Reviews for The Boys Are Back In Town
tokaf chapter 1 . 6/30/2006
it was great... very big chapter, you would better make 2 or 3 chapters instead of that...

I relly like it hte personification you made... what?, the personification?... yeah, the one you did with saberthooth was wonderful...aa if you say so

what we...we?... what I most like was the plot, it was indeed a very good one, I had never seen such a good story of Creed... you know what else was good, the kind of suspense you put in it... kind of?... well, the suspence u put in it...

Only I have a tiny little great thing to say... Striker dose not exist in the evo. version... at least he never appears, so... thats all

they like it... thats all for today... see you next show

do not mess with suggar man, is bad for u... beware

we like it...
Amokitty chapter 1 . 5/9/2006
I'm not too fond of most Evo stories in general, and while this is technically set in the Evo verse, this story has many elements from the comic and movie verses as well. They've all been blended into an entertaining, engaging whole.

The action sequences are very detailed and have the right amount of suspense. Couldn't expect anything less from a well written Wolverine story! Stryker's appearance was a little surprising. However it gave the story depth and that little something extra, because Stryker doesn't exist in the Evolution storyline. He's definitely not what you'd see on Saturday morning TV! :D This feels like an Evo world that's grown up.

The story is continuity rich, and has so much realism woven through it! Excellent job.
Luc Star chapter 1 . 5/7/2006
Hey DS50,

You know, when I received a mail saying that you’ve got a new story up, I thought for sure that it was just an update of one of my favourite series – only to find that this was an entirely different story altogether. Well, after the initial shock wore off, I started going through this story and realised this was just as good as all your other stories.

So, X-Men Evolution huh? Cool. We got a look at Logan’s past, and Stryker actually seems to be a decent guy in your universe. I always do enjoy any writing where the author portrays and portrays a well established character in a different light and is able to do so properly.

You know, I always thought that Creed from the Evo-verse was a little more civilised than the Creed from the comics or the movies – and definitely the cartoon from the 90s. You did a pretty good job with him there. It was also good to see a few of the more interesting characters like Maverick, Wraith (though I really don’t know much about him), but especially Deathstrike (Kelly Hu is so HOTT!). It was really good to see her in a fic. And it seems as though you’ve got intentions for her to join the good-side for once – like Stryker.

I must admit, I’m going to be a little wary of Stryker and his hidden agenda. This is the second time I’ve seen the guy portrayed as a hero, however, a lifetime of reading about Stryker doing unimaginable things can make a guy not want to forget what he’s capable of. Anyways, until then. I guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes open and see what happens next.

So, the Ultimate Avengers are going to be showing up here soon huh? Cool. I loved that movie. Captain America certainly has some moves. And thank all the Gods that Thor does not speak Shakespearean. I swear, its one of the only reasons I never started writing any fanfic with that guy in it. Anyways, it will be good to see your version of how Captain America will be revived – and trust me I’ve read some pretty interesting, as well as freaking zany ones as well.

On a final note – I just have to ask. When are you updating your other series? Hopefully soon. Later dude. And keep up the good work.