Reviews for The Candles You Lit For Me
PaperInked chapter 1 . 8/22/2006
Haha! That was cute! Ohtori's eagerness when he says 'I love you too!''s so freakin' cute and adorable!

Don't ask why I'm reviewing something like months late. I was just curious as to why the people who put me on author alert were people I'd never seen/heard of before nad I realized I was doing it too. Heh..guess my author alert list is going to get their emails jammed uo by me.

Anyway, I remember you! You're that person who wrote that unconquerable Gravitation fic and didn't continue it!

Oh're a marvellous writer. Your English is brilliant, how can English not be your first language? KL, right? Me too!

*sigh* What a long review...