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Long Live BRUCAS chapter 6 . 9/21/2011
I'm fine Such a Tony line (NCIS)(Soon it had become second nature to Logan to show the world only the successful student, the cocky, self-assured bachelor,) So Tonyish.

When he was talking to Max he so reminded me of Tony. So sad tiring to be something hes not hiding his true self. he found himself saying things he never had told anybody, never had wanted to share how he had disappointed every single person in his life…

Loved both of there thoughts. Only have seen s1 so far. But you have captured their feeling and emotions so well.

'Loved that she stayed and eventually moved to the end of his bed. Not wanting to leave him. Loved being there with him.
Ica44 chapter 6 . 1/30/2010
Fab job! I absolutely loved it. Beautiful angst.
Ica44 chapter 3 . 1/30/2010
Beautiful, beautiful angst. So heart-wrenching. The end of Ch 3 totally has me crying.

Off to read the rest of the story :)
Myxale chapter 6 . 10/11/2007
This was one of the most powerful DA fic i read in a while.

It's been years since the show last aired; and not taking in account Season 2, which i avoided like the pest. It's good to see talented writers still writing high-quality M/L fiction.

You delivered a great story with enough character and depth to fill books with. I love how you turned the POV'S from Max to Logan in the middle, and how you showed their fears, doubt and problems to the reader in a mature fashion. Without making them just a tool for angst! You are really gifted when it comes to words and atmospehre. Your work here has at times something like poetic feel to it. And it works very well. Kudos.

I could go on like this, but don't want to bore you!

Keep it up and thanx for writing!
dgurisko2001 chapter 6 . 9/18/2007
Another great chapter...sorry to see it end
Kyre chapter 6 . 8/24/2007
I remember this fic (albeit I don't remember the details without going back and rereading) and LOVE the way you ended it. It's just the right mix of uncertainty and comfort...with both Max and Logan in character...perfect. Thanks for writing the story.
intstebri chapter 6 . 8/13/2007
you gave me a hard time, re-reading the all story because, yes I'm ashamed to say but I forgot this one. Probably my brain putting this story so deep in my memory because you let them stick to each other and me waiting to know if they would finally acknowledge that the 'stickness' wasn't so bad after all!

You ended this story so nicely! Keeping their slowllyy behavior! I cannot forget Max curling at the far end of the bed, as not sure if she must be there, on his bed, with him... loving him!

Another story that I printed and will keep for ever (May I? I never thought to ask before, I have a stack of stories printed that I keep in a special file cabinet (which I dream that it could be fire-proof!))

Thank you for another unforgettable story! (Yes, unforgettable not only because I read it twice, but also because of this Max curled up at the end of the bed, heartbreaker! you couldn't have find a better way to end this!)
lisa316 chapter 6 . 8/3/2007
You're going to have to eat a lot of brooms! (Interesting chioce, by the way.) Not only did I remember this story, I've been longing for an update! This was so worth the wait!

Oh, Mari, so well done! Wow!

Then end of Female Trouble was always a point of contention with me. I always felt ripped off at the end because they took this amazing, dramatic moment and skimmed over it as though it was trivial. Thank goodness you're here to correct it.

I love the quiet, tense feeling throughout this story, letting us know how scared they are, and how desperate, and how fragile. I like that you didn't just have them jumping into bed togather (though I may write that one later, since it seems to be my little niche in the fandom-insert roley eye smiley here) but that you had her on the chair, scared to get too close. Somehow, her watching him sleep was so much more intimate than everything-will-be-OK-now sex.

Of course, you should have had him sleeping shirtless, but this story is so good, I can overlook that.

Favorite parts:

The way they held onto each other, and she adjusted her breathing to match his because she didn't want to do anything that would scare him away.

That kiss, so beautiful. The way her hand on the back of his neck sparked such a reaction in both of them just goes to show how the tension in both of them and how such a little thing can make them explode.

Max's feeling's about Logan's bedroom. I wanted to be in there so badly after reading that (you know, to comfort him...)

Such potent emotions in this one; I love it. Thank you.
BlueAngel137 chapter 6 . 7/29/2007
Okay, this is my third try to review your story :(. Sorry for being late, Mari.

I really loved every chapter, every sentence and every word of this story. The mixture of deep sadness and melancholy that's lightened up by more hopeful moods, even happiness is outstanding. I already told you in another review that I admire, how deep you "dig" to bring out the character's deepest emotions and the reasons for their reactions. Brilliant work!

Favorites (it's really hard to decide for a few parts):

-...Even in the usual, comfortable warmth of the penthouse he felt cold, chilled like somebody long gone to the place where nothing mattered anymore. His icy fingers were dead weight on her back, conjuring a ferocious image of how the day might have ended: Logan with the gun in his hand, limp, hollow, eyes broken. ...

(great, vivid description, showing again how close Logan had been to end his life)

-...All flirting playfulness was gone, his work his only focus, the only thing legitimating his existence. His alter ego had taken over, an oddly controlled person whose only purpose was saving the world, a man who now welcomed her with only a barely visible shrug, that dangerously boyish smile seemingly having died from disuse. ...

(ahh, such a great observation, it's so sad but true all the same)

-...Somehow, inexplicably, Max wanted to call him onto it, irritated by this contradiction between his words and other, more subtle signals…. but she didn’t. It would have established a level of intimacy she’d never had with anyone before, an intimacy Max didn’t want to have with this stranger, whose motives were so contradictory to all the things Manticore and life had taught her. And so she held back and watched him struggle, stubborn and alone. ...

(Perfect! Max's fear of getting too close and Logan arguing he's okay ... a great explanation for so many typical M/L moments in season one. And it's so beautifully put into words.)

Naturally I just LOVE the kiss (my birthday present :))!

-...It wasn’t the longest kiss in the world, nor the most spectacular – but it was theirs and it felt as tender and mind-numbing as both remembered. It was enough to let Max believe maybe fairy tale ending was possible even for a transgenic fighting machine, long enough for Logan to start believing that the state of his legs really didn’t matter to her. ...

(So beautiful again! Sigh.)

-...Then, without further thinking, she suggested the obvious. “Go to bed, Logan.”

He looked up, seemingly as surprised as Max was herself at her quiet, softly caring voice. Always before this tone had been reserved for her siblings. It hadn’t been used in a long time, sounded almost like the voice of somebody else. ...

(would've loved to see that on screen)

-...It would not be forever, might well be shorter than she hoped… and still, Max would take it for however long it would last.

With this thought she stood to walk over to the bed where, careful not to wake Logan, she curled up at the far end, her tender gaze taking in every part of him as if seeing him for the first time. Then Max closed her eyes and for the first time in her life just stopped worrying. ...

(A beautiful ending of a beautiful story!)

Shywr1ter chapter 1 . 7/27/2007
Whoops, Mari!

That last long, rambly review was from me, when I was getting ready for this week's installment. Bet you knew it was me!

Still love it all & mean every word!:*
Writers' Pulse chapter 6 . 7/26/2007
(Eat a broom? ?)

Well, pull it out & start eating, because we remember!

The show really didn't do this plot idea justice, for so many reasons- so it's good that you gave it the thought and treatment it deserved. There are so many delicate and beautiful scenes here, and so many terrific ideas! To the favorites in this chapter, quickly:

"His icy fingers were dead weight on her back, conjuring a ferocious image..." Such a tangible reminder of how close Logan came to ending it, and how low he must have felt to try it!

"All flirting playfulness was gone... that dangerously boyish smile seemingly having died from disuse." Such a great observation- I hadn't thought about this before, but it's a really good point, the change in Logan, caught by Max even after only meeting him a few brief times. It just makes your heart go out to Logan...

"And so she held back and watched him struggle, stubborn and alone." I really love this line, because it sums up so much about the both of them!

"As Logan lectured her about the lost pleasures of better times – seemingly unaware that she never had a chance to experience them – Max was left wondering what his mother would think if she saw how her son used her words as a shield from the world." And this says even more! This is absolutely my favorite line, for two main reasons: first, it never ever occurred to me how off-base Logan's comment was about the $2K watches, as far as Max was concerned. His passions for the downtrodden make him oblivious to what she must have gone through in her life, even though he knows her history- that's a great observation, and I'm glad you caught this and pointed it out. And Max not snapping back to tell him what kind of life she's had & remind him of his pampered upbringing- it makes me admire Max for not reacting to that. And second: wow- another amazing point I hadn't thought about before: Logan using his mother's words "as a shield against the world." That's exactly what he was doing, and how cool that Max is on his wavelength already to catch that it's what he's doing. This passage is just fantastic!

And all of the kiss is, of course, just great, but this is especially nice: "It wasn’t the longest kiss in the world, nor the most spectacular – but it was theirs and it felt as tender and mind-numbing as both remembered." Such a lovely description of a kiss between two people who have shared so much!

I love your description of the exhausted Logan at dinner, with a very tender Max saying "Logan, go to bed." He!

And of course, the final scene, where Max is drawn to come closer and be with Logan, maybe even stand guard between him and his darker thoughts. Her curling up closer, not joined again yet, but at the edge of intimacy, is so beautifully hopeful for their future. Just lovely.

Far, far more satisfying than what the show gave us. Thank you! :}
Moonlite Star chapter 6 . 7/26/2007
wow, so many thoughts and emotions!

well done. liked the ending. :)

keep writing!
TigrouAngel chapter 6 . 7/26/2007
I have tears in my eyes... That was so beautiful. So beautiful.

Amazing story, Mari, and a perfect happy end!
Jeanetteg chapter 6 . 7/25/2007
You can't end it there. The emotions of them is so overwhelming and then to have Max is his room...Wow.
TheNaggingCube chapter 6 . 7/25/2007
Would you like a fresh new broom, or the nasty one I use for cobwebs on the back porch :-D

I remember and am so happy to see this wonderful story find an ending. Nicely done. Beautiful imagery.

Thanks for finishing and sharing it.
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