Reviews for The Darkness Within
Notareal chapter 29 . 11/4
I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Thanks for writing; thanks for posting:)
Notareal chapter 18 . 11/4
I was just waiting for him to get a message to dear Draco:)
Thanks for writing this beauty; thanks for posting this beauty!
Notareal chapter 16 . 11/4
I can’t wait to see Damian and Harry’s future interactions!
Thanks for writing; thanks for posting:)
Notareal chapter 7 . 11/3
Thanks for writing; thanks for posting.
I really love this story so far, especially Harry & Voldemort and Ginny’s infatuation:)
Prongslet12345 chapter 11 . 11/2
LoRd VoLdEmOrT
Chgrne chapter 22 . 10/28
Even if Fred and George stayed at Hogwarts in this universe, they would still be graduated by Harry's 6th year. This is bugging me.
Jumbo Terrific Watermelon chapter 1 . 9/17
Revisiting an old favorite of mine. Pleased to see that you're still active.
Sothniz chapter 27 . 9/16
Hey, FFN fucked up a bunch of your chapter formats, i dont really know how many but i know its at least chapters 26-29 that got messed up
Mister Wishbone chapter 17 . 9/14
I don't understand how Harry is responsible for killing the Longbottoms if he's the same age as Neville? Did I misread something? If Neville's parents died at the same time that they were canonically tortured to insanity, Harry would still have been less than two years of age. How could he have been responsible for their deaths?
Professor Potterhead chapter 47 . 9/6
Love this story so much! I started with the rewrite but didn’t realize it was unfinished. Trying to finish out with the original.
Piletorn chapter 65 . 8/31
Thanks for sharing this story with us!
Guest chapter 65 . 8/22
That was honestly the best Harry Potter fanfic I have ever read. I couldn't stop reading it, I just had to know what was going to happen next. Thanks for writing such a wonderful fanfic, I think this fanfic is going to be in my head for weeks. Weldone!
EviAluben chapter 28 . 7/2
Called it, I knew this was gonna happen...
OCansino chapter 27 . 5/16
I know I am late to this fic.
it was good until this chapter. I am getting desperate while reading how Harry behaves.
Harry letting others close, or letting Neville talk, and Harry not defending Voldemort.
He looking at Ginny's eyes... why? why not to a pure blood girl from Slytherin? Why is he letting Ron stay close him? Why he is not giving his full back to Gryffindor and talks with Slytherins?
I will finish it, but this really doesn't make sense.
Luke MorningStar11 chapter 65 . 5/12
I loved!
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