Reviews for The Darkness Within
Guest chapter 65 . 21m
This fanfic was absolutely amazing. I loved reading it!
darkpheonix31 chapter 53 . 12/10
The only aspect of this story that i find lacking is the Harry/Ginny relationship. I actually have nothing against the pairing on principle but in this story it not only feels forced and a little unnecessary, but Ginny is a bit pathetic. She first becomes obsessed with Harry only because he saved her and then consistently rationalizes his cruel behavior towards her. When Damien does it, it makes sense because he is Harry's brother and family can forgive what others can't and Harry shows Damien a care and affection that is wholly absent with everyone else. With Ginny it reads as a weak woman already making excuses for what would (by all evidence) be an emtionally abusive relationship. Don't get me wrong i really like your Harry and feel he is a good person but he's cold to Ginny, Hermione and Ron and they essentially badger him into a friendship. Honestly when they're not showing up unannounced, they're tagging along in adventures that they are unprepared for and then Harry is forced to save them. I think the relationship should have been saved for the sequel after they have been friends first. Ginny is immature and Harry goes from seemingly disliking her to inexplicably attracted.
Hiwever aside from that i really like this story, especially hiw conflicted you made Harry about Voldemort and the fact that you have Voldemort genuinely care about Harry is a nice twist.
darkpheonix31 chapter 13 . 12/8
Really intersting story. I like that you can tell early on that Harry is ultimately a good person. I know some people love it but one thing i really can't go in for is evil Harry, its so counter the heart of the character that i can't stand it. I find your Harry much more interesting- brought up by Voldemort and genuinely caring about him, able to perform the killing curse but not out to hurt innocents.
One thing, i love Hermione really i do but her involvement in this story seems forced. Why is she friends with the Weasleys and so involved with the Order if she hadn't made friends with Harry? Personally i think Damien being friends with them is pushing it since again the Weasleys didn't beling to the Order until after they knew Harry and Voldemort returned for the second time but i suppose they could have joined at any point and taken him in as a younger brother but there really isn't a logical reason to include Hermione. Still despite that i really am luking it so far and i had veen skeptical at first because when i saw Dark Harry i wasn't sure it would be for me
A big fan chapter 65 . 12/7
I have read a lot of fanfiction and i dont really review but i thought you deserved to know that this story is one of the gems good job you had me on the edge of my seat made me stay up late and get up early read every minute i could at some points i was shaking with excitement and at others i was rooting for Voldemort so really good job its really one of a kind it will always stand out in my mind so thank you very very much
Kyren Caedes chapter 1 . 11/27
'He was exceptional,...' gave me flashbacks to the short film 'No Monsters' on YouTube. I didn't expect to suddenly imagine the robots and the little girl who was exceptional and the uglies and pretties. Wonderful story so far but...flashbacks to a damned short film was not expected.
GreyHowler chapter 9 . 11/12
This. Is. So. Awesome. I was litterally jumping up and down in agitation during this whole chapter. The story is riviting, the writing is superb, the characters are perfect, and I was about to give up hope that I would ever find a well-written fight scene anywhere on Fanfiction. I'm totally blown away. Well done.
explentiadisarmus chapter 46 . 11/10
hey kurinoone are you a boy or a girl
Perhentian chapter 65 . 11/8
I discovered this story some weeks ago and just... wahou ! You write very well, the story is perfect, the characters are really great. And I love your Harry, powerfull but completly lost when coming to relationships. Thank you very much for this wonderful fanfiction !
guest chapter 63 . 11/8
Listen, you're a god writer but I am so disappointed in the direction you took this. You could have had Harry tear apart the light from the inside but instead it is another generic "Harry is raised by the dark and shown how they are all wrong" piece of writing. Good luck in future endeavours but try to be a little more creative will you. Once again the quality of writing is really good, you just need to sort out your plot. Bad guys are more interesting than good guys. Remember that for future stories. Sorry to insult you but the story made me want to tear what's left of my hair out.
guest chapter 16 . 11/8
Gosh is Damien annoying. I wish Harry would just punch him in his stupid face but unfortunately he is 13 and that might cause him some serious damage. Not sure if I would mind or not
guest chapter 12 . 11/8
Good story apart from Dumbledore. He is easily my least favourite character. He always manages to sound condescending no matter what he does. Always thinks he knows best. I really just want a nice evil Harry story where Harry doesn't fall for any of Dumb-as-a-door's tricks.
Hiina chapter 65 . 11/7
It's great! Thanks for writing and sharing. And congratulations for the work!
Harryhungerjackson chapter 53 . 11/6
WHY. im glad this story is done or i would of found you (JK) but damn. Amazing chapter.
Harryhungerjackson chapter 42 . 11/6
ok some of your cliffies are bad but this THIS THIS im scared to click next
celinepc chapter 65 . 11/5
I can't deny that this is probably the best fanfiction I've ever read, but the end kinda disappointed me. Harry became too light for my taste, he grew with Voldemort dammit. Even in the serie, he was really light, send dark curses but quite light for me.
But don't misunderstand me, I love your writing and all. But well...
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