Reviews for After Class
slothchild chapter 1 . 5/9/2006
Okay, let's do this in order so I won't panic and bite off Ronald Mcdonald's head...

1) Uh, wouldn't it be easier if you just used one story with many chapters? It seems to make more sense that way...*raises hands up in mock defeat* I'm just saying.

2)I still love Ricochet with every pulse of my black twisted heart.

3)“What is this place?” she asked aloud. “I kinda like it.”

Loved that as well, you did I great job on Raven, she was, dare I say: Raven-y.

4)Red X wasn’t sure what happened. He just knew that when it was over, there was no sign of the body, he was hanging upside down, his leg hooked on the ladder leading to a manhole, his trademark was now a green Y, and his underwear was on the outside of his costume.

“I’m asking for a raise.”

As far as destroying Red X's dignity is insulting to a big fan such as myself, it was ADORABLE. I can honestly picture that happening to him. He seems to lower his guard when it comes to things like this.

5) GREEN Y! lol


*crickets chirp*

...oh, right! GASP!

7) True, true. Raven sitting atop of Cyborg is a sight for sore eyes...Green Y! I don't know why but that just really sells!

*doubles over in laughter*


*still laughing*




The funeral's on Friday...



"Come on, kids. (Points to X on shirt) X marks the spot."

-Red X