Reviews for The Darkness Within
Mugiwara555 chapter 65 . 8/29
One of the best fanfics.
cosmos chapter 37 . 8/28
very like it
13.Cherry chapter 65 . 8/15
That was a long ride but worth it.
I always had a want to read something of this sort, where Harry is on Voldmort's side, and it didn't disappoint me. You handled a coherent story line even though it's a very long one, and you also managed to not make it boring or able to predict. There are many parts that I never saw coming.
I have to mention how well you created Damien, making him have his own personality and be a believable and lovable character. I really liked how you made great use of all the presented characters, they had all dimensional personalities and its use for the plot, they were not just hanging there or forgotten ( Draco coming to help and Neville trying to get his revenge are a great example!). And it is a big add, at least to me, that you didn't dwell on romances.
I loved the complexity of Harry and Voldmort's relationship plus Bella and Lucius, those were my favorite part. I missed some sort of final conversation among Harry and Voldmort though.
There are a lot of plot conveniences and some unbased uses of magic but it was a very entertaining reading. Thanks for this work!
nu2 chapter 65 . 8/10
this is the best harry potter fanfic I ever read... your story is brilliant...some plot make me sad even cry! I really love this story! hope you will write another story beside this trilogy, I will absolutely read your story...
Pixie8859 chapter 65 . 8/7
100% class. Sometimes you come across a story that should be made into a film. This would make millions! J K your heart out! You should have written this instead of Cursed Child , but tough, you didn't
Pixie8859 chapter 49 . 8/7
Wow, this is intense. Never ever thought I would feel sorry for Bellatrix
Joaquin Ramos chapter 47 . 8/3
Omgggg i hate you soooo much for doing that rn *dies on the inside*
slytherinshadowhunter67 chapter 65 . 7/29
This fanfiction is wonderful, brilliant, fantastic, and utterly amazing. So many hidden details and such a well-thought-out plot! I especially loved that moment near the beginning where Harry says he can’t stand the sight of burned flesh; I literally screamed aloud when I later realized it was because of the trauma he underwent as a kid. You are a phenomenal writer, and I thank you for writing the most believable fic in this trope that I’ve ever read. And what’s more, Damien is the only Potter brother I’ve ever liked in a fic out of maybe the hundreds I’ve read to that fact. Thank you so much for blessing us all with this amazing story!
Emmzzyy chapter 65 . 7/23
Just an amazing story I love it so much
KimFinLan chapter 65 . 7/13
Love love love this story sooo much!
HP96 chapter 21 . 7/12
Oh no ...
HP96 chapter 16 . 7/12
I meant Damy lol
HP96 chapter 16 . 7/12
Awwww Damn is such a cute little brother
pyoson123 chapter 1 . 7/9
This story is good but so much plot twist
KKM chapter 65 . 7/6
This story was so deep and well written! I loved it.
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