Reviews for A Generation of Legacies
Ogro chapter 87 . 9/24/2009
I was smiling like an idiot after I finished reading, but then even moreso once I spotted my name in your author's notes. D It's not every day you get pointed out as a reviewer.

This was a pleasantly sugar-sweet happy ending - it was so nice seeing everyone peacefully with their families, doing simple everyday things. Everyone seems to have grown and had more children, and gone on with their lives... You know, Koiray is the first person in quite a long time in his family (way back from Braska's side) to have more than one child. It's fitting that Koiray's powers are ending with little Takoire, and his second child won't get them. Speaking of Ayrie, why was Kokon chuckling at her name...? Was she, perhaps, the name of Kokon's wife? Sorry, I don't remember that little detail

It's cool to see that Maya is around in this timeline again. She's a cute little kid, and now she has a little brother... and even another brother along the way D

As with any chapter, I have a few criticisms. When Syan first strides over to them, you mistakenly named him Sareth. Also, where the heck was Hara? D: Even Jassen was mentioned! Also, while it's nice that everyone found some kind of spouse or lover, pretty much everyone from Koiray's childhood seems to have found that special someone, which might be a little unlikely. Or maybe it was awkward when you just named and introduced all those new characters.

Nice to see Kokon wrap up the story. That was such a nicely meaningful ending that wraps things up perfectly.

You've grown so much as a writer. I never thought I'd be following this since way back when I started reading "A Generation of Aeons." Your characters are so real, so in depth, and with the right amount of flaws and believability. I always like that bit, especially with the sequel. Characterization is definitely your strongest point.

This story is so much longer than Aeons, yet you managed to make each chapter incredibly engaging and real. The twists were just enough to keep us coming for more and more, the action and mystical aspects nicely and believably done. The sheer complexity of this plot was amazing, but not complicated enough to get confused. Excellent job with that.

I don't know what more I can say. Congratulations on finishing this epic fic. I just have one more question, though - are you a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender? If so, I'd be honored if you'd read my fic. If not, or you're too busy, don't worry about it at all.

Anyway, now that my shameless self-promotion is over with, I'd love to see any other oneshots you have planned.

~Can't wait to read more of your work!~
Ogro chapter 86 . 9/18/2009
I feel very pleasantly satisfied and as full as Koiray did when he was filled with the power of the aeons )

Good old Kokon! I'm so happy he was there to fix everything, so reliable and omnipotent. I liked Koiray's confusion about him being there. I guessed it might have been him last chapter, but I was still surprised nonetheless, and quite confused when Kokon called for 'Sir Teyh.' But when you mentioned a SUMMONER Takoire... I was even more surprised. Like they've said earlier in the story - everyone in the family is either a summoner or a guardian ;D It's cool that Takoire carried on that tradition. And I can totally see HIM having a guardian daughter, lol..

Anyway, it was a complete happy ending. I'm glad Syan gets to stay in his own time, and it's really cool that Koiray had to give Syan his own powers to stabilize him. Now, the only people who could've had a bad ending are Jassen and Alor, though Jassen seemed just fine in this other alternate future being an 'Uncle.'

And it was totally nice seeing Maya and a totally awkward Sareth. It's good to see that they're both peaceful in the afterlife.

Can't wait to see the ending! I'll have an even more conclusive review there!
Defination chapter 86 . 9/18/2009
a bit rushed especially when meeting Hara your ability Koiray?don't worry your son will have it.18 years, and the first thing Hara does is say that she never married it awkward that Takiore(Koiray's son) within the few seconds of meeting his father, warmed up that like when Hara finally seen Koiray after 18 years, which is the longest time of seperation yet, she could still stand there and there are lots of lose ends in this chapter and some parts which could have been better.
Ogro chapter 85 . 9/10/2009
Two chapters? O

Ahh... They both HAVE gone off the deep end! I never would have expected so much ferocity from the gentle Syan, but they were attacking each other to /kill./ And Koiray was prepared to deal the killing blow at the end! Arghh!

I have no idea what is going to happen. You have me totally in the dark.

As for the person? Well, something tells me that they didn't go far back in time, considering the guard uniforms that Koiray somewhat recognized. Perhaps they were the first city guardians? O... Does that mean he's back when Lenne was younger? No, wait, because she wouldnt know who he was... Um... Maybe it WAS really, really far back. So... Kokon? Hopefully, he could solve any problems they are having. That is what I'm hoping on.

Unless it's only a year or two back in time and it's Hara or Desa. Blargh!

Update! Update! Updatee!
Ogro chapter 84 . 9/3/2009
Ugh! I knew something exciting was going to happen soon, from all the moments of calm and tenderness he had with Hara. And now things are worse than ever. Urgh! I can't blame Syan, but I never would have expected that impulsiveness from him. I mean... You make it seem like he shared the closest bond with his father, that the world is ending because Diln was not his father. I always viewed Alor as more of a father figure to him, since we very rarely ever saw Syan together with Diln. I'm not saying I thought of Diln as a bad father, it's just that he should have been there more. So is Syan more angry that Diln ISN'T his father, or is this immense hurt and confusion and betrayal stemming from the fact that SARETH is his father?

Blargh. Evil cliffhangers are evil. Oh, you never answered my question about naming one of my characters Koiray for a video game I play xD

Update soon!
Ogro chapter 83 . 8/27/2009
The good thing that we can all hope for is that Koiray will bring little Takoire and Syan to each of the aeons to be sealed, and hopefully Syan will be able to stay in this time. But that all sounds too good to be true - there will either be a price, or some better but harder to achieve alternative, or something will stop all of that from happening. I did like each of the conversations Koiray had, but from the way Koiray thinks something might happen to him... It makes me think he'll have to do some sort of sacrifice for everyone else to be happy - much like Tidus' at the end of FFX. Some sort of transfer of his power to Syan?

Cool chapter ;D Oh, I forgot to mention this in my last review, but I started playing this MMORPG called Perfect World. And I named one of my characters Koiray. He doesnt bare any resemblance to him (hell, that Koiray is an archer) but I just chose the name solely because I liked it. I hope that's okay...?

Cant wait for the next update!
Ogro chapter 82 . 8/22/2009
Oh yes... The stress is definitely building... I'm afraid that Koiray is going to explode. Like, literally. Not in anger. Spontaneously combusting. D:

Anyway, I don't know if I'd refer to that as happy "news," but it's still happy. Koiray better get his "work" finished.

And I wish he'd tell Desa... Her and Syan are basically one of the roots of the problem. She'd feel guilty and sad as hell, but her decision would be what makes Koiray do what he'll do.

Update soon!
Ogro chapter 81 . 8/13/2009
D:? Koiray is falling out of love with Hara? Is he going to let her and Jassen stay together? Will he let everything go as it did before, except keep Syan alive somehow? Gah! I dont have any real theories anymore.

Though I did like how he confessed everything about Sareth to his parents.

Please update soon!
Ogro chapter 80 . 8/6/2009
Damn, I have no idea how this will end xD And I totally forgot Hara wasn't a High Summoner yet. And it's so cool to see Syan again! D

So, I'm assuming there will be quite a big time skip so that little Takoire can be born. After that, will Koiray bring him to the past, to Kokon's time, so he can be sealed? Or can they do that in the present? Can Takoire be sealed before he's born, so it'll be more like Hara's being sealed? Gah. I barely even remember the sealing process - Koiray did it so long ago. Really makes you think about how far this story has come, you know?

I like how Koiray continually reflects on the destinies of himself and his family. They really are all destined for great things, aren't they? And I bet that won't end with little Takoire ; Haha - by then, it won't even be a fanfiction anymore.

Aanyway, can't wait for the next update, and the end to this story! DD
Ogro chapter 79 . 7/31/2009
Wow... You actually did it. You killed him... And, well, I've gained lots of respect for Jassen after what he said at the end of the chapter. This whole chapter was very powerful, and saddening - extremely dramatic but perfectly fitting the situation. The descriptions, the anger, the despair - it was all handled well.

Only criticism I have here is Lenne. She kinda just appears in the middle of the scene without saying a word, but once little Takoire died she didn't do anything. She didn't cry, she didn't try to comfort her son. I mean, it's cool that Teyh got that role, but I kinda miss Lenne xD. I'm assuming she did cry over her grandson (wow... she got old...) but you probably just forgot to mention it )

Awesome chapter nonetheless - that was just a minor thing. I can't wait for the next one.. I really, really hope that Koiray shifts back, especially now that he has Jassen's blessing...
Ogro chapter 78 . 7/26/2009
O.o My guess was right, but I didn't think it'd be this bad! His mind is shifting, but his body isn't? How can they fix that? That can't be good! How is Koiray supposed to know what time the kid belongs to, if it isn't here? I don't know what they're gonna do, and I can't wait to see...

Koiray's angsting wasn't overdone and it is entirely understandable.

Please update soon!
Ogro chapter 77 . 7/17/2009
Ahh, I'm sort of kind of glad to hear that the ending is coming, but I don't know how it will happen! Koiray's been pondering the same questions I have been, and I'm at a loss as to what he'll do.

Little Takoire's a bit like I pictured him, but I didnt expect the sickness. Based on his sleepless nights, nightmares, and when Koiray touched his forehead, I'm going to guess that Takoire IV inherited the same time travel powers as his father. Is his young body unable to handle it? Are the powers calling out to him? Is there some kind of block on them? Could he even be in the wrong time already? Gahh. Every freaking chapter brings more questions.

Update soon! And sorry my review is so late - I was away for the week.
Defination chapter 77 . 7/16/2009
Nice slogging through the 77 chapters you have written over 3 years, You have my utmost Koiray wished he could go back and help Sareth utimatly change history but the price is him,Hara and his parents never existing which we all know he will never do the events which he went back is finally done leading to the events job making it look like it was Koiray interference that caused the effects of his could jump back to when Syan and Desa got married and continue his life from a situation that fits everyone right?Anyway great chapter and writing skill is really superb with actions and Dialouge blended well together making the story seem ongoing and no more flashbacks.I loved how the flashbacks were used in the earlier parts of the story but now they get irritating when they provide extra information when we want the story to get will Hara and Koiray do?Can't wait for the next chapter.
Ogro chapter 76 . 7/2/2009
*Frustrated mumbling*

Ahh! This chapter, right here, made these characters seem more real than ever. All sides of the argument are perfectly reasonable, and it's just so frustrating! Hara, Koiray, and Jassen are all beating themselves up over this. I was somewhat surprised to see Hara finally give in to her feelings and run to Koiray's house, because it's the first time we've seen her fall apart over something.

Awesome job with this chapter. But what the hell is Koiray going to do? Stupid morals!
Ogro chapter 75 . 6/25/2009
Honestly, I do prefer saving-the-world stories, but this is deep and exciting and you know I like it despite it being "more about the people".

And you did succeed in making no one look like the bad guy. Jassen has a few valid arguments despite being unreasonable, and Koiray made a huge mistake, but he regrets it. Hara, too, has her faults, but she's more realistic because of them. I just hope it isn't a bittersweet ending for Koiray. Wait, no, there's really nothing 'sweet' about it... Meh, I hope Koiray has a happy ending!

Syan's sphere was saddening, but I'm glad he was happy before he died. He deserved that.

Cant wait for the next update!
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