Reviews for A beautiful friendship
Aaron Bolton chapter 1 . 5/9/2013
I make them be Lorelei Rory but them together in Gilmore girls I know
you will make is happen I want I needs them be lesbians that I want
in my life just make is happen
by Aaron Bolton
musikloverx3 chapter 1 . 1/12/2008
omg omg omg! THAT'S WHAT I SAID AFTER READING THE FIRST CHAPTER! this is a great idea!
7thgirlgal chapter 1 . 3/8/2007
its so seems like they might go out and personally I think that would be gross! but anyway its really good...I can't review every time but when i can i will this so far is a really good story!
Curley-Q chapter 15 . 2/6/2007
I loved Luke's answer , Please continue soon
faithandfearcollide chapter 14 . 12/21/2006
Awesome chapter, loved it. I can't think of anything to suggest, you pretty much have it covered. If I think of something, I'll tell you. :) Once again awesome chapter!
Like2CUHappy chapter 14 . 12/13/2006
i liuv itu pdate asap and i hope ur writing brain fart ends soon!~!
lnl4ever chapter 14 . 12/7/2006
hey! just started reading your story today and i definantly like it. its happy and more importantly no chris. update soon!
Moelli chapter 14 . 12/7/2006
I just read the whole story. Its strange to imagine a 57year old Lorelai and a grey Emily... But I like the story and Im looking forward to the next chapter!
Curley-Q chapter 14 . 12/7/2006
Please continue soon! I would love to see Max's reactoin to Rory and Lorelai being at parents day with thier respective children!
Ahodyuinsentaim chapter 14 . 12/7/2006
Well I am still reading and enjoying your story. Keep up the good work. Update soon:)
carmagirl chapter 14 . 12/7/2006
Love the story!
Curley-Q chapter 13 . 12/4/2006
I love this fic, I just feel bad that it has taken them so long to reconcile! Please continue with the wedding!
faithandfearcollide chapter 13 . 12/4/2006
awesome awesome chapter. I really like the idea of the guys and girls seperating for the weekend. Plz continue!
faithandfearcollide chapter 12 . 10/24/2006
Oh very very good story and chapter, I loved it, please continue!
CantGetEnoughofLuke chapter 11 . 10/20/2006
Great Chapter cant wait to read more!
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