list of incidents.

A wonderful chapter, and so sad and touching. Javert's interaction with Gavroche was perfect, and the part where Javert snuggles the teddybear (no matter how momentarily) *speechless*

I know this is unusual for me, but I really want to know what's happened to Valjean. All the rest of the Amis are around as well as Gavroche and Javert, but Valjean and Fantine have... disappeared.

Why would they want a high concentration if warriors, indeed? Doubtless all shall be revealed, but in the meantime my imagination is leading me into some very nasty places *shudders*

"“It is said,” Sophia had told him on this same evening, that one who comes here and first sees the Crown of Stone, then Golrath’s Hollow, will become a hero and a great leader of men.”

“Nice to hear,” he had replied, unfolding his blanket for the night, “but I saw Golrath’s Hollow first, then the Crown of Stone. What of such a man?”"

This reminds me of the legend I once heard about the sleeping knights in the cave. Next to their leader was a sword and a horn and whoever drew the sword and blew the horn would crowned King. However, the farmer who discovered them did it the wrong way round and got chased away. I wonder, then, how important it is that these should be seen the right way round? It's also making me wonder if Javert is just as misguided in his assumptions as poor Enjolras.

I really want Javert and Sophia to get together, but knowing the way these stories go I'm not getting my hopes up. Still, I am very anxious to find out what happens next.
Mithril2014 chapter 7 . 9/6/2006
Wow! What an incredible update! This is the darkest chapter yet in this intriguing tale, and how interesting, seeing it through the eyes of the boy, Gavroche. I love the contrast of that...the fierce battle raging, the death, the smoke and dirt and screams...and the tears and determination of a brave lad who longs to join the battle and yet carries with him a stuffed bear!

Gavroche's characterization was right on! I loved his boyishness, his quick mood swings and his even quicker temper and tongue! I found myself chuckling often over his observations and his running monologue. What promise there is in him...a brave warrior in the making! Whatever this place is...I'm so glad Gavroche receives another chance to grow into the man he was meant to be.

I especially loved his dash to the stable, to rescue a beloved pony...only to find nothing there to rescue! His heroism quickly turns to howls of rage and frustration. I love the way he blames everything and everyone else for his misfortunes. But his little heart is good. He wants what we all want...glory and recognition and someone to love him...someone to love in return.

Which brings me to the person he holds most dear in his life...Whiskers! ::purrs deeply over Javert's scenes:: I'm coming to adore this man! ::winks:: And I loved his rescue of the boy. I can see Javert so plainly there, a tall figure on the back of that great steed, concern etched into his grim features. He really does care for Gavroche. Loved the descriptions of his near black hair coming loose...::ahem:: and his rough leather vest. very intriguing to me. I'm quite drawn to him! ::smiles:: And...I'm very curious about his relationship with Sophia. She is quite the woman! A warrior woman who battles and kills alongside the men, she has a very commanding presence...a quiet but very real authority. I wonder what she and about in private? ::grins:: Can't wait to see what develops there,for surely something will!

There is much to be concerned about for the citizens of Rosendale. Much sadness over the loss of dear comrades...and friends. And much determination. I was moved to tears by the final scene. Javert brought his little companion a tooth...and Gavroche gave in to the small boy still lurking inside him. Crawling into his dear protector's lap, he sobbed away the tension of the day. I envy him his position there! And felt a knot in my throat over the boy's fear, his sense of loss, his uncertainty about the future. There is a shadow lying over Rosendale, the peacefulness of that little town disturbed, her citizens bloodied and made weary. I'm looking forward to the next installment!
Mithril2014 chapter 6 . 7/29/2006
I loved the comraderie of this chapter! The men are out doing manly things. Young warriors, really, playing and sparring, but actually preparing for bigger battles ahead. I'm still sorting through each character as he develops...figuring out who is who. I love the way little details and facts are woven into the storyline.

So I know that when R drinks way too much, which is often, he feels a bit insecure and drift down into surliness. And Courfeyrac gestures with his hands as he speaks, Joly never drinks, Lesgles is bald and a poor shot with a bow! Feuilly seems fond of his food, Bahorel likes to get in verbal jabs, Prouvaire is a knight, defending the fairer sex, and Combeferre really is the philospher! (I loved his comment about Valjean's morphic resemblence not interpreting his mind's age...deep thought, that!) And lastly, Enjolras...who stands slightly apart from the rather rowdy group and considers many things in his heart.

I listened in on their conversation about Valjean...his abilities amazing for one who appears advanced in years...and I rejoiced that he resides with Fantine. May something deep and gentle grow there between them. And how interesting to hear what they think of Javert. They do not quite trust him, it seems, and yet they acknowledge that wise Orvar seems to trust him a great deal.

It is good too, to hear the story of the one who went missing and is presumed dead. Remembering him leads Enjolras' thoughts to another man who gave his life for others. How epic this tale is, full of good and an evil that waits, the brave and the not so brave, characters who will need protecting and those who will battle on their behalf.

And again, I wonder anew about this place, about Rosendale (which makes me smile and think of Rivendell each time I see the name), about the darkness that seems to be gathering, preparing to attack, about a Paradise where death can still stike, and most of all, I marvel at the way each person finds himself here, his glorious self revealed. And if there are those who shine here, will there also be those whose true natures, tarnished and broken as they are, are revealed? I'm enjoying the journey of discovery as I read. Great story!
NemoRex chapter 5 . 7/19/2006
I've just realised that I haven't yet reviewed this chapter. How careless of me.

Valjean still thinks he's in Paradise... and yet has not met the Immortal or angels twanging harps. It's interesting to see the way he adapts his theory to suit the answer he wants, but then again, as has already been said, Valjean is a very adaptable person.

Javert the drowned rat made me smile - sort of reminds me of a wet, foul-tempered moggy trudging through the rain. (Is waiting for the previously mentioned shirtless Javert steaming in the forge). 'Whiskers'... hee hee! Also I love Javert's indifferent big brother attitude to Gavroche. That's more than sweet.

I love discussion about the horses, and the name Grim. I'd love a horse like that. (preferably with the rider attached :D)

Slightly Galadriel-esque Fantine.

Madeleine the cat. "Here puss, puss!"

Now, I wonder what Javert was up to, or who/what he came across during his travels... Doubtless that will come later? (she hopes.)

Valjean and Fantine have always made for an interesting couple. They share many things in common, such as being on the wrong end of the Law, a general good-natured wish to help other people, a child, and a bashful wish to pay back or not be owed any debts.

Beautiful chapter - I'll definately be keeping an eye out for the next!
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