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Z chapter 94 . 7/17/2014
I know it's been ten years but I still hope that this story will be finished someday. I'm not holding my breath or even betting on it though. :(
The Fallen Caryatid chapter 93 . 9/24/2013
This has always been my all time favorite story, and I just spent the last week reading all 94 chapters all over again. I first read it probably my sophomore year of high school, and since then I've graduated, graduated again, entered the workforce and am now working/studying for the LSAT. Sitting at my desk job reading this on my phone has brought back so many great memories.

I'm not sure why you didn't finish, and I really do wish for closure on the story. Even if its just an outline. But more than that, I'm worried for you, I hope you're doing well, you brought so much joy to so many readers. Now that I'm an adult and a better place financially, I'd you ever need anything, monetary or otherwise, send me a pm over this account. Just mostly take care of yourself, and I hope you become a real, published writer and he NY Times is blathering on about you. If you get a chance, please let your reader know what became of you. Please don't be dead.
Thummpar chapter 94 . 10/29/2012
Raziel20 chapter 94 . 2/16/2012
If I may say, I truly enjoyed the series. I would enjoy it more if was ever to be finished. I have grew up with this literature and would be ever so disappointed if you didn't get a chance to finish this wonderful piece. In fact, I believe all of us can agree that we truly have treasured this literature over the ages. I implore you, please finish it. Its already embedded into the memories of your fans and we thirst for the grand finale. You have earned my respect and love for this piece...a faithful reader who still has hope for its esteemed author. Thank you.
old fan chapter 94 . 3/24/2011
Hi Mitsugi. Don't know if you ever come back to read these, but I wanted to say that after almost ten years (wow) since I started reading this, I still think about it and still consider it a mighty good piece of literature. I guess you probably won't be finishing Bridlewood, but I hope that you kept writing in some way because you have tremendous talent. Umm...have a good life I guess. :)
KitsuneRei02 chapter 1 . 3/21/2011
I just want to tell you that you've done an amazing job with this story. I read pretty far into it a few years ago, and now I'm back, ready to read it all over again! You and your fic are an inspiration to me. Thank you for all the time you've put into this. Rock on~! 3
Ysabet chapter 94 . 10/4/2010
Heya. This is Nightengale13, or maybe even PinkMouse; i can't remember which name I was using when I was reading this back in 2002-2004 as it was coming out. I'm borrowing my sister's account to comment here, since I don't have a FFN account anymore at all; I've lost the passwords AND the emails for my old accounts, so I'm locked out. *shrug* My fics sucked back then anyway.

As for BW - I just felt like looking you up again and saying hi. I skimmed your last chapter, ut really don't need to have reread much of it to remember it all perfectly. The scavenger hunt and the scene in the train tunnel will probably always be my absolute favorite scene EVER from any fic other than what I've written myself. You've crafted an amazing world here, an amazing story, and truly the single defining fic that represents Heero/Duo AU for me. I grew through high school with BW, and it was a very welcome touchstone. Your story gave me, among many others, joy as you wrote it.

Life hits hard and sucks sometimes. Inspiration dies. Stress builds up, or guilt, or sometimes it's just too frustrating to try to come back to a fic that readers have been nagging you about for years. But I do hope that you remember BW as fondly as the rest of us do. And - though it really should go without saying - know that we'll welcome you back with open arms (and smack any stupid reviewers who dare to whine) if you ever do find the inspiration or interest to finish this story.

I hope 2005-2010 have treated you more kindly than 2004 did. I'm in my mid-twenties now, experiencing many of the things that your final author's note contained. It's a line of connection, I guess, that makes me understand your position even further. Best wishes in everything.

With love, Nightengale

PS: Reviewers who assume you "owe" your readers something or "come on, it's been five years, that's not fair" should be smacked over the head with a tire iron and/or horseshoe, whichever is more period-accurate. You don't owe any of us anything, and those of us who aren't smart enough to be grateful for the GIFT of the story you wrote don't really deserve reviewing privileges. My sister (owner of this account) suffers the same kind of entitled nagging about her abandoned epic Windfall. So I've seen it up close. *hugs*

To those reviewers: Shut the **** up and go write your own fics, or recognize that there was no contract promising completion signed when Mitsugi - or any of us - began to post our fics. Threatening your authors is a really good way to make them hate you. Just FWIW. *glare*

Signed, Nightengale
Angelic Candy chapter 93 . 9/20/2010
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy I know it's been forever since I last reviewed this, and I was actually worried that I had reviewed every chapter and couldn't review again O.O but I found a chapter I hadn't reviewed - yay! I LOVE your writing, by the way. It's wordy, but very clear, professional, suspenseful, intriguing and woven beautifully. I hope one day soon I can write as good as you. Sadly, I am also an English major but do not feel that I can write quite as good as you.

Anywhoo, about your wonderful creation Bridlewood Manor. Are you ever going to complete it? I know earlier when you first were posting chapters like crazy a few years ago you said you hoped it would never end! And you've weaved such an intriguing, complicated, suspenseful and amazing plot that you probably could go on for a long time! Now, I understand if you do wish to end it some day, but please at least finish it!

It ended in the worst spot- on a cliffhanger and Heero still hasn't been rescued, Relena is being tricked (and is she still after Quatre and his money, it's been a while, I forget?), Trowa and Quatre still haven't sorted out their feelings, and you JUST CAN'T STOP HERE! SO please, please finish this someday, whether it's here or on your website. Trust me I understand what it's like to have a very busy life and fanfiction sadly isn't as important as school or work. Have you written your own novels yet? _ Even I feel guilty about leaving a couple stories unfinished. So please don't leave us hanging! At least write one more long chapter to let us know what happens to everyone! HOpefully you're doing well and in good health. It would be great if you could e-mail me to let me know if you're still alive, for one, and also if you're going to update this at all! My e-mail is on my profile (since FF won't let anyone post e-mails in reviews). PLEASE UPDATE THIS AMAZING STORY!
RedOkami chapter 94 . 2/8/2010

HEY! *WAVES FRANTICALLY FOR RECOGNITION* Um...crap what was I going to say? ...Oh yeah just wanted to say I'm a really big fan of your fic which I know I've read completely three times now. Uh those would be the years 2004, 2005 and recently in 2010. I guess what I'm trying to say is if you ever come back to or and other website to finish the fic, would you please let me know? My email is . I hope that one day you'll stumble across this review...yeah...that about covers it. On a personal note I hope your doing well and didn't fall down a well somewhere with no Lassie to come save you. lol ok I'll stop making jokes now because they're not that funny. Hope this reaches you somehow.


stubbornly refuses to give up on Bridlewood Manor.
Duo chapter 94 . 12/21/2009
I agree with Hee-chan's twin. I have been following this story since '04. Is everything alright? If you're just not interested in writing/or can't anymore, please let us know. I haven't found a way to contact you except here...

Please send us fans something! We love your story too much to let it go.
Hee-Chan's Twin chapter 94 . 12/18/2009
What's going on? I understand that life gets in the way sometimes, but for 5 YEARS? That seems unfathomable. I merely read this story because it was long and seemed interesting. It was my first fanfic in YEARS. And it seems slightly unfair to ALL of your readers to go on a 5 year strike or whatever. I realize I don't know you, or your life, but it seems like there are hardly any good explanations for 5 years of utter silence. Please get back to me. Or SOMETHING. Even though I sound miffed, I'm honestly more worried. I may not know you, but I've learned a lot about your lifestyle simply by the way you write. And of course, authors notes help too.
Too Much Time chapter 2 . 8/31/2009
I'm back! Sorry for staying away so long but... well I had a review for this story at like one at night but then my foot hit the power button. ...It's true! no need to make that face! *pouts*

So I'm 'celebrating' returning to school with reading and reviewing your awesome story. It's not really a celebration because school is annoying but reading Brindlewood is always fun.

Before I begin I have a question. Is Brindlewood Manor a place that I should know about? I googled it and got a lot of pages for retirement homes. So I was just wondering. I'l probably do more digging to find out.

One more note. I have decided that it's just not happening for me to comment on every single line of writing. I would go mad. And I was attempting to be funny but I think I failed miserably and I am not a funny person by nature. So that's not really going to happen. From now on I'll probably comment on more broad things. Oh! Since your an English Major (which I think is very cool by the way) your writing is structurally sound. Grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. which is great because the most I might be able to catch is spelling and you probably have a beta and yourself who's better than me by light years on all the annoying basic thing. Which is great because reading something where every fifth word is misspelled is hard on the eyes and brain. Hmm. I had a point with this... Ah. So pretty much all I'll be able to comment on is the amazingness of the content. Yes amazingness isn't a word. It should be though. 'The state of being amazing.'

Let's begin.

Great quote. Where do find these things? Quotes I mean. Do you just remember them from books or some other piece of literature? Or do you have one of those quote a day calenders?

Muddy Nag. Good name for a pub.

Should it be pub's grub rather than pub grub? Sounds nice either way.

Phantom Pie Thief. What a good title for Duo, self proclaimed 'God of Death'. Quite a step down. .

Black Hole of Calcutta? Is this something I should know too?

Hell's Kitchen. Ahh good memories of that T.V. show.

Can you frown storm clouds? I wonder if someone like Poseidon could?

I like the way you wrote out the accent. Makes it easier to remember.

Wow. Slightly cold there, Heero?

No one really likes each other, do they? Only Relena genuinely likes Heero, everyone else just kinda hates him.

Can you really open a lock with a hair pin?

If I looked up Sagheer in an Arabian dictionary would it tell me something meaningful?

I can't believe Relena doesn't even question i/why/ Heero knows Arabic. I would.

Catherine's a man-eater.

Why would Heero have to un-relax Quatre? He wants Quatre to be wary and scared of him so he can work alone?

Quatre is Heero's friend? Right

I can totally picture those stairs.

Otto is not a basket of sunshine and daisies according to the post man. I wonder why.

Heero knows the Count... that makes Treize sound like a vampire. oh well. The tension builds. Duh duh duh!
Too Much Time chapter 1 . 8/20/2009
Hello! I'm just a random person whose too lazy to login! I've decided that I want to review every single chapter. Now this is kinda pointless considering that Bridlewood hasn't been updated in like five years. But still. It'll be fun. I doubt that anyone's going to actually read this so I'm going to be pretty much rambling, random stories will pop up, I'll complain, I'll Ooh and Aah. Stuff like that. But I'm going to start with complaining. Mot actually to you or anything, just generic bitching. I discovered this fic like... two days ago. So I was all excited that you had this whole website and stuff, right? Well it had shut down like... a month before. It was depressing, I was so close! Ah well.

So anyway, I have the review window open while reading so a lot of the review will be stream of conscience (is that right?). And Begin!

Where do you people get the quotes? They're awesome! Is there like a website, or do you just use your awesome author powers to remember random quotes?

Y'know Relena bashing can get old. So I kinda like the fics that give her a past and flesh her out a bit. Thank you!

When you say impossible to live with, does that mean like she was bitchy or something?

How do people /feel/ they're being watched? It's most certainly a skill I don't have!

So Relena's underaged? That's why she doesn't have the title?

Gavotte? Ah, a French dance. Online dictionaries are awesome.

They had lighters back then? huh

When shown money many will forget past wrong doings, I guess.

Passive aggressive, is that right? I still don't fully grasp the concept. But it seems that the high rollers are per usual, excellent at taking a swipe at someone while still staying in the bounds of polite conversation.

62 rooms! Dang, who needs that kinda space?

Yay! Quatre! He's awesome.

Uh huh, Relena. That was /completely/ platonic. . Though I don't really see the Quatre/Relena going on.

Maybe a break could go between Relena's thinking and Heero's? Though it's not really a break in time so *shrugs*. It just felt weird.

*snort* Heero besotted with Relena. I don't think he has the emotional capacity... yet.

Ah Heero, perfect as always, even with tea!

Ooh threatening Otto, Relena! though I doubt that she could actually go through with that threat. It sounds like the estate is /just barely/ being kept up.

Uh, polishing silver in your spare time Heero? That's not strange at all...

Yeah Relena's got it bad, though it'd be interesting to see if Heero could actually cook...

So Otto doesn't like the new servant... do I sense a battle of epic proportion? well maybe not epic considering it needs to be kept from Relena's eyes but certainly some hazing.

Hmm. So it sounds like Quatre some like noble person. Can't wait to read the next chapter!


TMT (not like the stupid daytime tv show)

Sharibet chapter 94 . 6/28/2009
Wow-I've just spent my entire weekend reading this, and what a ride! Too bad it ends on such a cliffhanger, but it was a great journey getting here. Thanks for sharing this, and I do hope you will update again some day, and at least rescue poor Heero from his dungeon of starvation...
loopyfanficer chapter 1 . 6/10/2009
I love this story I wish you would complete it :( xx
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