Reviews for Checkmate
Guest chapter 85 . 10/17/2022
I know it's been over a decade since you finished this story, but I just wanted to, thank you. I've never actually commented on any fanfic before, but I felt like I had to this time.
This has been the first and only story to ever get me to cry. I've read plenty of sad stories, but none of them have ever made my heart hurt nearly as much as this one. I mean that in the best of ways. The story has to be incredibly well written to do that to someone after all. So, thanks.
pokemaster101 chapter 85 . 10/1/2022
I cannot look at Vlad the same way again. Oh my god.

And their BOND dude…I’m crying. ;-;

I honestly cannot describe everything I wanna say into words. But I will say I’m happy that I predicted some things and got surprised by others.

One of the best badger cereal stories (Danny and Vlad platonic I.e. father/son; friends, etc.) I’ve ever read. :)
pokemaster101 chapter 66 . 9/25/2022
Ok reading this story I’m happy to say I had theories and they were correct.

But I have to review now and say IS NIANE HIS SISTER? I’m freaking out. It has to be. Niane is anagram of Annie. Oh. My. God.
Crossed Lover chapter 85 . 4/8/2022
I have absolutely adored this story. It was so hard to put down and because it was so long and well written, it consumed the better part of a week. I loved how you dealt with trauma in this story. The growth of the characters was well done and believable. I wish the fall out didn’t happen (I’m a sucker for a happy ending) but I understand why it happened and it was well done. Thank you for the time and effort that you poured into this work. Great job!
Mileradon chapter 27 . 3/29/2022
This is seriously one of my favorite chapters! }]
I just really love it! Heeeeh!
Mileradon chapter 3 . 3/26/2022
I wonder what Carl is thinking after hearing that whole conversation and then hearing Danny scream…
Guest chapter 84 . 3/5/2022
I freaking love this so much. I can’t believe how much time and energy was put into this story. Seriously, you must have planned it all out from the beginning, —I don’t know how, but you did— and you must have also watched the episodes a bajillion times to get everything so accurate. I love how you put things in this story that correlate so well with the storyline of Danny Phantom, and how you put a deeper meaning to even the smallest of details. Reading this has opened my eyes to those little details, so whenever I go back and rewatch the episodes, I can see how those details fit in perfectly and make complete sense. And you know, this story mixes so well that I literally have trouble separating this story and the actually Tv show! Extremely impressive!

By the way, this is seriously my top favorite fanfiction story I’ve ever read, hands down. I’m not kidding about that either. I’ve read it three times already, along with Endgame. And, it’s not going to stop there, I can ensure you that much. You have a talent. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. You da best!
Guest chapter 78 . 3/1/2022
This chapter and the next one literally fills me with so much pain and sorrow and emotions! Every time I read them, it feels like my heart is snapping into two! Why?! Why did it have to turn out like this?! Why couldn’t Danny and Vlad have worked things out?! I know why, but WHY?! I shouldn’t have read this chapter so close to bed time! Now I’m sad, and the worse part is, I know it’s not going to get any better until like, the end of Endgame! D!

You know what would make this more bearable for my poor sobbing heart? If there was like an alternative time line where Danny actually stays with Vlad! Forget his family! Forget his friends! VLAD! HE NEEDS TO STAY WITH VLAD!
Mileradon chapter 85 . 7/7/2021
Truly, you are an amazing writer. Reading this for a second time has made me see that even more. Of course, I am in awe with your ability to create such an amazing and complex story. Your character development is superb. And rereading this has made me realize that you know each and every character through and through. Honestly —and I know I’ve mentioned this before— If you didn’t mention every single chapter that you don’t own Danny Phantom, I would believe otherwise. It’s clear by reading this that you know the characters; how they think, act, talk, express themselves. It’s truly admirable and just goes to prove what an amazing author you are. You must have done a lot of research to create such flawless and perfect characters. It shows in ever ounce of you writing. Another thing I notice when rereading this story again is all the small tidbits here and there that foreshadow future events. That in of itself shows that you are an amazing author. You’ve clearly done a lot of thinking and planing and preparing on your part to ensure that this story flows so… perfectly -and that’s what I consider this story; truly perfect. Not only do I admire all the small bits and pieces that foreshadow upcoming chapters, but I greatly admire how knowledgeable you are when it comes to describing certain events. For example, when Vlad and Danny went to Germany. It was so fascinating to ready the dialogue in German, and to picture the places you described, and heck! Even learning about giraffes! I was also impressed how you described the work setting when Vlad took Danny to his companies that one day. You are extremely intelligent, and I don’t know if you’ve been put in many settings in order to describe and explain them, or if you’ve don’t A LOT of research, but it blows me away with how much you know! I’m also impressed with how you explained the Mark’s Galla. You… are so good with describing settings! Truly, you are!
Another thing that truly astounds me with your writing is how well you explain what’s happening. I know that’s a pretty vague and broad statement, so here’s an example. I don’t think many people consider what’s going on in a half-ghosts body, and if they do, they tell it how it is. But not you. You’ve explained where their powers originate from. You explain how they’re able to do different things, like teleporting, duplicating, bringing forth their ectoplasm, heck, even explaining how to channel Danny’s ghostly wail. It’s unbelievable how well you understand all of this! I… I don’t know how you do it! And even while explaining these different skills, you can delve even more and explain it in a whole different sense just so it makes even more sense! Dude! How!? Seriously… you are like… my idol! I just love everything you do, and yes, I may sound like a fanatic, but I am! You’re just so awesome and amazing and plain fan-freakin’-tastic! And, if you made a book and published it for the whole world to read, you know, something that wasn’t fan-based, I would pick that book up and read it in a flash. I truly hope you understand that you are a really good writer, because, you are. Keep writing ‘cause you’re totally and utterly amazing at it!
Mileradon chapter 79 . 7/6/2021
This chapter… it makes me so depressed… I honestly think it’s amazing that you can cause that kind of emotion to stir within me. And even though I’m all sad and melancholy, I applaud your ability to create that emotion so flawlessly. After everything Danny and Vlad went though, I can feel all the pain! I can tell you put a lot of work into this chapter to bring out the agony and sorrow and pain. Well done! It just goes to show how amazing you are at writing!
Mileradon chapter 66 . 6/25/2021
I just absolutely love the backstory you give Vlad, it really makes everything come together so nicely! You’re just so good at it -being able to make this supposed villain a normal man with a tragic history, and that’s why he does the things he does. The episodes don’t go into Vlad’s history, so I’m glad you did. And quite honestly, I feel like you connected the dots with why Vlad acts the way he does.
You truly are amazing at character development.
Mileradon chapter 65 . 6/23/2021
Dang, I love this chapter so much! I love Vlad being protective of Danny when Mark is being a downright butt to the poor child! So! Cute! And the whole scene with the carnival! Gah! It’s so precious! Hehe! It truly makes me chuckle!
Mileradon chapter 16 . 6/15/2021
I absolutely love this chapter! So much action! So much feels! It has the perfect display of... well, everything!
Mileradon chapter 1 . 6/10/2021
I couldn’t stay away from this story. Ever since I finished it, my thoughts kept returning to it, so I decided to give in and reread your story!
Mileradon chapter 84 . 5/10/2021
Okay, okay, okay. I have to admit that this is the BEST fan-made story I have EVER read. It’s so incredibly hard to put into words how much I love this story. But for starters, I could NOT put it down! It was always at the back of my mind, calling me, beckoning me to read it despite having a life to live! I was at the mercy of this story! And really, I pushed everything away to read and keep reading! I... haven’t felt that way since I read Harry Potter for the first time. But even with my need-desire/yearn- to read Harry Potter, I felt like this story enhanced all those feelings. It was like, I HAD to read because my life depended on knowing what was going to happen next. That, my friend, is an incredible talent and gift. So don’t mind me fanning over your master piece, okay? It’s crucial for me to express just how much I’m in love with your work- express just how much I’m in awe with this story...
The characters are so dense and complicated and so full of truth that it awes me that someone could put so much depth into a single character and keep that depth going throughout the entire story! It truly boggles my mind! We as humans are so complex and intricate that it’s hard to sort out ourselves and even scratch the surface, but somehow you managed to hit the nail right on that head and do that with not just one, but all the characters! You brought them into a new and different light that I didn’t know was possible and, holy moly, I canNOT believe you were able to do that and CONTINUE expressing that depth! (I feel like I’m doing a terrible job at explaining how in awe I am in right now! But hopefully you get what I’m trying to say.) There’s so many stories out there that shows characters between black and white -good and evil, hero and villain- but you... I don’t know how you did it but you killed that line! No... not ‘killed’, ‘slaughtered’ that line! And that amazes me too! (I CAN’T HANDLE HOW WELL YOU PORTRAYED VLAD AND DANNY!) *Takes a deep breath.* Seriously though, what you did is astounding! I’ve never read a story that was so intricate and... worded so well that it was easy for me to understand just what and why and how and where the characters we coming from. People, like I said, are extremely complex individuals. How in the world did you manage to write them how you did without it getting confusing and jumbled up in emotions and layers and depth?! How did you manage to explain their feelings in such a complex lighting and still manage to write them so they made complete sense?! How did you manage to write them without getting sucked in and accidentally portray them as something out of character!? HOW did you manage to write them and STILL manage to keep their personalities intact!? It’s so easy to drown inside a character and forget who they are, what they stand for, and what makes them tick, but... you kept that going throughout the entire story without messing it up or falling victim to accidentally changing them... and GAH! I’ve never read anything like this before! (AM I MAKING SENSE!? I’M TRYING TO MAKE SENSE!) This story is so complex that I can’t even explain how awed I am right now! I gotta talk about something else before I’m consumed with how well you did with the character development and continue to rant on and make it more confusing!
Another thing I love about this story is how well you were able to put in small subtle things and create a bigger significance later on in the story. Like Niane... There was such small hints at her being his sister that I didn’t catch it until when Danny had a déjà vu moment when he saw her smile. And I also love the plot and how you were able to transition from one chapter to the next and continue the plot without it swerving off or diving into unnecessary details. Every single word had a place. Every single event had a purpose. Every single chapter had a significance! And really, I can’t explain how much I’m in awe with the story plot! Most fan-made stories are so shallow and... represent immature writing that I can’t BELIEVE how mature and precise and intricate this master piece is! And... I’m going back to the character development... but I connected with the characters! I felt emotions! I got sad when Danny was sad, angry when Danny was angry, stressed, depressed, excited, anxious, and... so much more emotions! I was completely enthralled with this story and with everything that happened! And again, I pushed everything from my life so I could read this story hours on end! I said this before, and I’ll say it again, I can’t believe how amazing this story is... Can’t believe how mature it is... I REALLY LIIIIKE IT!
And I’m not done fanning over it. I have to admit, I greatly appreciated how clean this story is, like, there wasn’t even one swear word! I can’t explain how much I love that! There was nothing bad in it; just clean and perfect and extremely mature! Honestly, it’s like J.K Rowling sat down and wrote this story.
The details were amazing as well. Details make the story. And a lot of stories, especially fan-made ones lack details that neeeed to be there! But you... this story had precisely the exact amount of details to explain what was going on perfectly! And not only did it have enough details, but it wasn’t drenched and swimming in details! It’s amazing that you created the perfect amount without going too crazy or, not adding enough. I could see everything! I could understand everything! I knew what was going on because the details were so flawless and amazing! Honestly, you’re word choices is beautiful.
Back to the character development. Not only did you make them super duper deep, but you also carried on the same personality the show presents, so much so that I could hear their voices in my head as I read! Like Jack, oh my gosh! His personality was superb! And Danny and Vlad, you kept their personalities throughout the entire story, showing both their witty, sly, tempered, smug, personalities! I could see this happening in the show and it helped immensely that you added things from the episodes to further prove how it intertwined with their personalities and emotions and characters! I love that you did that! But it also amazes me that you could take such a minor detail from the show and enhance it! You made me view the tv show in a whole different perspective, so much so that I started rewatching the show over again to catch the tiny little details you extracted from it. And still, I’m using your story to further enhance my understanding why the characters do what they do! I also love that you started this story off at the end of season 2 and ended this story at the beginning of season 3, like this story completely BELONGS in Danny Phantom! And another reason it feels like it belongs is because you explain different events from the episodes by putting it in this story. Example: Maddie the cat. If you didn’t say every chapter that you don’t own Danny Phantom, I’d be tempted to believe you actually do because you’re so DANG good! I’m going to say it again because I need to say it; if you DIDN’T put the fact you don’t own Danny Phantom, I’d be TEMPTED to believe otherwise! I hope you can understand my Merry-go-round way of explaining just how much this story impacted me- how you impacted me! I am seriously going to reread this again once I’m done with Endgame. I swear it!
Oh! And by the way! Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to create this story! I wish I could express just how much it awes me, but there’s just so much that I’m in awe with that I can’t untangle all my thoughts to express everything that touched me! Perhaps when I reread it, I’ll be able to add more, but until then... TA!
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