Reviews for All The Words of Love
VGirl chapter 1 . 1/20/2008
Though all parts of the story are solid, you have a unique talent for the perverse and ironic. The sensory devices you use in Agape and Epithumia make me wish to adapt your writing style.
Fancy chapter 1 . 5/27/2006


First of all, I am intrigued by the irony (is irony the right word? I'm not sure) of the title. "All the Words of Love" signifies, to me, at first glance... Well, it makes me think of a 50s love song, sweet nothings, murmurings of endearment. But then the stories themselves are almost *brutal* in intensity-anything but the sugar that the title conujures up.

Second, the idea is wonderful. ...And I don't really have anything else to say about that. It suits SKU so very well.

Third... THE WAY YOU WRITE. Lovely. Like I said above, intense. Even the ones that are a *nice* sort of love come across that way to me-Ludus sticks out. There's just so much packed into so few words.

I like Agape and Pragma the best. The former because it's so beautifully written, and the portrayal of the relationship is so haunting and sad. ...Same thing with Pragma, really-it's haunting and sad, and I actually felt SOMETHING for Kanae, which is not my usual response to her at all.

Also, nice the way it comes full circle. Also, I just realized you wrote Chrysalis, too. ...Also, I am looking at your profile and seeing a collection of Mikage drabbles. Why am I still typing in this little box, again? ...Oh, right-because I felt the need to tell you how much you ROCK. Just so you know and stuff. _-