Reviews for Crow
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 1 . 12/15/2007
hm, Pete really in love with Sam? Control freaks don't know love, they are insecure in their partners and that's why they need control over their partners and Pete was a control freak.

Also... about Shanahan knowing better than anyone else knows her... they were together only over the weekend every couple of weeks for just 7 months...

SG-1 has been together 8 years every day, mostly 24 hours a day in EVERY situation. Now, can you honestly tell me that Shanahan has even a little chance of knowing Sam better than anyone?

fact is, Shanahan never knew Sam, never knew who she was, he only knew how to manipulate her and even that not completely because she eventually rebelled him and freed herself.

Shanahan was bad for sam, damaging for her self-esteem and personality, he was the same as Hanson, a control freak and a mistake.

Sam only chose him because she was desperate, otherwise she never would've chosen him. He got to be the first to warm her bed (and it WAS JUST about SEX... Sam, Chimera: "It's nothing serious sir.") simply because her brother set them up because he wanted Sam as far away from the military as possible and didn't want her with a military man. Otherwise Shanahan wouldn't be her choice. Besides every other reason he was too different physically too... shorter than Sam, no muscle anywhere, shoulders the width of a child's, intelligence that of a rock, the guy was dumber than dumb.