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RandomlyRandomness chapter 3 . 12/4/2006
You still alive? Cause if you are then it would be nice to see an update, but considering that you haven't for the past 6 or 7 months I'm not holding my breath. Truly I just want to see Ouyama in here and see who he hooks up with. Um yeah, so please update soon!
punky326 chapter 2 . 11/21/2006
Okay, this is really my review for ch 3 because my other review was actually intended for ch 2. Well, for the interactive part, I don't know the name of the song, sorry about that. As for the jokes, I really do like your take on Osaka's puns and Tomo's jokes. It really felt like that's what they would've said. You also explain the jokes well so they're actually pretty funny when I read them (I actually laughed out loud most of the time). All in all, this story could pass for genuine Azumanga material. Please update soon!
Slightly Askew chapter 3 . 11/5/2006
Now THIS is how Azumanga fanfic should be written. No shoujo-ai or hints of it, no gore, the cuteness and weirdness preserved.

I am astonished by the professionalism and care you've put into this fanfic so far. Congratulations on your progress. I can only hope to do the same for my Project A-ko fanfic.

I am adding your story to my Favorite Stories list. Please keep up the good work, and thank you for your time.
punky326 chapter 3 . 9/26/2006
Well I'm not usually a huge fan of romance, but I really like this story! Keep it up!
LadyRushia chapter 3 . 7/10/2006
HI! HI! HI! Sorry I haven't reviewed! I meant to but I've been busy with reading and writing my original stories and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Anyway, the person who flamed you obviously doesn't know what a Gary Stu is because you're characters definitly aren't annoying or in any way "all perfect and better than the canon cast." That and a het. pairing can't be fake since there are no real pairings in the series. But I guess if het. pairings can't *ever* *possibly* happen, then people should just stop writing shoujo-ai, you know?

Meh, I dislike people who flame good stories.

Well, I'm glad you've decided to touch the other girls as well. I was about to ask if you were going to do that but you did so it's all good. _

I see you've added explanations at the bottom. That's good.

So, update soo but take your time!

Simply Saturday chapter 1 . 7/4/2006
JESUS: Another Gary Stue fic.

Suggestions: Don't rush anything, but I'm outta here already.

Sorry if that sounded harsh, but I can't stand fake het/Azumanga pairings.
Gravaja Umbros chapter 3 . 5/25/2006
Wow. This story is very good, very detailed, and manages to keep much of the feel of the anime, dispite its lack of visuals. I do have a few things to comment on though. First of all, Kagura's name. On her bio that came with the vol. 5 DVD is does say "first name" unknown, and does, for example, list Chiyo-chan's name as Chiyo Mihama (personal name, family name). However, I believe that in Kagura's case where they said first name unknown they may have been using the usual Japanese style of family name first, personal name last. From your author's notes you obviously know far more about Japanese culture than me, so you may be right and me wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Kagura is her personal name, and in your story you gave her Keiko as her personal name. Mainly I say this because they don't call any of the others by their family name, and because I have always heard Kagura as a personal name (for example, Kagura Sohma [or Sohma Kagura if you like] in Fruits Basket). So it seems to me that you're giving Kagura two personal names, or else a really weird family name. But like I said, you obviously know more than me about Japanese culture and may have some info that I do not. Wow, that was long. My other comment is real quick. While in America we think of Maya (Sakaki's cat, of course) as a girl's name, in both the anime and the manga it is clear that Maya the cat is a boy and you refered to him as a her. I frequently accidently call him a girl myself, but Maya is indeed male. Okay, that's it. It's a great story or I wouldn't have bothered reviewing, let alone such a long review. So keep it up!
Abecedarian's Abecedarian chapter 3 . 5/23/2006
Excellent story so far, however I do have a couple of problems.

1.) Maya's a -male- cat.

2.) The chapters don't feel rushed, but the endings are a little too abrupt. This chapter, for example, felt like a number of vignettes that were gradually leading up to an ending. However, it ended in the middle of the meal, in a way that merely seemed like a transition to another vignette.

You write very well. I just wish you'd put more in your chapters.
TheTrueWolfBrother chapter 3 . 5/19/2006
Ah, I love how detailed youre making out the japanese language.

Its one of the things I watch anime for, and also one of the many things I like so much about Azumanga Daioh. So just so you know theres one fanboi out there wholl approve of every obscure japanese moment you get in here :D

Keep up the good work :)

PS: Junichirö is enjoyable, OOCs done well (but not overdone) is a good thing :D
Azumania chapter 3 . 5/18/2006
I'm happy that you updated, I was hooked on this story before I signed up. I love how you portray the characters, it's as if these were real episodes, and I like that aspect.

I have to say that this is my favourite chapter so far, I love Osaka's jokes. For someone like me, who is attempting to learn Japanese, it's also educational.

You may not have any visual aid, but the way you describe things, whilst seeming more realistic than Azumanga's anime form, creates the visuals. I loved picturing the scene with Chiyo and Osaka waving to each other when Osaka left. It reminded me of Sakaki when she waved to Mayaa in episode 21 (I always feel like crying at that part, and I want to cry, but the way she waves always makes me laugh).

I also love Tomo's childishness, catching flowers and throwing them at Yomi's head. It's priceless. Seeing her softer side was so cute, too. Instead of a warm, motherly kindness, she shows an innocent childish kindness.

You have certainly taken Azumanga's humour and cuteness and used them to great effect.

I can't wait for the next update.
LadyRushia chapter 2 . 4/30/2006
Yay! You updated so quickly! I meant to review a few days ago, but the site was randomly being slow v_v

Ah, so there are specific things you'd like to hear from us concerning this piece. Alright, I'll answer your questions you posted at the end:

1)How does this chapter compare to the last?

Well, this chapter is just as good as the last _ Yes, it's shorter than the first one, but it still has enough meat in it to make it complete, so it doesn't seem rushed to me. One thing that was a bit confusing is how much time passed between this chapter and the last one. I got the sense that it was a couple of weeks to a month. Other than that, this chapter was fine_

2)Is everything believable so far? Especially the characterization of the girls?

You've done a great job in keeping the girls in character and adding even more to them. Like I mentioned in my last review, I love how much of a good handle you have on Yomi's character and you successfully portray what's going on in her mind. Your portrayal of Tomo is good too, though there were some instances where she seemed to be a tad too much of a dirtball. Perhaps you should(or maybe you already have) give her some kind of reason to clean up a bit(a boyfriend maybe?). Kagura's character is fine as well. You know, it's strange because I had this idea floating around in my head about Kagura and I think her brother's name was Ichiro and her real name was Keiko; and this was way before you posted your story. Weird, ne?

3)How's the humor?

The humor's great_ It's good that it's there but it's not the driving force of the story. Of course Tomo would randomly start singing in front of people she doesn't know and sign up for all the clubs at a school she doesn't go to, XD.

4)What do you think about Yomi's crush on Jun’ichirō? What do you think about Jun’ichirō himself?

I think her crush is cute! It reminds me of little seven-year-old girls who randomly have crushes on their friends's older brothers, kind of. Jun’ichirō and Yomi would make a cute couple. . .but then Kagura would be like "OMG YOU ARE DATING MY BROTHER! THAT IS SO WEIRD!" But then if Kagura got with Daisuke, Jun’ichirō would be like "OMG YOU ARE DATING MY BEST FRIEND! AHH!" And then if they all got married, they'd be related and it would be like a square. . .

Ah! Anyway, Jun’ichirō himself seems like a nice guy and definitly well-developed when it comes to OC's. I like him.

Heh, your little thing at the end of wanting to be "the most prolific and widely acclaimed author on this site" almost sounds cocky, but because you're a good writer it doesn't.

Your story now gets to be in my favorites~

Yuri Space Pirate chapter 1 . 4/30/2006
Ok, just read the first chapter.

First I want to make some comments based on the one or two lines in your author’s notes. I’m not complaining about your choice to include straight romance in this one at all. Not all of this is a reaction to what you wrote either, but just something that comes up alot, so I just want to say something about it. I have no idea what you’re saying about it being unlikely in modern Japan, so I’m just going to ignore that part. But I think what is important when discussing these things is what the authors’ intent was. Honestly, I see intent for at least the suggestion of shoujo-ai in the show. Ignoring Kaorin’s mega-crush, on the surface of the show you would have to at least agree it is completely ambiguous as far as their romantic interests or even preferences are concerned. Yes, them being yuri may not be canon, but them liking boys is also equally un-canon imo. There's absolutely no mention of them liking boys once. The closest you could come to this is Yomi’s obsession with her weight, but even that’s only ambiguously tied to her sexuality. So at least you could go either way with them if you choose, and the show is extremely slashable. Now, going a bit deeper than the surface, if you watch this show a bit closer than passively you begin to notice some hints of shoujo-ai. Two examples I will give is the odd reactions of the females to Tomo in her New Year’s dream. Another one is that I think there’s a good likelihood that Yukari sabotaged their double date on purpose. It’s not as blatantly obvious as say Steel Angel Kurumi II, but I do believe that there is subtext there. I do think there is some basis for Azumanga’s huge shoujo-ai fanbase, you definitely don’t see this with other series, that’s for sure. Either way I’m accepting of them being either gay, bi, or straight. They definitely could be molded any way you choose. I belive this ambiguity was most certainly intentional. The creators left the entire dimension of their romantic lives up to be interpreted b the fans, so they should be allowed to do what they want with thier romantic preferences.

I’m also sure I’m not the only Azumanga fan who has no idea who Ooyama Masaki is. If he was in the background scenes, it’s obvious the writers considered him to be a complete loser. Might as well put him under the OC classification as well, since Kimura is the only male given any character in this show. Personally, I’ve never seen a canon character/OC romance work, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt since you seem to be a pretty good writer. What I read was good. Personally, I think some people abuse 1st person povs, but you definitely do it quite well. I got a good sense of Yomi’s thoughts and her character in this story. Some people are annoyed when people try too hard to include Japanese references in English fan fiction, which you may want to keep in mind, but so far I don’t think you’ve misused this either. Please keep up the good work. And sorry about the long rant.
TorankusuGohan chapter 2 . 4/27/2006
Great chapter! I'm really enjoying the humor and fun of this story so far, and I'm sure it's only going to get better. When the original series ended, it made me wonder exactly what happened to them all, and I remember seeing some fanart somewhere of it, but unfortunately I didn't save it. Your story's doing a great job of telling what's next though! Keep up the great work!
sakako chapter 2 . 4/27/2006

Another exceptional chapter, with an intriguing new characterdevelopment. As you say, however, it does have a distinctly "rushed' feel, in that not very much ground was covered.

Respect (or "kudos", yeah...) for being a Kitano fan (presumably, you are), and of course for "composing" this "divine" "manuscript"... etc etc


Yasujiro Ozu (is not my name)
TorankusuGohan chapter 1 . 4/26/2006
Wow! I'm really liking this story! You say that you're attempting to keep the humor in it, and well, I think you're doing a great job so far! The romance will be a nice touch as well, and I'll definitely be looking forward to that. I can't wait for the next chapter! Oh, one more thing. Who is Ooyama Maasaki? I don't ever recall that name in the series. Maybe I should just read Azumanga Daioh! Plus Six to see exactly who that is! Haha keep up the great work!
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