Reviews for Story Time
asteroula chapter 1 . 5/12/2017
The four bremen town musicians and a shepherdess
Once upon a time an old donkey was loved by his master but one day his master got very sick and died leaving the donkey alone. The poor fella was very sad and he couldn't stay anymore in there because it reminded him of his dear master and it made him to shed tears because he missed his owner. One day he decided to go to bremen the town of germany because he had heard of a lovely girl who lost her way trying to return to her brother and older sister and he thought:Children these days follow horny people and they end dying now i must find the girl and save her before it is too late. As he left the mill talking to himself he heard a lovely singing voice from a girl singing:Love is a song that never ends life may be swift and fleeting hope may die yet love's beautiful music comes each day like the dawn. The donkey had never heard such a beautiful voice and so he decided to walk to see who was singing because he recognized it was his girlfriend marilena dressed as a shepherdess and she was singing the last lyrics of the song:Love is a song that never ends one simple theme repeating like the voice of a heavenly choir love's sweet music flows on. Suddenly the girl stopped hearing hooves clapping and when she turned she saw the donkey was applauding her saying:Bravo that was lovely Mrs it was really beautiful. The young girl smiled saying:Oh thank you Mr donkey You really have a nice taste in music. The donkey smiled saying:My mother was a proffesional singer in athens since 2008. She said:She really has a nice voice and i am sure you also have sir. He smiled and he said:Care to accompany an old donkey like me to bremen to be musicians?. The shepherdess nodded her head in agreement and decided that it will be a great idea cause she had never been to bremen. Soon they met an old dog who was howling and crying and the girl asked:What's the matter Mrs dog why are You crying?. At first mrs dog thought that her ears deceived her but when she saw her cousin marilena sitting on the back of the donkey she barked happily running to her:Cousin marilena You are alive thank the lord oh cousin marilena how is the little darling?. The donkey smiled seeing mrs dog playing detective with the pregnant girl and when the dog said to them about her owner they invinted her to join them to bremen. Of course the dog agreed and joined them towards bremen unknowing that from inside the polar express the girl's brother and sister Christ and Sophia were staring at her weirdly. Soon they came across an old cat named marina it was the girl's other sister and when she saw her she said:Big sister why are You crying? I mean Hey mrs cat why are You crying?. The old cat rose her head up and upon seeing her little sister alive again Mrs cat was very happy and she run towards her sister and meowed and purred at her. Of course they invinted her and and an old hen named nikoleta to bremen to be musicians.
RustyPete12 chapter 1 . 11/3/2014
I have absolutely no knowledge of the TV show this is based off of, but I find the story to be rather interesting. I applaud your efforts.
Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 7/23/2006
Nope I figured out which animal was who. i loved it! very imaginative! Well written and well done! Very cute and yet very philisophical.
Ocianne chapter 1 . 5/27/2006
Um... I love this fic. Mag 7 is a fandom I hold very dear, and this was a masterful AUish story. The animals were well adapted to their characters, the boys themselves were very in-character, and the story in general was well written. I've been really bad about reviewing, but I also love your Yu-gi-oh and Danny Phantom fics. (I blame you for the fact that I downloaded Phantom season 1 :).) If I can ever find something to say about such masterpieces, I'll leave individual reviews for them, too. But currently, you're one of my favorite authors. *hearts*