Reviews for Legacy of the Rasengan I: Naruto
korrd chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
Great fic. If Naruto uses his Rasengan on Kakashi shouldn't the pervert recognize what it looks like? Go Naruto/femHaku. Update soon.
Lord MHB chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
This is freaking awesome!Continue on and I'll be a happy dude :)
Monks1 chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
i LOVED this chapter! keep it comin!
3000-Calorie diet chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
Perhaps if you made this story a little bit more original, it'd be more fun to read. Right now, all you're doing is just retelling the plot, except Naruto has an extra jutsu...
mishcheviousfox chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
ah i LUV this story! lol, hope u update soon!
Jarnan chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
Now... is the technique that Naruto was developing, involving wind, going to be the rasengan? Because so far, all he has done is the unique smoke cloud one, kage bunshin, and that odd haze. You would think he would be eager to blast someone like Kakashi for embarrasing him, or is he not finished with it yet?
Dragon Man 180 chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
It saddens me that a Jounin like Kakashi can't look underneath the underneath enough to see how much Naruto is holding back. Just wait until Naruto gets some training and starts to improve, then he'll feel stupid. But if he plays favorites like in the series I doubt Naruto will respect him as much. As for using the series as a backbone, I do the same thing for my fic Naruto the Kitsune Hanyou, so don't feel bad.
Calundann chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
Needs more AU! If you are going to also do the Wave Country arc and the chuunin exam I cant promise I will be able to continue reading this as it will be way too borring and predictable. Adding small changes and an extra jutsu just isnt enough and the whole "Do the whole canon story line with my own minor changes" has been done in more fanfictions than I can remember.

Your saying that it will be changing from the series later on ? You actually did that in the beginning with Naruto training himself and pranking and stuff. Makes me wonder why you didnt continue on that line of thoughts, that was actually why I was reading this story. You need to think more outside the box, thats kinda the basic idea with fanfictions anyway.
Moshulel chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
A good chapter, not my favorite but a good chapter nonetheless.

Now off to the usual comments:

Part 1.

Can't say anything here, nothing special (canon all the way).

Part 2.

Here's where a have a few things to note:

1. "Almost like a sibling rivalry." While i admit i hate Sasuke what I'll say has nothing to do with that:

a) At this point in the story Sasuke didn't had the close interaction that he had while in team 7 with Naruto so i consider that you are seriosly pushing it here.

b) The rivalry bit is a little over rated, although he might see Naruto as a possible rival he would definetly consider the threath level low.

I liked the fact that Kakashi assessed each of his genin's and the fact that he was able, based on his experience to catch something aloof with Naruto

Part 3.

Now here's the part where i have some problems mainly with Naruto's character. His actions don't fit the profile that you were trying to build for him too well:

1. He is easily angered, that wouldn't be a problem in itself if he would just proceed like he did until now (Ex: The Hyuuga incident where he planned his revenge) and actually plan he acts rash and almost identical to the canon Naruto.

2. Also during the fight he uselessly looses an advantage although he is aware how important senses are to a Ninja ( Ex: Again the Hyuuga incident where he avoids making SOUND even if the Hyuuga's are renowned for they're eyes...)

The end redeemed the chapter: Naruto's ingenious use of the Kage Bunshin was a nice touch and also his discovery of the trap Kakashi layed.

Also i would havbve liked for Naruto to have a few more internal debates during the battle and for him to use a little of his analitical skills.

I have a few suggestions here:

a) Give reasons for his behaviour during the test.

b) Add a small internal monologue/analysis of the test from his point of view.

c) Don't regress his thinking processes ( don't turn him in a mindless super sayan) Smart Naruto Cool Naruto

d) Have him perform his own analysis on his teammates.

e) Don't forget about him catching ideas from the test for jutsus ( Hey he got one from Ramen :P)

As for Kakashi, what can i say he's not too differently from the canon so there seems to be no problem here especially at this level of interaction.

Sorry if i was a little harsh in my review.

Status: Waiting for the next chapter :).
LoveDetermination chapter 7 . 5/31/2006
Nice. I loved the fight scene. Not considering the true purpose, it was cool to see Naruto not make a complete fool of himself.

As for Kakashi. I think you did well. Your explanation on why hes late even fits him. I always thought Kakashi was one of the few to see through Naruto's mask including maybe only the Sandaime (perhaps hinata *wink*) but not Iruka, as he took time to get over Naruto's tenant. I just wonder if you will have Kakashi act more on Naruto's situation then he has in the series.

Keep up the awsome work
Engelmohr2004 chapter 5 . 5/30/2006
let the second tecnice he learned be the rasdigan
Jabode chapter 6 . 5/29/2006
Couple problems... You have yet to take more than a few steps away from the canon in 6 chapters. If your just going to re-write the canon, assume we know it and skip to the point of divergence.

Second, how is this different than canon? He acts the same, has the same powers, friends, etc... He might have the rasengan, but in reality, he shouldn't be able to preform the justsu at his current level. Why even write a story if its the same as the books?

Junky chapter 6 . 5/28/2006
Hm. How will he stop Sasuke from copying his techniques?
James D. Fawkes chapter 6 . 5/28/2006
Could you possibly...I don't know...make the chapters longer?
Soul-Harvester chapter 6 . 5/28/2006
Hey, me again. Pretty good job on this chapter except for a few grammar mistakes. I'm not really one to lecture though seeing as I suck at it. Also what's this new jutsu and what does it do? Update soon.
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