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Lady Mugetsu chapter 19 . 11/12/2009

i just wanted to know whether you are going to continue this story or not?

Anarane-Sensei chapter 19 . 7/11/2008
aww, kawaii, you had me worried there for a bit. awsome story, im loving it cant wait for the next chapter :)
shokubu chapter 3 . 5/16/2008
ne,ne,ne,you make a slight mistake again it's sure not shore...sorry if i make you irritated...
shokubu chapter 2 . 5/16/2008
ne,ne,you make a little which not witch...and what is shore?
WittyisGeorge17 chapter 19 . 3/30/2008
That was good. I am so glad wolf changed back, and him and yuu got together, great job!
moriah93ohio chapter 19 . 11/27/2007
i liked your story, but can you summarize it for me. like from chapter 1 through 19? please and thank you.
Kairen - Goddess of the Night chapter 19 . 9/5/2007
I loved it! A lemon? You don't say...-grins evilly- I'm so happy Yuuri's not dead! And I can't WAIT for the Lemon and the epilogue! I love you Ritsu-chan! -huggles-

Update soon kay?

KagomeGirl021 chapter 19 . 9/4/2007
omg you so have to write a sequal! this was so romantic! im so glad everything turned out alright. _ i loved the yuuri teasing his blond love abouut just about everything!
phantome101 chapter 19 . 8/31/2007
aw..the ending was so sweet...the whole chp was wonderful...
Kairen - Goddess of the Night chapter 18 . 8/28/2007
-gasps with tears running down her face- Ritsu! Oh, meanie! god! You killed Yuuri! -thwaps you with a fan- Now bring him back! -shakes you vigorously- I...I have no idea what to say. What about Yuuri? What about Wolfram? Is he ever going to be a guy again? And...POOR YUURI! -thwaps you a few more times- I can't believe you, I wait for an update forever, and you give me this! I should throw you somewhere! GAH! UPDATE! ASAP!

~Kairen: Goddess of the Night
Fuebi chapter 3 . 8/24/2007
You keep writing "Shore" instead of "Sure" and you seem to have quite a lot of fragments, but Im not saying your horrible! It has a good story line, and it's funny at parts, and makes me giggle! For sure that I'm not insulting you; frankly, I'm practising my writing skills as well, by getting my friends to read my work! They are my beloved Beta's! XD

ttfn (H)(H)(H)(H)(H)
Hateshinaku Tooi Sorani chapter 18 . 8/23/2007
-starts crying- I thought this was supposed to be a happy ending! You make it seem like... -realization hits- No... No. NO! Yuuri's going to die... Then you'll make Wolfram grief stricken and he'll commit suicide just as he remembers everything... Then they'll have a 'happy ending' once they're ruinited in heaven or wherever... -eyes wide- That's so cruel... THAT'S NOT A HAPPY ENDING! -cries- (I found the 'at' sign...) No way... This can't be true... They shouldn't die. That's not very nice. .

On another note, update soon.
Hateshinaku Tooi Sorani chapter 17 . 8/23/2007
Wait... In the first a/n you said that it was a short chapter, that you wished it could be longer... Then in the final a/n you say that it was a long chapter... "." -looks at smiley- -look of horror and disbelief- "." "." "." WHAT? NO! MY SWIRLLY EYES SMILELY FACE DOESN'T WORK! NO! -cries- The 'at' signs are gone... WHY? Wait... Maybe... -suspisious look- I forgot to change the keyboard settings from UK to USA! THAT MUST BE IT! That's why it wasn't working before, either! I'VE SOLVED THE CASE!

Anyway, sorry, rambling again... Don't listen to the crazy person here! But, yeah, like I was going to say originally! -hits self- Nice chapter! I'm not quite sure what to think of the situation. Also, I am glad to say that the unsettling feeling within myself is no longer present! YAY! I just hope Wolfram doesn't end up being the pregnant one out of him and Yuuri... . Anyway, yeah! Like I was saying about not knowing what to think about the situation (I just repeated myself... -.-'), so, like, I don't know what else I was going to add to that, but, uhh... Yeah. . . Sorry! Great story! Now on to chapter 18! YAY! -

~ TransylvaniaBubblewrap *a.k.a. Christine*
Hateshinaku Tooi Sorani chapter 16 . 8/22/2007
Gwendal, you're so freaking awesome! I don't think I like this what's-his-butt with the black hair... And blue eyes... -sighs dreamily- Max... -giggles- -after a few seconds, puts on a straight face- -shifty eyes- You saw and heard nothing.


~ TransylvaniaBubblewrap *a.k.a. Christine*
Hateshinaku Tooi Sorani chapter 15 . 8/22/2007
Tee hee! That's great! I love it! Now, on to chapter 16! And to review afterwards!

O! Soldier Boy is there... Uh oh... Is he going to steal Wolfram? NO!

~ TransylvaniaBubblewrap *a.k.a. Christine*
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