Reviews for The Neverending Road
princessugar chapter 42 . 6/25
This wise Hikaru is just lovely to read. And Nase's suprise after hearing Akari's kisses Hikaru, what a treat. #teamAkari
princessugar chapter 41 . 6/25
Your last sentence, Everything else, that was just for show. Perfect to describe what I feel for those two, Hikaru and Akira.
princessugar chapter 40 . 6/25
Well done Hikaru, you lost to Zama Oza and couldn't master glowing fingertips yet, but still well done indeed...
princessugar chapter 39 . 6/25
Go go Ogata… Akira's rooting for you! Akira's monologue of Ogata's plight is worrying me.
princessugar chapter 38 . 6/25
This chapter is giving me the angst, Waya's outbursts, Ogata's mellowness, Nase's undeserved relief. Brilliant chapter!
Dianne060807 chapter 46 . 6/19
I read this before but it has been years since then so I don't remember much. Now that Akari bumped into Akira, I hope sooner she would be with him than Hikaru because I really do not like her for Hikaru. Sorry Akari fans.
Dianne060807 chapter 32 . 6/18
I don't really hate Akari or anything. But I don't like her as well. Maybe indifference is what I'm feeling. But I really don't want Hikaru to end up with her. So I'm leaning more to Nase. But if not Nase then somebody else, just not Akari. Hahaha
Vanity Maxwell chapter 79 . 6/10
It is nice to see Shindo and Akira regress in manners when 'discussing' their games.

Really want to see who Kurata will pick for first chair.

Hoping this story never ends.

Also, good luck with your real life problems.
idanu11 chapter 1 . 5/23
one the best story i' ve read. thanks for the wonderful story. i'll wait for its continuation
JetSet chapter 79 . 3/27
So there i was an avid Go fan and a lover of the Hikaru no go manga. With the manga all but dead I just decided to do some searching on the net and happened upon this novel.

A truly outstanding piece of work and one that truly remains true to the original.

It has to some extent kept me from my Go studies and has kept me busy for well over a week. I was rather sad to know that it has ended so abruptly and that its been about 6 years since an update.

Hopefully one day someone will come along and take up the torch where you left it and continue this brilliant work. Still hoping that you will return and complete it. Giving the fans across the world the ending that Hikaru No Go truly deserves.
EnjeruTantei chapter 79 . 2/13
This is... One of the best fanfics I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It's so well written, so interesting! When I first found this fic, I was immediately enthralled! I marathoned the rest on the chapters over the past few days.

it's sadly been 6, going on 7, years since you last updated so I'm dubious that you are going to return to this amazing story. But if you ever do, I will read it word for word, line by line, as you have managed to interest me more than any book could, yet you still have amazing attention to detail and work. Great work! And I hope that you're issues with your ex have been resolved; I understand it can be very hard, for your child and your as a parent. Thank you for writing this fanfic and giving me the chance to read it.
raven chapter 1 . 1/27
I can't seem to count how many times I have been rereading this story, and I am here again. Hope the author will update ()
raven chapter 31 . 1/25
For someone who is interested in Go and who likes Hikaru, Akari don't know a lot of things. I find her annoying sometimes.
Guest chapter 79 . 1/23
Your story is brilliant. I read through the whole story in two days, and I'm quite sad that I have to stop because I'm out of chapters to read. I hope you're not abandoning this story. I would like to see this masterpiece with a proper end, even if it takes years.

Now on to more specific points, I love the way you wrote the matches. The intensity, and the explanations behind, the thought process of the players. Really. It's brilliant, it's so good, it's like I'm reading the manga again. I also appreciate the explanations of terms in the end. I have been studying Go for some time so, it really helps.

I also love how you explored Hikaru's life outside of Go. Because I honestly think that there is more to Hikaru than just Go even if that sounds blasphemous. Hahaha. You handled the romantic aspect quite well. I specially like the 'Rosaline' chapter, and how Hikaru, Nase and Akari are all Rosaline at some point. Haha.

What bothers me though is Sai. I haven't come to terms about how you write Sai in your story, I mean visiting people in dreams other than Hikaru. I don't buy it, yet. Maybe after a reread or two, but for now, I can't. I'll tell you what I think again after I've reread.

I don't have any other points to raise. I just really love your story, and still enjoying the happy feeling I got from it, to bother too much about trivial points like typos. I really hope that you'll continue writing this story.

PS: I hope that you're life is not as hectic now as what I've read in your notes. And that you and your son are okay.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/20
Great book! But it's spelled Ko Yong Ha and Hong Suyong ;)
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