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LittleAngel01385 chapter 67 . 8/10
Please Please Please update soon. I read this story a while back, and I kinda stopped reading as soon as she graduated because I had a hard time remembering names. Yesterday I started to reread it, and now I am in love with this story! This is absolutely amazing, and I hope you update very soon.
Coonchitaa chapter 67 . 7/25
wow .. mm I just finished reading this story in less than 2 days, it's been just like a rollercoster of emotions, at first i was sure of mer and bill, then i though that oliver would make a move on her, and then I got confused when he asked patricia and angelina to hogsmeade instead of mere, i mean even remus knew about his crush on her and never ever tried to kiss her o reveal his feelings :( I was just dissapointed. but then she starts the healing career and I just couldn't help recalling the grey's anatomy tv show... i mean even the names Meredith and David(instead of Derek, it was a laugh actually).. and now she revive the feelings for Bill, which it's cute, but i strongly support oliver and mere 3 at least give the opportunity to wood please.
and update soon, i'll be waiting (:
Guest chapter 67 . 6/10
Oh please please please update soon it's such a good story! And I love your OC finally someone who is not a marysue and is capable.
dutchgirl23 chapter 67 . 6/7
Oh my Holy SNITZEL!
I'm in love with your story! Your take on HP is really good. The changes from meredith, from a timid, little girl with trusting issues, to a grown woman who puts her family and friends first. i admire your way of writing, because of the emotions that come with it. Maybe you haven't noticed at all, but it does. David is a good OC, just as Patricia was, the sad thing was the fight. I actually believed Patricia for a moment, she even got close to Remus. When Sirius met his daughter I was crushed, you did a really good job. She was confused by all of that, and that's proberly how I would react too. Her relationship with the younger characters, and her loving character that comes forth is beautiful. The way she talked to Neville, when she stood up for Harry. Helping Hermione with girltalk, and her own experience in friendship. We went through it all, in only 67 chapters. To be honest, I've read this in 2 days straight. It what I do, I eventually can't stop reading when I'm started. I think your OC's have character, and their own personality's. Their not typical, but I was a little bit afraid for Meredith when Camille talked about David that way. It turned out not to be the situation, well that's what we think. The reactions of her 'two' dads is amusing. Sirius was putting 18 years of missed fatherly overprotectiveness into one date like you've mentioned. It was cute in some sort of way, plus her walk of shame... BUSTED. I thought their relationship was cute, but it wasn't meant to last very long. I think she's not exactly the girl to stay forever with her first boyfriend. I ship Meredith/Bill so hard! The way you're describing their progress is little but it's something. Though I'm not really sure if you'll end it that way (His attention at the triwizard tournament for Fleur Delacour) , but who knows? Maybe Meredith and her first crush will walk into a romance after all? Continueing on Harry and Meredith, I think Harry definitely sees her as his older sister and for her his younger brother. He trusts her, that's something he should value. Although I'm not really sure if he'll act subtle about it when he hears about the order is being kept from him. I have no glue how I should imagine Meredith right now.. Burned strokes of hair? or did she just become bald? Fill me in on this please. I'm extremely rambling, so sorry. Although I sometimes wish I got reviews like these too, since I'm putting much effort into it these days. Consider yourself Lucky :)
lovelydasom chapter 67 . 6/6
YOU'RE KILLING ME. YOU UPDATE IN GOD KNOWS HOW LONG AND IT ENDS UP BEING SUCH AN INTENSE CHAPTER. AND MEREDITH BREAKS UP WITH DAVID. AND MY FEELS ARE ALL BURNED TO A CRISP LIKE MEREDITH'S HOME. YOU'RE KILLING ME. But now that I've calmed some, thank you for your update! I've been dying waiting for an update on this amazing story. I hope your life is well :) Please update sooner and keep me from pulling ALL my hair out in suspense. :)
Lady Isabelle Black chapter 67 . 6/2
Please update soon
Aryabloodlust chapter 67 . 6/1
So I know that I should be so sad that they broke up, but, YAY! :D I hope Ella and Bill end up together! There so cute. Can't wait for the next update, I know it will be fantastic.
Maiden of the Heavens chapter 67 . 5/31
I am terribly confused did you entirely skip over chapter 66? Also Meredith is really starting to seem like a Mary-Sue, I had really hoped she wouldn't turn into one. I was hoping to see her using her medical expertise to help poor wizard families, but I guess that isn't happening.
bubbleairhead chapter 67 . 5/30
Was beginning to think you had abandoned this story. So good to see another chapter but as usual im dying for more. POOR DAVID. oh well i see her fitting better with bill anyway. Make it so and make it steamy lol.
Are you going to be updating regularly again?
siko1339 chapter 67 . 5/29
I love This chapter. It is good to have You back
GilliebeanN chapter 67 . 5/29
lightbabe chapter 67 . 5/29
Looking forward to reading more
Um . A name chapter 66 . 5/26
Please update!
musa of melody chapter 66 . 4/30
Hi the story is going just awesome I really really like it plz update more chapters
welshgirl1148 chapter 66 . 3/19
please finish this I think Hermione and Sirius should have a closer bond she seems a bit harsh on him he is her father her real one even if Remus brought her up it seems a bit harsh her calling him dad in front of Sirius
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