Reviews for Windows of the Soul
Cutter12 chapter 10 . 12/8/2010
It was nice to see Charlie finally coming around. I hope that he doesn't fall too far back into depression in the next story. (Hurries off to read part 3) :)
Swasti chapter 10 . 5/5/2006
oh boy.. poor charlie.. i know i keep saying it but its true!
Swasti chapter 8 . 5/5/2006
oh no! poor charlie! he will be devastated if she goes away without an explanation!
Swasti chapter 7 . 5/5/2006
oh cool! charlie is in love!
Queen of Cliffies chapter 10 . 5/5/2006
ok if this is a trilogy I want the next story soon! Cuz this one was great!
reennie5 chapter 10 . 5/4/2006
Simply excellent (as always). I can't wait for the next'd better put Charlie and Amy back together! Or else! lol, fantastic job. Hurry up with the next part!
A Thing For Brothers chapter 10 . 5/4/2006
Aw, sad to see that end. You'd better get the next installment done soon! I didn't like Amy much. Charlie's not for sale. He's mine. LOL. Actually, I prefer Don. LOL. Good job!
Eyphur chapter 10 . 5/4/2006
I hate the word angst, but I love your stories. I knew I smelled a trillogy coming. I Can't wait. Please begin the next story soon because this is quite the cliffhanger.
thebondgirl chapter 10 . 5/4/2006
agh! this was so awesome, i wanted the chapters to just keep on going and going (energiser-bunny style!lol) - but a third part will have to do i guess:) plz, don't take your time in getting that one up and running, cause i'm dying to read it!:):)
FluffNutter chapter 10 . 5/4/2006
That was an evil cliffie.

Can't wait for part 3!
luvnumb3rs chapter 10 . 5/4/2006
Can't wait please hurry an remember more angst and longer. Great job though and can't wait for more.
reennie5 chapter 9 . 5/4/2006
Oh NO. Charlie's starting to heal and now you throw this at him? Man, you do love that Charlie angst :) Please make it all better! At least let someone tell him what's going on! Don't hurt him again!
Eyphur chapter 9 . 5/4/2006
More. Soon. Please?
A Thing For Brothers chapter 9 . 5/4/2006
Woo-hoo! Everytime I come back you've updated more. Keep it up!
speedlesweetie chapter 1 . 5/4/2006
Poor Charlie, he finally gets over Amita, meets a chick on the cruise only to have his heart broken again! I hope that he doesn't blame it all on Don!
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