Reviews for We Have Just Lost Cabin Pressure
yojorocks chapter 7 . 11/24/2007
Brilliant adaptation. Great work on weaving Xander into the story while maintaining stability of characterization.
FanFictionFantom chapter 7 . 8/14/2006
Goddamnit. I can't believe you wrote a crossover of two of the best things ever and only got three reviews so far. I absolutely adore Tyler Durden, and I think you really had the charcterization down-and you even wrote it in the same style as the book. I never saw the Faith-being-Marla thing coming, that was genius.

Weak points: Although Xander does have a pretty dull life compared to everyone else on the show, he's got a lot of friends and is very devoted to them, so it'd be weird of him to hate life as much as the original Fight Club narrator. (He's the most realistic pick out of everyone on the show, though.) There were some grammar mistakes, most consistently apostrophes where they shouldn't have been, but it was a smooth read and neither too long nor too short.

In summary-great job! You deserve a lot more recognition than three reviews. Keep on truckin'.
Furious George chapter 7 . 4/21/2002
Wow...that was a dark and entertaining as the film.

I never thought that you could meld the BtVS characters with those of Fight Club and make it a good and entertaining read. Well I'm glad to say that once again I was wrong about that. Good show Lint!

*Wondering if there is a little bit of Tyler in all of us*

DaBear chapter 7 . 12/27/2001
Great story man, rereading it and I still can't believe how close to the movie it feels. Loved it.
Calen chapter 7 . 9/3/2001
I think I've already said this...but this is some good fic.