Reviews for Branwyn's Bric à Brac
Ivanolix chapter 17 . 1/4/2007
This was very moving! It is just something that Faramir would think, IMHO.
Shandris chapter 11 . 11/14/2006
Charming drabbles! :)

Does the title "Under the Linden" refer to the poem of Walther von der Vogelweide or it is just a coincidence?
lindahoyland chapter 12 . 11/13/2006
It is great to see this enjoyable collection here.
Raksha The Demon chapter 7 . 11/13/2006
Br. You nail Sauron as he closes his fist around the heart and soul of this unknown, luckless ringbearer. The last line is chilling.
Raksha The Demon chapter 11 . 11/13/2006
A wonderful Faramir moment, doing a little renewing of his own with the transplanting of a young linden tree, for the benefit of future weary soldiers and their children. Very typical of the character, and the end of ROTK.
Raksha The Demon chapter 12 . 11/13/2006
Sad and beautiful, like poor Arwen herself. Wonderful language, especially the imagery of storm and sea.
Otter Seastar chapter 12 . 11/13/2006
All of these are sweet and well-written. I especially like the Boromir, Sauron and Gandalf chapters for their realistic voices, and "The Guest and the Gift" for its sensitive voice. Any chance you'll write one for Gollum or Smeagol?
Nari-chan SND chapter 12 . 11/13/2006
Wow. The end was awsome... so chilling. That was great! I hope you post more! Keep up the good work!

Nari-chan SND chapter 11 . 11/13/2006
That's really cool! Well, off to read more!

Nari-chan SND chapter 4 . 11/13/2006
That was really good! It chilled me to the bone! Well, off to read more (again!).

Nari-chan SND chapter 1 . 11/13/2006
Oh! I really liked that! Good job! I'm off to read more!

MiniFruitbat chapter 1 . 8/20/2006
These are all very well written. Chapter 1 would have to be my favourite simply because there's more meat to it, but I do have a serious thing for original and nameless characters. Is there any chance you'll be collecting drabbles involving the lesser and non-names in a separate section at any point in time? I'd love to have an entry like that for my C2.
Nobodyknowsmenow chapter 5 . 7/2/2006
Nor do I! Good drabbles! Like!
GreyWolfEyes chapter 1 . 6/3/2006
It's been to long, my Lady! But here Greywolfeyes is, back to torment you once again.

Oh no! You just had to do one of this one-shots, didn't you? You know, there are two things in a movie or story that make me cry. Only two. One is when the little kid with glasses drops his glasses and the Mean Kid steps on them and grinds them into the ground (isn't it so sad when that happens? I get so worked up over scenes like that). And the other is when the mom dies. So you're awful for writing this tear-jerker, and I'll never forgive you!

But it's so good... The mini-Mirs are so cute...I love them. "They are yellow." Of course they are. I love you Faramir! *glomps*

And then the fur mantle bit. It's funny, the effect of a fur mantle on different people. On Denethor, it seems scary and musty. On Finduilas... It's like you just want to get a hug from her and hide in her soft coat. And then her promise that she won't be able to keep...Wah! Ahg, you're so mean... *sobs* But such a pretty fic...pretty imagery...bruised flowers...

Alright, well, I must go now...find some place to cry...


P.S. You're still working on the Corsair story, yes? I'm not going to let you get out of that one, I hope you know. *grins*
Nobodyknowsmenow chapter 4 . 5/3/2006
Awesome. This (wrath) is your best- I would love a one shot of it!
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