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taterbug0491 chapter 174 . 1/23/2011
i have finally gotten to the end of this series, well hopefully not the end! I'm in love with this book! I truly hope you update asap and Guthwyn better have a happy ending! I was rooting for Elphir but after what he said to her even though it wasn't his fault or hers I hope she finds someone...I hope it works out with 'Leggy'.. and a little part of me exactly feels sorry for Lothiriel...but only a little... Please update ASAP!
Katara97 chapter 174 . 1/22/2011
I am so very impressed with your writing. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. :D
Sarah chapter 174 . 1/18/2011
I love your trilogy and I was happy to see the update :) Good job!
Doll-Fin-Chick chapter 174 . 1/18/2011
Hmmmm. Amrothos sick? That's interesting. I'm surprised Haiweth didn't sneak out, she seems like the type to have at least a little rebellion in her. Hammel definitely does XD

ShyWriter413 chapter 174 . 1/17/2011
I have truly enjoyed Guthwyn's saga. It has been a gripping,often heart-wrenching drama. I am always pleased when I see that you have updated. That being said, I agree with a previous reviewer that the story is moving a little slowly for the rate of the updates. I think that as a character, Guthwyn has been through hell. I think that as a reader, her journey has alternately horrified me, touched me, and moved me to tears. But she's starting to annoy me. Now please understand, I am not saying that your story annoys me in any way. I adore it... but for a story titled "Recovery," it's time to see a little more of it. I understand that with the trauma she has experienced that it is life altering, and doesn't just go away. But, it has been several years since the war, and it's time for her to grow up now. Part of recovery is achieving some measure of self-awareness, and Guthwyn has very little of that. I'm not in a hurry for her to get well all of a sudden, or even to have her jump into any kind of relationship (although I am enjoying her growing trust in Legolas)... but it is time for her to at the very least put the children in their places. She is their mother-figure, their rescuer, and at the very least, their elder. It's time for her to put her foot down and let Haiweth have it. Yes, Haiweth's desire to cut the apron strings is natural, but Guthwyn is the adult. It's time for her to act like it.

Your story is incredibly well written, and your characters engaging (I think I'm a little in love with Cobryn). I anxiously await the next installment, and while I don't expect you to redesign the pacing of your story based on one review, I do hope that you can see that as a reader it feels like the progress of her healing is very slow indeed. We are markedly far into the story, and I just hope to see a little more self-discovery soon. I hope you have a wonderful week, and happy writing.
Andi-Scribbles chapter 174 . 1/17/2011
Oooh, I really can't wait until this ball!
jazsqr chapter 174 . 1/17/2011
I thought Guthwyn's overreaction to Haiweth's request was both funny and sad at the same time. Hopefully her own struggles do not do too much harm in her relationship with the kids.

Interesting to see Dol Amroth brought back into the storyline.
dudes chapter 173 . 1/16/2011
Please, please, please don't turn Guthwyn into a jerk.

And the story is progressing far too slowly for the infrequency you update with, IMO.

Just saying! I really like this one and it's very good. Just some points, haha :)
omgitsalexmarie chapter 173 . 1/4/2011
Oh, I really hope that this doesn't cause a huge rift between Guthwyn and Haiweth. I can see why Gunthwyn is so concerned with Haiweth's admirers, but I think she needs to take Cobryn's advice and calm down a little bit. I'm curious as to how the Gondorians are going to behave towards Guthwyn and, of course, I can't wait for the ball!

Hope your holidays were good too, thanks, and happy new year!
Andi-Scribbles chapter 173 . 12/30/2010
Thanks for the review reply! I had a great holiday and hope you did as well :)

As for this chapter... tsk tsk, when will Guthwyn realize that in games of human strategy, Cobryn is a master? I guess she thinks Hammel just alienated himself, but of course nobody wants to recognize their own responsibility in it when things like that happen. I just hope Cobryn prevents her from acting like an avenging harpy around Haiweth's admirers... her reputation can't stand much more from the Gondorrians-which, I'm hoping-have mostly forgotten the old gossip and respect her as a Lady of Rohan. Not too hard to extend admiration from the Slayer of the Witchking to her friendly sister...
Doll-Fin-Chick chapter 173 . 12/29/2010
Haiweth won't be pleased with this :( Oh Guthwyn you really are impossible to argue with sometimes...

jazsqr chapter 173 . 12/29/2010
Boy, this just has disaster written all over it, doesn't it? It's understandable why Guthwyn would be so protective, but her stubborness to heed counsel gets her in trouble time and again. Hopefully she doesn't do something too damaging this time.
omgitsalexmarie chapter 172 . 12/23/2010
...Words cannot begin to describe how awesome your stories are and how excited I am to have found them. I first came across the epilogue while searching through communities that displayed some of the longest stories written on FF. When I saw that there was a LOTR story over 800,000 words, I was so excited (you have no idea how psyched I was!). I was about to read it when I realized that there were more books-so I started reading the first part of Guthwyn's tale.

It's taken me a couple of weeks to read everything and I just finished what you have written for the epilogue so far last night. I can honestly say that this is probably the best written story I have ever read on FF. I have only seen a few spelling/grammar errors, and the plot is amazing. Personally, I like that you added so much detail into the story- I think it helps the story progress better and it gives me more to read! :)

I can't wait for the next update (no kidding, I have been whining to my little sister about wanting to know what happens next all day)! Oh, and I particularly like the parts in which Legolas and Elfwine interact so I hope that you will write more parts with them sometime in the future! Seeing Legolas referred to as "Leggy" always make me laugh. :)

Thank you for your beautiful stories!
Fineas chapter 172 . 12/19/2010
I've read your story from beginning till now, and I thought maybe it's time to leave a review. :)

I really enjoyed the plot, the confrontations, the conflicts that you put your characters through. It's what keeps me reading and wanting to find out more. And this is one of the few fanfictions I can find that actually has great characterization. Your characters are believable, unique, logical, but unpredictable too.

The only thing is that, like some other people mentioned, there was a looong period of no development. I understand that it takes a long time for someone like Guthwyn to recover from the kind of trauma she's been through. It's also great that you want to keep it realistic. But I find it unnecessary to bring the reader along for every little event, since it's repetitive and rather frustrating. I think it may make more enjoyable reading if we're told what happens in a shorter way. For example, maybe have Guthwyn think the summary of the events in her head, or show us what Cobryn said to Eomer about Lothiriel's crimes. It'll give people the idea of how much Guthwyn need to suffer before she recovers, but keep out the stalling in the story.

By the way I like the parts where other characters tell Guthwyn to "get a spine". XD Reminds me of some reviews I've read here.

Also, (this may or may not be considered a plot hole) I found it weird that Guthwyn is so thin and malnourished and tired, yet she still manages to hold her own against well fed, stronger, more experienced men in a sword fight? As a really thin person I can say that I'll get out of breath and sore after 10 minutes of swinging a sword around. It just doesn't make sense, even if she's got talented genes, strength comes from food, and muscles.

I just spent a bit of time criticizing, but there's tons of stuff I love about this story to go against the two things up there. I am pretty excited for the next chapter. And I'm proud to say that I predicted a Legolas/Guthwyn thing about 140 chapters back. ;)
jazsqr chapter 172 . 12/16/2010
I like the confrontation between Hammel and Faramir. He is certainly quite temperamental.

It would seem everyone is aware of Legolas and Guthwyn's non-relationship except for them.
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