Reviews for the Secret of Slytherin
inside padme's wardrobe chapter 25 . 3/6
Okay, nvm. Harry asked for his cloak back. Yay! :)
inside padme's wardrobe chapter 24 . 3/6
Ugh. Is Harry just going to forget about his cloak? That's the first thing he should have asked for since Draco's obeying him.
inside padme's wardrobe chapter 11 . 3/6
I'm sorry, but Harry's punishment seems excessive. Having to give away his invisibility cloak to that prat? A cloak that his father owned, one of the few things Harry's received from this parents? What the hell? And what is Draco's punishment? He was going to use the Cruciatus!
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 45 . 2/17
ok Im FINE with parings however you try and do them, so long as you keep people as themselves. that means No sudden crush on like buckbeack or something. out of the blue.
alchol mixed with magic CAN lead to funny things though...

into preferences please actually keep with the charecters preference or make some BUILD UP if you converting someone that is orgionally straight or something instead of hormones jump! and all.

part of me says awesome write cant do any wrong! part of me syas I don't want some of the se like DRACOS for the lov eo f god to change veneryhting before hand as just BUILD up to the LOVES and shit cause that akes all your characterization of the relationship and make it mate build up characterization and I DONT want to see that create an utter shamble of your character..

if you want to sqrew with people, might I suggest akward magic-druken induced magical three ways at the very least JUST to keep some ...up in the air aobut what the heLL are we doing and stuff?

so other than that... awesome work!
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 42 . 2/17
dear god do I love your Ron you have done him magnificently, and got him done WELL. and I love this grim stubborn loyal Ron right there...

really the hat should give you two choice of what would suit you best and THEN you decide on it, cause letting a little ity kid decide everything instead of the thing that has ACESS to your mind directly... or rather the hat should HELP them make a decision with a you will be hay here, at peace there and utterly miserable there type of thing.

but god did you capture all of Rons things right. good job.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 22 . 2/17
get the cloke back.

and dear god, I sorta want to see the trio become the new marauders with an unwilling Draco in boot and the GLORIUS mess, especially as the weasely twins will hear about it and feel INSPIRED and stuff.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 21 . 2/17
gods I love your story, its awesome.
ok Dracos characteristics are fun especially in the fact that hes prett ymuch black mailed to be an enemy at this point, but how BORING would life be if you couldent sit down and have a chat with your foe about interesting stuff hmm?

still I likew ath the HELL your doing here ,a dn Dracos complete CONFUSION over the trio is priceless, I imagine they don't even get it half the time. and thank goodness none of them have had alchol all alone together, Im not sure WHAT would happen there.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 16 . 2/17
dear god is this going to be a MESS. and Remus and Lupin, gods that's got to be fun. loving your work here a HELL of a lot.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 12 . 2/17
ok I LOVE Snape being wiered out that lily is finally shining through and HA! Hermiones frined LIKES her that way, and she doesn't KNOW and gods that's going to be a funny mess to watch.

and uhh... that's assuming that the Malfoys LOST the war you know, which thye got to be pretty confident they WOULD dam it. seriously at this point in time, yeah WERE pretty sure hed lsoe but... huh.
the fact that Voldemort became ruler pretty much and pretty much WON the first par tof the war says ALOT. and I GOT to wonder what other countires polocies are doing there cause HELL that's a mess. whats China like in the magical world? Russia?

gods that's got to be a mess. especially as internationally Voldy might rhave alto more support than wha tone would expect in conventional thinking...
Drungstang hmm? and Kakaroff... huh.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 11 . 2/17
ok there going to have to steal that back, especially when ron cathes on. should be fun. perhaps confound him as well? because DAMM is that messy. and that IS threatening his life because that IS dangerous thing for Harry to lose.. so dam. nice to know how RARE the blasted things are by the way, quite fun.
and heh ROna nd Draco are the only ones that know whats up! that should blow up fantastically.

and yeah Snape life on stress GODS is that a mess. specifically that from what I can gather Snpae was trying to teach him the SPY's method of mind controls hit cause OBVIOUSLY Harry isn't going to be ABLE to fight VOldy mind to mind for a LONG while so do it snapes way, make you blank and then make afkae to fool someone is like TRICKING someone and DAMM is that interesting.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 10 . 2/17
ok I like your characterization, and its FINE that way, es the villan and you LIKE him and his character and hes the VILLAN that's fine. no forgetting crap though!
seriously good work here, you've done WELL. and your respecting the charecters! nice.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 9 . 2/17
ok Im loving Malfoy here, whos kind of testing the waters. and isn't being a TOTALLY moron stuff, I mean Draco is SMART and shit ansd I HATE it when people make anyone of them incredibly stupid, all four of them are HIGH class students for their time period. are the Albus or Grinwald? HELL no, those men that a world war (perhaps BOTH of them )shaped ITSELF around them, in events and one of them survived in tact to also get into cold war shit and ANOTHER dark lorde.

so I like that your being AWARE that these are NOT dumb kids and acting like it, sure there DUMB cause their teenagers and stuff but that's a different brand of stupidity.
so awesome work here!
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 8 . 2/17
YES, YES, AND HELL YES. GODS you just got SUPER interesting in all of this mess and YES of course Rons going to be AWARE about the fact that Draco is someone that your probably going to get into a deadly murder fight VERY soon. and he doesn't WANT to rock the boat, this close to death time, NOR does he want to get chummy.. and you still kept it as RON.
DAMM did you do this fine, sure he might not be a...reasurchere intellectual type, MABY but still he beat Mongonical in chess when he had THREE pieces that he valued more than the king that he HAD to keep alaive... as a first year. add in all of the ungodly messes .
GODS do I wish he didn't get stunted in second year with his broken wand...

but dam did he hit on some FUN stuff here and Harry having a right time of it is LOVELY and yeah.

dam fien work and I am now completely INTRESTED.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 7 . 2/17
DAMM did you handle this WELL I LOVE how your keeping everyone in character but keeping them still tehm but ADDING aand then messy mess... and... huh.
good thing that SOMEONE ended that right now.. but WOW the blow up form this should be fasenating.
love tha tyou didn't make ROns tupid either by the way, sure not in potions but NONE of them are going to be sloucehes in some of the other ones.
love SNape being responsible about all fot his and an interesting punishment right there...
gods you got me interested
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 5 . 2/17
huh interesting way to get harry out of there without letting something on, and with a reparo hes probably already got Harrys paper right?

anyway, im having something of a mixed bag here, I LOVE that your being ... alright with your characterization of people, especially Ron (because to many just HATE)

on the other hand while im getting HINTS of it, im not SURE yet if the whole sorting thing is going to be handled with the complexity OF the situation.

and I sorta HATE that your seem to be implying that Ron has a pureblood haterid going on but...
Wizad culture seems ... interesting in a lot of way. a HELL of a lot of it is based on a family house type thing, that is an INTRESTING mess. so putting a kid that is a son/daughter of ONE person on the side of the war, and putting the OTHER somewhere far else... is SMART. keeps people alaive.

honestly, the fac tthat the Hat actually LISTENS to the kids that specifically WANT something else, really make this whole thing a nonissue with me.

still, I hope youg et intot eh complexity of the situation and you don't paint ALL the familes with a bad brush.
not that I think you will! just remember that Rons family is PUREBLOOD. all of them, and that their is a vended with a hell of a lot of the other houses.
consider this, how many Malfoys died by a weasely, or someone on their sides wand? how many Weasely/prewet?
add in the fact tha tunless your a RARE souls that loyalty to family is going to mena tha t join in your parents footsteps, ESPECIALLY during this INTRESTING mess of a war... I WOULD NOT put ROn and Draco in the same room to live EVA! and hell a long time ago before a war, and the fight over a soul of hogworts, a lot of people were friends with others and stuff. and hell they STILL are, the fact that it seems that the slytherins as a WHOLE don't have good relations... well.
and what are you to DO? let the ... snake warm up in your bossom? after it thaws out...
well. from all things that were seent he Malfoys actually give a DAMM about each other. AND they were still the bad guys. so what your going to turn a kid against his family, andnot only that do it on a mass scale?

Just this is VERY interesting ground that your standing on, it could lead o you standing ontop of a mountain , or you know earthquake under your feet!

loved alto of this, and I cant WAIT for Ron or Nevill or someone like that to actually DISSAGREE about this issue unlike those on the"light" so I am CURIOUS especially with all the blood feuds out and about and the AWARNESS of such things...
especially with Hermione not GETTING it in some cases but GETTING other stuff.

like house elves, there SHOULD be laws protecting them from abuse and shit, which I suspect thtere already IS and stuff.. but self flagation of Dobby... who, yeah house elef of MALFOYS and the other weve actually SEEN would be WInky, which is a MESS.. add in all the house elves that are OFFENDED at Hermiones actions...
and DAMM do I wish we had some actuall dammed history with some stuff, like the house eleves, how did THAT happen?

anyway cant wait for a fantastic debate. think the hat should give ADVICE over where you should go, and then the KID decides, which it was already DOING... but actually make it more widespread and blatant on that you CAN do that and stuff.

still, curious aobut where your going to go with this.
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