Reviews for The Uchiha Couple
secondnina chapter 88 . 2/17
that was beautiful. i cry so much near the ending. i definitely let out my sob out loud when their kids found out they died. this story gave me so much emotion at the extreme. thank you so much for the wonderful story.
Blue Blur chapter 88 . 1/31
I'm crying so much right now, Sasuke and Naruto lived a happy life together and they died together in one another's arms, SASUNARU4LIFE
Guest chapter 88 . 1/1
Lol! Now chap 88 the thing that made me laugh is that they died at age 69 xD perverts lol! This story was so good I'm gonna read it again! Are you still around or is this yet another abandoned profile D: this was a master piece
Guest chapter 82 . 1/1
On chapter 82 this is the best sasunaru fanfic I have ever actually makes me need to take breaks from all the emotion, I feel like I can feel what they're feeling entirely. Naruto is gonna die :'( I actually can't believe it D': this is everything I've wanted in every fabrication all wrapped up into one big story. I love this so much. Your so cruel :'(
Guest chapter 43 . 12/22/2016
It's to old for people to have just sex yes but making love in that sense no. Never to old.
Guest chapter 24 . 12/16/2016
Chapter summaries...those are the reasons I'm not getting anything done cuz I wanna read more then by 24 chapters I realise this is 88 chapters...O.o looks like I'm being lazy till this is finished haha
orjiaugustina chapter 88 . 11/27/2016
I loved this story it was the only one that made me cry this much what a beautiful ending
emcee0103 chapter 88 . 11/15/2016
That is one long fic!

BUT HELL! Wasn't it a good one! That really made me cry!
Zhyong Z Otaku chapter 51 . 10/14/2016
this book got me in so many god damn gutters it's not even funny. I love it so much. you should totally write for a living.
Dropping By chapter 88 . 10/3/2016
Wow. Literally, wow. This story was one hell of a roller coaster ride and I loved every second of it. The loops of emotions, happiness, sadness, relief, pain, and so much more was a beautiful combination that left me wanting to stick to the end. At first, when I started reading and saw how many chapters there were, I didn't think I'd go with this story through and through, but once I read a few chapters, I couldn't stop. It was such a lovely written piece, and never once did I think I'd cry with this story until now. The ending was perfect, and with how happy I am for the two, I still couldn't find the strength to not cry happy and sad tears. Man, the tears were flowing with this one! Haha, and that's another thing. I believe that you did an outstanding job making this story very realistic and spot on to how real life really works. There's always going to be bumps along the way, but with that in mind, stay strong and keep pushing through for that path will lead you to something all worth your while; And THAT, is what this story has showed me. This pair's trials and tribulations has led them to the greatest joys they could endure and I am beyond words thankful I was able to stumble upon this story. I don't know if you read these messages still since its been quite a long time that this story has been posted, but nonetheless, Thank you very much for gifting us readers a chance to read this and unfortunately, it's come to an end, but with their closed tale, I can only imagine a second begins as they move on. Thank you once more for this and I don't wish for a reply back (that's why I didn't leave an email), my only wish is that you're able to see this message and the many others that people have posted after this story's ending~
WillYouStillLoveMe chapter 88 . 10/3/2016
i'm crying right now at 3 am
gima2618 chapter 88 . 8/13/2016
Wow I just finished reading this and I must that it was amazing I cried alot and laugh but most of all I enjoy how real it felt and how you show the struggles that they each had to over come, it was perfect thank you for this amazing story
Justus chapter 88 . 7/4/2016
OMG! OMG! OMG! I have just completed reading your story and I must say this is such an amazing fanfic please keep up your awesome writing style.
AyaEmett chapter 5 . 6/27/2016
much fluffly for my eyes D:
Dark-Nameless Baka chapter 88 . 6/23/2016
I just want to let you know that you are a fantastic writer. This is literally one of SasuNaru masterpiece that I have read so far. Also it the first one to make me shade so much tears. This was really a roller coaster of emotion. I really enjoy reading this masterpiece of yours. Thank you for your hard work and time that you put into this story for us to read. Keep up the good work! I'm sorry if this is long but I want to let you know that I appreciate and thanks your hard work and time you put into this story. ~thank you
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