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FadingAntigone chapter 68 . 10/16
*stares unblinkingly at review box*

I don’t even have words. My heart hurts—and I don’t know if it’s from what just happened or from the uncertainty of when you’ll post next. Or both.

Omg. I think you broke my brain.
FadingAntigone chapter 67 . 10/16
Ha! First Tonks, and then Harry—I absolutely love that. And, moreover, I love the way that you weave humor into this story. I feel like it’s done really cleanly, and that it’s realistic without feeling too forced. Difficult situations, especially ones in which you feel isolated, can still have bright spots, and I think that those moments not only bring life to the story but they bring life to the characters. I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that this story gets flames. It’s annoying to think there is that much negative energy out there in the world—especially for something that feels so real and so well-crafted. Also, Hitchcock is also one of my earliest memories! Good to know my family wasn’t as unusual as I originally thought. Cheers—Antigone
FadingAntigone chapter 66 . 10/16
There were so many good moments in this chapter that I’m finding it difficult to zero in on exactly what I want to say in my review. Honestly, I feel like the best part (and by best I mean both my favorite and the most well written part) is when Harry explains to Kally that he has to go. I feel like the evolution of their relationship has been so natural, and their communication is at a point that feels real to life. I don’t know how else to explain it—it was just perfect, and it really resonated with me. All the other details are beautiful. Well done. xx, Antigone
Daniel chapter 68 . 10/16
Let me tell you a secret.
Kally is not dead.
Now how do I know this.
Its simple the first chapter of your story.

Nice ending with Lestrange being alive that too only in her hand.

My theories for Kally's survival include :
Unicorn's blood
The bond
Her being in the process of drawing as she was hit with the curse.
Can't wait for your take on this.
Mike chapter 68 . 10/16
Also forgot to mension that Harry going all Spiderman on Moody was all out crazy.
Plus nice was of killing Carrow there. I mean Harry literally pulled his heart out.

Just please kill Bellatrix in the next chapter ( the more painful the better).
Mike chapter 68 . 10/16
Man, did you really have to do that? Just kill Lestrange.

One hell of a cliffhanger. Just upload the next part as soon as get internet would love to know if the timeline changes or it had already happened and Kally was obliviated.
Can't wait.
kaziumk chapter 68 . 10/16
Seriously?! Ending at that place, come on, we need more! Very nice chapter, finally some victories for the good side. And i have an answer to my question why in the description there is DarkHarry. Realy looking forward to seeing how you are going to explain Kally not dying. Because she is not dead, is she?
Lady Evangeline Potter chapter 68 . 10/16
I hope Kally lives, she's grown on me
Jgaffner13 chapter 67 . 10/15
This is one of the best stories I’ve read on here! Love it! Keep up the amazing work!
animelover56348 chapter 67 . 10/14
Tonks is so evil dude haha! Poor Harry but at least he's getting some good training in lol. Thank you for the heads up regarding Harry and Kally the next few chapters as you're probably right that my fragile little fan heart wouldn't be able to take such uncertainty XD lmao! Things are definitely a bit crazy on my side but nothing I can't handle especially with this lovely story to always help me escape a bit. I'm glad the reviews are getting better too for that matter, I'm fully pro not updating until you get them (even if it hurts my heart to have to wait lol). Much love to you as always!
rmac52 chapter 67 . 10/14
Another good chapter. This seemed like more of a filler chapter. It was still a good chapter and it's nice to see the training progressing.
Enitsirk chapter 19 . 10/14
Ah Regulus. I'm not sure what to make of him. He could wind up being good, but at this point I have no idea. But freaking Hermione! That is no way to be dragged off. And damn it, was Ron bitten by a werewolf? What is happening? Poor Dean! I love the exploration of his character, but geeeeeez! Poor Dean!
Guest chapter 18 . 10/14
Dude, you killed Seamus?! I mean, he can be a jerk sometimes, but what? I love that Harry and Kally seem to have stopped being idiots and now work together. If only Ron can get on board now. Okay, my guess is the werewolf who was being hauled away was Lupin. Why must you hurt my favorite wolf?
Mike chapter 67 . 10/13
The way you are handling Harry's metamorphmagus and auror training is quite refreshing. Unlike, other fanfics he does not just back in time to just emerge as a warrior of light. Plus, the way his powers are brought out is "interesting" and also shows the depths of Harry's feelings for Kally.
I would like to suggest having a chapter in which Harry and Tonks have a heart to heart conversation similar to that of Remus and Kally.
Also try to put in something for Harry's phoenix bond.

On the whole it was the most entertaining chapter we had in a while.
Please keep posting.
Hannibal66 chapter 67 . 10/13
After that warning at the beginning of the chapter I was expecting something much darker than what we got.
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