Reviews for The Edge of the Rainbow
Minty-Fivestar chapter 1 . 6/15/2006
Wow. Just... wow. This is absolutely amazing. I've read through this story carefully three times already, and each time, I find something new beneath the words, the symbolism. I bet the next time I read this, I'll find another new thing. For a story to be able to do that... I am completely in awe. There are just so many ways one could take this story, I really can't say much on what it's all about.

And what's even lovelier about this story is that it's a Dragon Warrior/Quest IV fanfic, about one of my favorite couples in all existence, Saro and Rosa. I absolutely loved this game, and I always thought their romance would be something tragic like this-they found a certain happiness with each other, but at the same time it was obvious it could never hold. His intentions were good, but his actions were evil. Her heart was pure, but at the same time, she could never be enough to stop his plans to destroy humanity.

I also particularly loved the theme of fairytales in this story, particularly with Rosa considering the idea of knights and heroes and princesses. Always she's comparing herself and Saro to those characters, but it just doesn't work. And inside, she wonders why it can't be that simple.

Such a sobering, beautiful piece... Congratulations on writing a lovely fanfic and inspiring me to start working on my Dragon Warrior/Quest fanfic/manga project again. I've been rather on and off about it. So thank you for that.

Keep up the great work! (faves)

-Samantha McPhoenix