Reviews for Impulses
Mazuki Sayuri chapter 10 . 10/5/2012
3 love it!
Speedyfan chapter 10 . 12/23/2011
aww this was so beautiful!
Speedyfan chapter 6 . 12/23/2011
Saffire55 chapter 10 . 5/14/2010
I LOVE IT! I hope there is a sequel!1
TheSixthMarauder chapter 10 . 11/20/2008
OMG, NO! It can't be over, is it? Please tell me there's a sequel!
Fiery Dragon164 chapter 10 . 8/30/2008
I like this story.
romanceaddict3320 chapter 10 . 7/12/2008
wow this was really good. i'm not a big fan of ones where they aren't who they are on the show but this was really good. i know that u stopped writing 4 it a long time ago but i would love it if u would write another act. :) please think about it!
noname00 chapter 3 . 9/15/2007
my first speedrae fic and im enjoying it though i have to continue this another time
Novocain chapter 1 . 8/22/2007
Lord, are you underage or something? Never Have I Ever is a drinking game - you take a shot or sip every time you've done the Never.

Anyways, I love your stories, especially your Red/Rae ones. Very pretty.
S.H.Nessa chapter 10 . 7/14/2007

I loved it.

: )
S.H.Nessa chapter 5 . 7/14/2007

Gahh, I'm freaking out now.

Okay, so Mark Chior Malchior.

Am I right?

And I'm thinking Mike is Gizmo.

Ack, it's all too much! ((hyperventilates))

Mk, moving on...

: )
S.H.Nessa chapter 4 . 7/13/2007
Loved seeing Kitten in there; I'd nearly forgotten about her. _

I'm still wondering about this Mark guy, though...

is he based off someone?

I'm trying to figure it out. /

: )
S.H.Nessa chapter 1 . 7/13/2007

Normally I avoid AUs, but I really like this one thus far.

Only thing that confused me at first was I had to guess who some of the people were. -.- I know, I know. ((sheepish grin)) I've got them all figured now, though. The one that confused me the most was Garth- he's Aqualad, correct?

Anyway, just thought I'd send in my thoughts before continuing.

: )
Toran of Raysed chapter 1 . 5/2/2007
Technically you're supposed to take a shot of whiskey or some other liquer, but we eon't get technical.
violentchess chapter 10 . 12/28/2006
Hey is this the last chapter?
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