Reviews for The Rest is Silence
Hippie Jade chapter 12 . 4/9/2007
That was sad but REALLY good. Are you going to write anything else?
Soccer-Bitch chapter 12 . 11/4/2006
awesome story. i loved it!
Rach112 chapter 12 . 8/9/2006
It was a nice ending. A really good story.
RogueHoney chapter 12 . 8/7/2006
wow. great ending. poor ann-elise. at least she was able to deal at the end. great writing.
Mystic01 chapter 12 . 8/7/2006
Wow that story was amazing.. I really hope you do a sequel. I would love to see more happen with Ann-Elise and Reid. You have done so much to develope their characters.. Please continue.
JacobedRose chapter 12 . 8/6/2006
Great job! I'm so glad she's okay! The characters were great, once again and I really hope you write again!
rebmetpes-86 chapter 12 . 8/6/2006
I can't believe the adventure is over already. But it was a very nice adventure nonetheless. I look forward to reading your future works.
BanachTarski chapter 11 . 8/3/2006
Wow... I thought your writing was great before, now I might actually cry. Please update quickly!
RogueHoney chapter 11 . 8/2/2006
wow. one step forward several steps back. poor ann-elise. i wonder which of the two survived. cant wait for more!
astronomylover chapter 11 . 8/2/2006
Oh no! Poor Reid, he's gonna be devestated! Well, for the record, I hope Ann-Elise is okay. She's been a key part to the story, and it would be a shame if she was killed. Wonderful job with this chapter, as usual. Keep up the amazing work.
rebmetpes-86 chapter 11 . 8/2/2006
Oh no! I hope she's going to be alright. I wonder if Karen's actions are connected to this case or if they're just cause she couldn't deal with what happened last time anymore.
JacobedRose chapter 11 . 8/2/2006
Great chapter! Is she going to be okay?
JacobedRose chapter 10 . 7/30/2006
I hope they catch her soon! Great job!
RogueHoney chapter 10 . 7/29/2006
o they found her! sweet. gotta luv the team work great chapter.
rebmetpes-86 chapter 10 . 7/29/2006
Wow, a possible unsub has been discovered. Even I didn't make that connection...

Can't wait to see the next chapter. Hope all the actors/actresses will be alright.
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