Reviews for In Aeternum
Untainted Mind chapter 10 . 5/24/2006
Yay! It's so cute, scary, sad and happy! Wow Angi how did you write this? I thought you didn't like Heat x Sera fics and now you made a fic which made me love them! cool! I espcially love Sandra! Is it true that Sandra was the mommy of Sera..ahem...MOM of Sera? heeheehee, they look so cute in the sand box! Hey did Martey and Sandra end up together? I really like this part:-

“That’s Sewph…and Awgilla…”

“They’we bowing…all they evew do is play with each othew…they don’t even talk to me!”

Heeheehee, they're soo cute! I really liked it Angi! Hope you make another one like this someday!
kc-archive chapter 10 . 5/2/2006
Wow...that was so...GOOD!

The ending was just so incredibly cute! With the whole Heat thing... And how she says his name is funny and he's like "Nu-uh"! _ AH! Haha...this was really awesome. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing it for me. I know it was probably really time-comsuming, and even though you've never written an H/S did it for me!

So...thanks. :) I really appreciate it!
kc-archive chapter 9 . 5/2/2006
D: I can't believe Heat died!

:( :( :( So sad...

By the way, does Heat really die in DDS2?
kc-archive chapter 8 . 5/2/2006
"“I should just kill you…” he growled." -My thoughts exactly.

"“I love you…you know?”" - XD Those be post-orgasm words!

o.o What's going on with Heat?
kc-archive chapter 7 . 5/2/2006
"If Serph was Argilla’s dog then he was Sera’s personal hamster." -You've got a point! :D

Next chapter!
kc-archive chapter 6 . 5/1/2006
D: Poor Heat! Okay, now I REALLY want a Heat plushie doll! He'd sit on my window sill. :P
kc-archive chapter 4 . 5/1/2006
AHH! There's a lemon in this one! Oh, I've gotta go make cheese popcorn for this! :D

Yay for cheese popcorn!

"She chuckled as she sweat-dropped, hiccupping a bit as she did. She had watched from afar how he treated the children…how he tended to Marty’s leg…and how he tried his best to entertain Sandra’s questions." -For some odd reason, as I was reading this, the Final Fantasy 7 Aeris-y type music began playing in my mind. o_o Damn you Aeris...DAMN YOU!

"“But what about Serph?”" -Serph? SERPH? My GOD woman, open your EYES! Argh...Sera... -_-U Next time I see her, I'm gonna yell at her pixelated idiocy.

"...and strictly no hanky-panky." -If only she knew... :3

"...and flung it in some random corner within the dark room." -SOMEone's caught up in the moment! :D It's really great how you can add humor to a really passionate *cough erotic cough* scene and make it work!

"...He was inwardly drooling." -I bet he was "inwardly" doing a lot more than drooling!

"“Calm down…” he said huskily." -Haha...he knows what he wants, and dammit, he knows how to get it!

"...they had reached their nirvana…" -That was just too cute! I get they were trying to get to all along, but then they found it in each other and just AW! :)

"He wondered what she was thinking of.

‘Probably regretting you…’ his inner self grumbled." -It's cute because he wonders what's on her mind, which is so incredibly adorable! :D And yet, it's realistic because then his ever-looming insecurities pop in! OOH! You just gave me inspiration for a fic! XD See! I told you you were my muse!

""...Hit me or something and then tell me."" -HA! I can SO imagine that!

Overall, this chapter was just SOO CUTE! :D I squealed SO many times! (Actually, around 14...but shh...!) But it's 2 am and I have school tomorrow (ouch) so I'm gonna turn in for the night! But after school...guess where I'll be?

Back in this computer chair, baby, yeah! XD
kc-archive chapter 3 . 5/1/2006
"His claws tore through the flesh, blood dripped from his mouths. Sera closed her and eyes and clamped her ears shut as she heard his ear-piercing scream. It was a scream for victory." -I really like this little bit because of how vivid it is, without having to go into TOO much detail. You've captured the emotions and the picture very nicely with such simple techniques, so..kudos to you on that!

"Was there something on his face?" -There's broccoli in his teeth! XD, that's a tendon. o_o

"“Hey…Are we just going to stand here all day and watch your drama?”" -GOD! That kid is such a little ass! XD But he's definitely growin' on me!

"Heat smirked, “Sweet.”" -He's got the California lingo down pat! Just box him up and ship him on his way! I'll make him a STAR, baby!

"Heat had the strong urge to kill James but forced himself to calm down, “Yes.”" -When I think of James, I can't help but think of the James from know, the Team Rocket guy with purplish hair? XD I watched that show when I was in 3rd grade! Silly ol' James...

"He deemed it as annoying to look at." -For some reason, I can't get the idea out of my head of the goatee just, like, falling off his face and scooting away. Oh God...the goatee has developed a sould of its own!

I wanted to slap Heat at the end of this. _ STUPID HEAT AND HIS...his...uh...STUPIDNESS!
kc-archive chapter 2 . 5/1/2006
I'm reviewing as I'm reading because this chapter is just so damn funny! :D I'll write every line that amuses me or tickles my fancy! (I've always wanted to say that...)

"...his death-ray producing eyes..." -Ain't it the truth?

"“My name’s Heat.”

The boy turned to him, “Heat? What kind of name is that?”

Heat growled and turned to him, “It’s my name and that’s all you need to know!”" -Once again, you've kept Heat really IC here! It's exactly what I'd expect him to say! :D Also, it's good that you had the kids question his odd name. I mean, what kid in their right mind WOULDN'T be like "Heat? What the hell is THAT?" Haha...

"He shook his head, “No. She isn’t.”

“Oh.” Was all that Sandra said, “Why not?”" -Ohh, the ever infamous "why"! That was funny! :D Made me laugh!

"Heat chuckled evilly, “You won’t. Just pray that I don’t get hungry in the middle of the night.”" -XD Heat's a bully!

"She was unfair…" -Well isn't that the epiphany of the century? Gosh, that girl is braindead! :P

"“She’s so pretty…” Sandra whispered." -I'm sensing two major things, here. Either a)Sandra is insecure of herself or b)she just is really drawn to Sera and looks up to her! :D

"‘Sorry…’ he thought." -::sigh:: When will he learn that just THINKING isn't enough? STUPID HEAT!

"“Oh…uh…I dunno…” replied Sera, blushing a bit as she saw Heat feeling himself. ‘W-what was I thinking just now…?’ she asked herself." -XD Haha! Sera's got a dirty mind! But that's okay...don't we all? :3

" “Well, this little piece of shit is as helpful at that little piece of shit right there.” Heat grumbled, pointing at Marty."

-God, he's just so WITTY! :D Yay for Heat and his sharp tongue!

"“Sera! Help! Your boyfriend has gone all psycho!”" -We've all been in THAT position before! XD

"Suddenly, Heat felt as if his value had plummeted. It was as if Sera only cared about Serph and had forgotten all about him." -I feel the sudden urge to go out and buy a Heat plushie doll. :( Hugs for Heat!

""...He sounds like a freak.”" -YES! High-five Marty! ;D

"..this damn kid had been more alert than he was!" -Heat's got his mind on *ahem* OTHER...things... ;)
kc-archive chapter 1 . 5/1/2006
:D Oh my Gosh I LOVE IT!

First chapter! Let me tell you, I squealed girlishly (haha) when I saw the dedication at the top! XD's some things I liked about this chapter:

1)You portray Heat's feelings really well, especially when he was in the light thingy and everyone was disappearing. And the fact that he worries about Sera so much is really cute!

2)The major insight into Heat's mind. What really caught my eye was this: "But, if he was hungry, Sera must be as well." In my opinion, that was really good! :D It just shows a little bit on how Heat thinks; he puts Sera right up there on the top priority list (along with himself), and doesn't even miss a beat when it comes to her needs.

On to chapter 2!