Reviews for Underclassmen
slothchild chapter 1 . 5/9/2006
Hm...interesting, this is actually the first time I've actually grown to like a concept such as this. It was pretty much so obviuos that it wasn't.

Despite a few missing articles, pronouns and words it was well written(Blame it on those annoying computer uploads). That aside, I just wanna tell you, I simply loved Ricochet. He was hilarious, but I hope you don't just use him as a foil or running joke. He has a lot of character development potential.

*nods in agreement to self*

The last part kinda threw me off, so, Desmond asked Red X(God bless you!) to get rid of Dusk meanwhile, now stuck underground is Hornet who's having a mental lapse and emotional breakdown(I thought he was tougher than that, apparently, he's very sensitive: Well, that's a turn on for the ladies...*wink wink, nudge nudge*)as Ricochet is lost in God knows where and Prodigy is sulking cuz things didn't go his way...Does this mean he's going solo?

Anyways, nice. Oh, favorite Authors and Favorite Stories Lists, hop in.



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