Reviews for When All is Lost
Sue hunt chapter 13 . 3/15
I don't like that he had to die. How convenient for nasty phantom.
Herline-Hedervary chapter 74 . 1/21
Thank you for this fanfic, it was great!
Herline-Hedervary chapter 50 . 1/19
Poor Darius!
Maxypuz chapter 74 . 11/15/2021
I never thought about how Christine, at the start, lived in shadows too. She was not truly living. But when you see yourself in another and you can allow yourself to be *you* it is indescribable and you understand that. Thank you so much for this story.
Maxypuz chapter 73 . 11/15/2021
"I think we keep each other alive."

God how can you write a like like that as if it is nothing. You mentioned how Christine seemed to be alive when she noticed Erik and that is exactly what love should do to a person, bring them to life.

"And he felt that he belonged there and nowhere else."

I cant really articulate how i feel, its just a messy swirl of emotions but i can discern the undercurrent of longing for that. You just get love and romance. And i thank you for being able to put it all into words, good and bad, hopeful and depressing, happy and messy.
Maxypuz chapter 58 . 11/10/2021
Oh, Raoul, I pity him. I want to help him and I have never felt that for him before. Brava.
Maxypuz chapter 57 . 11/10/2021
Ah, leonie is created from the sultana, i can't believe i didnt see it sooner

"Youre the only one who could ever get him to believe it. it's sickeningly sweet how Christine brings out the best in him, but its also awful how he cannot trust anyone else to be there for him because of his trauma, not even Nadir.
Maxypuz chapter 52 . 11/9/2021
Oh man, if it weren't for the greed of the rest of them so much death could have been prevented. So much hatred could have been avoided. The only good thing about this (so far) is that Erik and Christine found themselves in each other. I just hope Raoul does what none of the others could do and destroy the company.
Maxypuz chapter 50 . 11/8/2021
Oh, theyre still after those who could bring them down. They can't run, can they? Erik has to know that he cannot run forever, that they will follow until they cannot run. Perhaps he does and accepts that- desiring her company above his life.
Maxypuz chapter 49 . 11/8/2021
"I will always fine you," he had told her when she had started to protest the plan. "No matter where you are."

Love is hard for anyone to explicitly express, nonetheless a man who has never been shown love before, but he says it in his small ways. But i also fear that they will be split up again and i don't think my heart can handle that. These two deserve a soft ending.
Maxypuz chapter 47 . 11/8/2021
Poor guy. He needs some love. Im glad Christine is there to give it to him.
Maxypuz chapter 45 . 11/8/2021
Maxypuz chapter 43 . 11/8/2021
How ironic that Leonie's whole "disguise" is to look dumber than she is, and Christine has her own air of naivety around her, but she isnt naive nor stupid.

Their reunion
Maxypuz chapter 40 . 11/8/2021
Oh, the story is to end in england? Not ideal but it is doable.
Maxypuz chapter 39 . 11/8/2021
its a good thing she is leaving then, right. Dear god if they capture Christine then there will be no mercy from Erik.
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