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loriimonsterr chapter 9 . 8/4/2007
man your depiction skills scary good.

i would focus more heavily on the more excitable points, like the way you managed to keep action scenes interesting, fast-paced, and completely believable, but im a little caught up in the food descriptions. honestly. i was almost gagging at the way Sam thought Dean's breakfast looked and litterally cringing when he ate peanut butter by itself(that could be the fact that i was force-fed peanut butter for years until contracting a deadly allergy to the foul, sticky substance). im not sure ive read a fic that had me that engrossed(and grossed, haha) in the details. the added dimension of the dog's mind was a great touch and had a nice affect. kept it even more interesting.

and of course, what appealed to me the most, the civil war tid bits and focus. im a bit of history buff and a tiny bit too passionate about the civil war and the many incaculable and irreversibly ignorant misconceptions. i really liked beau and his crew and the mentioning of more battlefields towards the end. ive visited half of them, and just missed checking out Chancellorsville a few years back. darn.

you certainly have a knack for getting into the boys' heads and i really admire how well you kept them in character throughout. great, great job!
November'sGuest chapter 9 . 5/29/2007
Okay, so I've been meaning to read this for a VERY long time and just now getting to it. Dunno, just in the mood for something summery and Civil Warish tonight. So, pardon me for being so late on a story you wrote oh, so long ago.

First, I want to say that I love your vocabulary and use of the written language. You have such a wonderful mastery of it...makes me feel like a freshman in a room full of seniors...uh, that'd be HS freshman vs. college seniors. ;) All of my favorite authors, and yes, you are one of them, have different attributes that make them my favorite.

With you, its your unbound imagination, cleverness at plot and use of the written word with just the right dash of humor thrown in for good measure. You and that kimonkey7 just make an art of phrase turning. To read your stuff is such a guilty pleasure...the way you write sits so well with my internal ear. Plus, you have such a subtle but effective way of weaving in the angst factor.

This story just had it all. Humor, angst, hurtDean, good plot, educational on all levels not made up, creativity...should I keep going on? All these words are to say that, as per usual, I loved it. I'm definitely going to move on to Cirque de Celine...another one I've been saving up for a rainy day. But not tonight ;)

Again, it's a joy to read your very entertaining on so many levels. Thank you.


P.S. And, thank you betas for me 'cause I know the worth of finding good ones!
November'sGuest chapter 6 . 5/28/2007
Of course I'm gonna leave you a better review when I get done reading it, but had to say before I forgot, them mosquitoes bigger than dragonflies...that there's some mighty scary stuff fer sure!

No, seriously.
stoopbeck chapter 9 . 3/14/2007
You are just insanely brilliant and I'd love to say something coherent about how fantastic this story is, but I stayed up until 2:19 to read it, so the verbal equipment not working so well... thank you for this story. :]
Winter1066 chapter 9 . 2/6/2007
This was FANTASTIC! I had to go back and read your profile to make sure I read correct that you are Canadian. You seem to know more about the Wilderness campaign then most American's. I think that what makes your stories so great. You really do yur research. Unless you are just a American Civil War fanatic ;-)
Rebel Goddess chapter 9 . 1/15/2007
I absololutely adored that addendum. Wonderful story. I enjoyed that so much. I still feel sorry for Buttercup even if her possession did allow her to catch one of those squirrels. Great stuff.
Rebel Goddess chapter 6 . 1/15/2007
Dean having a blood feud with a ghost after getting savaged by a four year old boy's labrador is too fun. Wonderful chapters. This is a riot.
Rebel Goddess chapter 3 . 1/15/2007
Loved the way Sam got rid of Buttercup with a thrown stick and she berated herself. My labradors would never let an opportunity for food pass them by. Great chapter.
carocali chapter 9 . 1/7/2007
I finally had a moment to finish this intriguing story. Dean, 'sort of' possessed by a dog? That's just too funny for words!

All the bits of humor and history that you intertwined into this fascinating story were perfect! You have such an interesting way of telling a tale; your use of dialogue - both external and internal - is so different and lovely.

The story itself was complex and really mades you take the time to read. I love how you scatter clues through the whole thing to let us know what's going on. The bullet was a cool reveal and the consequences it held. Very fun read!

Someday I'll get caught up with all your stories, but I need to be in smart mode to fully comprehend the depth of your writing. Fantastic job!


elanurel chapter 1 . 9/13/2006
Oh, my goodness! I haven't really even gotten beyond the first chapter, but now I know I must follow in your footsteps and send the boys to a Society for Creative Anachronism camping event. Here's hoping I can pull it off with as much aplomb. ;-P
Crystal Music chapter 9 . 8/11/2006
Whoahr, that was a Good Ending. Dean's posession was scary, very truly scary, the don't-break-him-permanently-please kind of scary, and I was glad when it was over. Dean's kind of fragile, really. Sometimes I think he's the most fragile one of the Winchies, or at least the most emotionally vulnerable. Also, the battlefield metaphor (or ... something?) was particularly apt.

So that leaves me with the final question... What's the ticking clocks song?

That's not Coldplay is it?
Crystal Music chapter 7 . 8/9/2006
Oh God, the FedEx man from Hell. Fn hilarious. I actually busted out laughing, and it's been so long since that happened.
Crystal Music chapter 6 . 8/9/2006
Okay, sentimental, but best detail of this chapter: Gotta be Dean not wanting to wear gray when sam is blue.
Crystal Music chapter 5 . 8/9/2006
Laundry list of my favorite details of this chapter: 1. Sam pissed off about getting Tang instead of oj. 2. The sausage casing in Dean's teeth being *wayward.* Hilarity ensues. 3. Dean being too macho to put on sunscreen. 4. You picking that battle, because it was fought on my birthday.

Aw, poor Deany-poo, don't worry, the car will be okay.
Crystal Music chapter 2 . 8/9/2006
AAHH you read Confederates in teh Attic... and then wrote a fanfic about it. I think I might love you. I kept expecting Rob to show up. Sweet beyond all belief.
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