Reviews for the Secret of Slytherin
sarahsezlove chapter 52 . 6/7
Totally wonderful.
cztelnik chapter 52 . 5/31
Definitely even better the second time through! Great story and I enjoyed the author commentaries very much as well.
The Defense Professor chapter 12 . 4/7
Asphodel and the other ingredient make the Draught of the Living Death. You're thinking of a Bezoar, which ironically they remember to use correctly at the end...
The Defense Professor chapter 1 . 4/7
I can't believe I never saw this amazing story before, probably because of the lack of picture. It's a really, really good alternate year 6. Everything has been improved.
fuelforthefunnyfarm chapter 43 . 4/6
So long as you read without preconceptions, you understand many works which others declare difficult to understand. Which is probably how I read and enjoyed The Lord of the Rings Trilogy when I was nine. 'Balance' is like that. You can't fit it into a framework, so you shouldn't bother trying. In regards to your story- I like it. People seem to forget that story characters should be three-dimensional. You don't. I don't like pure evil characters. They tend to sound as though they're from a simpleton's point of view. I think Mary Pope Osborne put it best in one of her Magic Tree house books- you can't have a beautiful tiger without it also being a deadly predator. Incidentally, have you read Jocelyn's 'Harry Potter and the Battle of Wills?' I think you'd like it.
nili-roshan chapter 14 . 3/24
I've been very much enjoying this fic, but I am a at loss right now. I thought Harry said he wasn't going to do anything to hurt anyone, and yet he follows Draco's instructions to hurt his Ron and Hermione. I guess it can be put down to him /wanting/ to do it on some level, but I don't really think that is in character.
Me chapter 14 . 3/14
Sometimes the right thing to do is just to say "NO!" No matter what any authority figure says! Harry is driving me nuts! The moment Draco mentioned the cloak, he should've said "Not just no, but HELL NO!" He should've said from the beginning, "I'm not your slave, you're not my master, I won't let you do anything to mess with my school work, my friends, my sense of right and wrong, or my self respect. In fact, I'll give pensieve testimony of our little duel and show you trying to kill me multiple times, and then throwing crucio at me. You don't actually think I'd let you order me around, do you?! Idiot!" He should refuse the punishment at all! At the VERY latest he should've ended it all the moment he realized Draco was already a Death Eater and really believed all that crap. He knows damn well that Dumbledore and Snape never do anything with HIS best interest in mind! QUIT BE AN OBEDIENT LITTLE SHEEP! They're not worthy of you obedience!
lumutness chapter 39 . 2/6
...or rather, Harry Potter vs Draco Malfoy. and this one rivalary is kind of deadly. nice chapter.
lumutness chapter 37 . 2/6
Oh. That's probably why Prof. Snape reactions was a bit off in the early chapters. Well, Headmaster certainly lost Harry's trust nowadays. A pity. :(

And I certainly want to know the truth of this matter. Everyone (or rather, every Slytherin) in this story kept a secret, from Salazar, and even Harry. The way you write a Slytherin!Harry was really unconventional. I like it. :)
lumutness chapter 32 . 2/6
Albus Dumbledore!?
wait. can't say I'm surprised.
lumutness chapter 31 . 2/6
Great. Malfoy in trouble.
lumutness chapter 21 . 2/5
Oh, man. The secret is out. kind of. XD
lumutness chapter 14 . 2/5
Actually, about Draco... I'm amazed. So sly, that one. Ugh, and now I feel bad to even amazed by the way he made Harry miserable.
lumutness chapter 11 . 2/5
the Secret of Slytherin. The Slytherin in question was Draco... or actually Harry? I'm eager to find out.

Harry. an Obscura. Hm. He was certainly depressed, if not stressed. He just didn't know it... yet. If we start this fanfic in 6th year, could it be that Draco plan to use Harry's invisibility cloak for murdering the headmaster? Because seeing him as a tolerable person to Harry just giving me this blazing alarm in my head. Snape, too. But if it's Snape, I'd say that he's genuinely worried.

'till next chapters. ;)
sarcastic chapter 52 . 2/4
Well written. The dynamic between Harry and Snape is one of my favorite ways their relationship has been written. I finished this a while ago, I don't know why I didn't leave a review (maybe too lazy to login lol).
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