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Z.Jenkkins chapter 84 . 12/14/2014
I am left in stunned silence as too as amazing this story is. I love everything about it, the plot, and how it is written is phenomenal. The best DP fanfic I have ever read. Thank you so much for it!
canzie chapter 73 . 12/13/2014
Hmm, very nice. Two reviews from Twila Star in a row? The chapters must've had to be good. This chapter settles in a very warm place in my heart, quite close to my favorite chapter when Danny and Vlad had first called their truce. Very nice, it makes me want to read it again.
canzie chapter 71 . 12/13/2014
Wow, Yay! I was wondering when this would turn into a fanfic! I thought you were literally making this to be the bridge between the second and third season. Although you're authors note have got me thinking this will change and he will go back home, and many others might have been upset with this pre-mature ending, I am a sucker for happy endings, and you've actually made me quite happy with the Danny and Vlad pairing. The only thing wrong being Danny couldn't see his loved ones, but that
was addressed in this chapter as well. I know this story is already finished as I'm reading it, but I kinda hope it stays this way. (This is Twila Star, I'm using my sisters account.)
bibliophilea chapter 85 . 12/7/2014
First off, I wanted to say that I love how Vlad muse had to have the last word! XXD
Second off, I'm going to have to read those one shots now!
Third off, I also wanted to say that I love your world-building for this story. Every aspect is intricately detailed, cohesive, complete, woven with obvious care... it is truly amazing what you have built with Checkmate. I look forward to seeing the world-building you've done in your other stories.
Fourth off, if you ever wanted to publish this and were ever able to publish it, you'd definitely have to split it into multiple books. You've written approximately as much as the entire Harry Potter series. And I devoured it in a few days... wow. I normally don't have time to read nowadays, but I guess this shows that when the story is great enough, I'll make time to read.
Fifth off, I'm incredibly glad you chose to make Niane who she was, rather than just the third maid. She is one of my favorite characters in this story, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for her!
And finally, this story has touched me like few other stories have. It's full of various truths which touched me and related to my life. I could personally understand some of what Jazz was going through, some of what Danny dealt with, even some of what Vlad faced. You made Vlad from your typical dastardly villain to an incredibly complex character to whom I could actually relate to some extent. I was disappointed with how Vlad went from kill-your-Dad-marry-your-mom-and-obtain-the-perfect-half-ghost-son in seasons 1 and 2 to just take-over-the-world-with-stereotypical-dastardly-plots-doomed-to-fail in season 3, but your story makes that transition, and so many more, deeper than I ever thought possible. Thank you so much for writing this. It gives me a completely different view of the canon series, and I am definitely considering this as canon in my mind - it's too amazing and it fits too well not to. Not only that, but your story and the truths it uncovered touch my life in multiple, important ways. I need to do some serious pondering over winter break on what exactly this means for me, but I can tell you that I am not the same person who decided to start reading this story on a whim stemmed from curiosity. I think the changes in me your story wrought are for the better. Thank you for putting this story in a place where I could find it. What started as a whim has now ended with Checkmate being rooted in my heart. This is a story I will most certainly revisit in the future, as often as I revisit the other books that I love, and that have changed me. Thank you so much for this story. You are amazing to have created such a masterpiece.
bibliophilea chapter 84 . 12/7/2014
So amazing. This is one of the best Danny Phantom fanfictions I've ever read, and the best Danny-Vlad bonding fanfic I've ever read. Your work is truly amazing - you were able to keep the characters in-character, and at the same time, express genuine emotion and get at the heart of the complexities of the characters and their relationships with everyone else. I love the depth you added to everything, while keeping everyone in character and keeping everything canon. I loved seeing the flashes of season 2, and hints of season 3, in the story. And I look forward to reading the sequel to this story! Thank you for posting this in a place where I could access it! Reading Checkmate was an incredible experience.
bibliophilea chapter 83 . 12/6/2014
Hmmm... looks like Vlad's plotting something to do with that globe... and as much as I love TJ, he isn't in season 3... I guess these will be tied up in Endgame! I'll have to read it after finals...
I'm glad Danny finally let his emotions out. He really needed to, and his big sister was the one he needed at that time.
bibliophilea chapter 82 . 12/6/2014
Wow. Niane is the cat. I did NOT see that coming. Although it does explain why Vlad kept her, and why she acts the way she does.
Glad to see Vlad and Skulker rekindled their friendship... Vlad does need some sort of friend in his life after everything...
That scene at the end was very touching. He truly loves Stephanie and Annabelle; he loves them enough to let them go, given what he's determined to do. I wonder if Stephanie will tell Annie about Danny being half-ghost... probably not, since that would easily lead to some of the terrible things Vlad's done... though Annie may figure it out for herself, since she knows Danny has a secret, and was really upset when he discovered Vlad had told Stephanie about it.
bibliophilea chapter 80 . 12/6/2014
It's really sweet that you mixed in your own memories for this story! I can understand where you're coming from - of all the characters in Danny Phantom, I connect with Jazz the most. I'm the eldest of three, protective of my younger siblings (though I do often force myself to smother my inner mother hen, because that's not necessarily what they need), and very academically oriented. I loved all the emotions flowing through this chapter, running one into the other into the other like Jazz's memories as Danny raced to give her the antidote. And I loved how Clockwork appeared at the very end, stopping time before everything could completely fall apart, giving Danny the time he needed to save his sister, and finally reversing time a bit so the antidote could take effect early enough to save Jazz, and so Danny's identity would remain secret. This is definitely a thing Clockwork would do... and has done before... I think sometimes think he enjoys leaving things to the last moment before interfering... but at the same time, I recognize that if he didn't leave it to the last moment, there would still be other options available to solve the problem. He has to wait until the moment when it's too late for anyone or anything else to do anything to help before he can interfere.
bibliophilea chapter 79 . 12/6/2014
I was wondering when Danny would figure out who Niane is... I got it when Danny first thought she looked familiar, and I suspected it when it was first revealed who Annie was. And I'm currently distracting myself from the heartbreak you put me through at how Danny was forced to tell Vlad, how they both reacted, how Vlad felt driven to do the unforgivable and waste Jazz to try to force what happened the previous five months back, to try to get Danny to hurt just as much, if not more, than he was hurting... It's more heartbreaking than when Danny was forced to drive his friends and sister away with hateful words and demeanor; at least then, Danny didn't mean it, and the others knew he didn't mean it. Here, they both meant everything they said, everything they felt, everything they did... and it destroyed a strong, incredible bond which still left its mark on both their hearts despite its destruction. I must be a masochist to have read so far into this story, watching as Danny and Vlad built something unique and beautiful, knowing it was doomed to shatter in the worst way possible... but Checkmate is far too amazing for me to ever abandon it, and reading them build such an incredible bond, even if it could only last for a short while, was well worth the pain. I would say that I hope Niane can heal Vlad, being his sister and all, but we all know what happens in season 3... so I hope she can at least help him heal a little bit. I would say that I hope Stephanie and Annabelle can help heal his heart, but honestly, I don't want any of them anywhere near Vlad when he sets out to waste Dani, or when he tries to take over the world and reveals his identity. They don't deserve the fallout from Vlad's actions, and I'm pretty sure this event is what drives Vlad off the deep end, and they don't deserve to deal with that. Pearl, your Vlad muse makes me want to cry and punch something that can take multiple hits... but I have to keep going! I can't stop reading until the end!
bibliophilea chapter 78 . 12/6/2014
Wow, you really know how to throw people together in such a way that they have some pretty strong confrontations, both verbal and physical. And now Danny has to try to diffuse the situation, and tell Vlad his change of heart, and try to keep everyone from blowing up.
bibliophilea chapter 76 . 12/6/2014
I had a feeling Stephanie knew what was up, even if she didn't know the extent of it. It goes to show how strongly she's attached to Vlad, that she's still his friend after he ripped a child away from his mother all for the sake of revenge. It's incredibly sad that Vlad wasted 20 years of effort to destroy Jack and win over Maddie, obsessing over it to the point that he completely missed what was right in front of him. If he had chosen to see past his pain and hatred, to try to understand why Jack and Maddie married, he'd have realized that they truly loved one another, and that Maddie could never have loved him. He'd have understood that the best thing he could do for her was to let her go. Heck, if he hadn't isolated himself from Jack and Maddie in the hospital, he would have understood them better, and they would have understood him better, and he wouldn't have felt as alone and abandoned as he did. There are numerous ways in which Vlad could have had the perfect family with Stephanie, in which he could have been a part of Jack and Maddie's family as an uncle to their children... but alas, it didn't happen. And now because of the choices he's made, the choices he's making, and the choices he has yet to make, he's going to wind up stranded on an ectoranium asteroid. Vlad's is certainly a tragic story.
bibliophilea chapter 74 . 12/5/2014
I love reading this and seeing all these little things that have to do with the events of season 3! And I'm glad Danny and Vlad at least talked about Danielle... maybeDanny's words will get Vlad to think about how his actions affected her...
bibliophilea chapter 73 . 12/5/2014
I loved the way you handled the quest! Great fun to read!
I love that the Spirit of Order is a Phoenix, and I rather like the form the crystal takes!
Ooh, Danielle's back! I kind of wanted to see a confrontation between Dani and Danny, or Dani and Vlad, or both! Danielle is most certainly a point of contention between the two male half-ghosts, and I get the feeling this confrontation needs to happen, considering how Vlad treated Dani when they last met, and Dani's fear of Vlad and view of Danny as someone to look up to.
As for what the crystal requires to activate... it requires more than one person to make it work, and Vlad is VERY reluctant to tell Danny what it requires... maybe it requires one person to sacrifice another? If that's the case, who did Vlad plan on sacrificing to use the crystal? Perhaps Dani? Or maybe I'm following a wrong trail. Well, we'll see... I'm sure this'll come back to bite Vlad and Danny in the butt later...
bibliophilea chapter 72 . 12/5/2014
Vlad is such a geek! I love seeing his obsession with the Packers, and how his geek ones shines through with just how involved and excited he got about finding the crystal!
And now they're going on a quest! A good, old-fashioned, gen-you-wine quest! One which requires them to test the bond between them, and to depend on each other like they've never had to do before!
The Observants certainly won't be happy... [::
bibliophilea chapter 71 . 12/5/2014
And now we see Danny facing himself and his fears, and talking through it all for Vlad! It doesn't surprise me too much that he chose to stay with Vlad... though the more than 10 chapters left may have had something to do with it... But anyways, he does want to be a normal kid, and he hates that he has no time to do as well as he could in school, and has to ditch his friends, and inadvertently puts the people he loves in danger with his ghost fights. With that pushing him away from Amity Park, and the desire to heal Vlad and develop his relationship with him pulling him towards Wisconsin, it's not too surprising. I was on the fence about it because of how much he misses his family, but Vlad's offer to set things up so he can see everyone whenever he wants would just make him more likely to stay with Vlad. The biggest thing I can think of that Danny hasn't taken into account is his family and friends - especially Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. He hasn't taken into account how they'd react to his choice; his sister and friends don't know everything he and Vlad have gone through, and how deeply it's changed both of them. They don't realize that Vlad has a heart, and Danny's found a place in it (though I'm pretty sure Jazz at least suspects this). They don't know that Danny has a special spot in his heart for Vlad; my best estimation for what it looks like is mentor/uncle who cares for him like a son. They don't see what makes Vlad a person, so they may not be able to see the changes in Vlad as anything more than a successful scheme to win Danny over now that he has him at his side. As for Maddie and Jack, I'm not sure what they'd think; it depends on what Vlad cooked up to explain Danny's absence and choice to stay with Vlad. Whatever happens, they'll certainly miss him. Whether or not they'll feel like they drove Danny away depends on the explanation Vlad creates, and how well Danny's able to alleviate their worry and guilt when he visits them.
And then we have to consider what Skulker said... by so obviously allying himself with Danny, Vlad's going to be dealing with Danny's ghostly enemies, and other ghosts who don't like what they've heard about Danny, and thus decide they don't like Vlad. It'll make it a mite more difficult for Vlad to utilize his resources in the Ghost Zone to get what he wants.
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