Reviews for Since When Are There Two Potters?
Kassandra eguia chapter 39 . 9/20
That was a great story
Nad19 chapter 39 . 8/2
I had fun! thanks a lot! I am not quite Naruto fans so thank God for the short but quite interesting fanfic.
Nad19 chapter 39 . 8/2
will they ever become jonin? haha they always with harry
Nad19 chapter 34 . 8/2
hm now that you mention it, why Harry didn't use avada when facing the snake face?
Nad19 chapter 23 . 8/2
huh, just conjure one? the hitai-ate?
Nad19 chapter 21 . 8/2
and Kashi feel too weak as well. a ninja his caliber could kept standing even after poisoned with just one thrust of blade, I think.
Nad19 chapter 21 . 8/2
is it me or harry feels weaker? and everything is moving A bit too fast. but it's quite okay
Nad19 chapter 7 . 8/2
why did he not bringing him to mind healer?
Xieners chapter 1 . 7/31
So cute! I know its only chapter 1 and I'm just starting to read but I cant help but comment how excited I am for whatever development that's gonna happen!
kaida171 chapter 41 . 7/16
Hi! Just an question: will the docs be updated on AO3 as well? I’m mostly over there now a days, so I was wondering. Thank you for continuing to write!
J bear chapter 39 . 7/5
So I like this fanfic. I think the plot was good. I love the idea of Harry raising sasuke, the idea that sasuke has to learn magic differently, and the ending was satisfying in a way that a lot of fics aren’t. However, I also felt that this fan fiction was lacking. For more than half of the story I felt like you were missing so much detail and so much of the story. It was just too fast pace. It almost felt like reading a series of oneshots versus a complete story. Because of that, your character development suffered a little bit. You have some good ideas here and a very good plot. I personally would just like to see if fleshed out a little more.
nemosmith chapter 3 . 6/19
You everyone knew what Severus was thinking. Severus 'well she's gone and fucked up'
Aqua Lilly chapter 4 . 6/15
IDK if this is true or not but Scififan33 has this exact same story on their profile and it is practically word for word the same story and I think it might have been stolen. They do far have 4 chapters condensed into 2. IDK if they did or not but I just wanted to let you know since I really liked what I read and went to look for more HP/N crossovers to read and thought I was seeing double.
shadewatcher chapter 40 . 6/14
Faranon423 chapter 25 . 6/8
I appreciate the threat of "quality time with Ibiki."
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