Reviews for Girl's School
Tsamoka chapter 18 . 6/8
Anything Goes Cosplay Club? Cool. I might have to use that sometime.
wxyzsupermod chapter 38 . 3/6
will this be updated anymore I was really into it
sonicboomboy chapter 38 . 2/23
This is strange, but I like it.
Felicia chapter 38 . 2/20
This story originally had so much potential. I loved the beginning, I loved the middle, I could've even accepted all of this stuff if it wasn't so . . . it feels like you got high and imagined it all up. The story isn't even about Ranma being a student anymore, and the amount of oc's you've added is making things very confusing. I don't feel the team should have so many magical girls, especially when you mixed up Konatsu and Kohana's magical girl names in one chapter, and then this new team . . .

I don't like how you treated Konatsu's gender, either. Konatsu is a trans girl, you said she had the soul of a girl and was a girl in every way it mattered BUT her body parts, and then emphasized in every way that "the magical girls and B0Y", HE did this . . . as one of my best friends in the world is trans, this highly irritated me to the point I almost didn't want to continue reading.

Nodoka would not react that way to a demon, one of which killed her husband, fighting Ranma. She would've been sympathetic, and encouraged its death. And I don't like Chibi Strawberry one bit, to be honest.

However, your story has somehow still remained engaging and the fight scenes are brilliantly executed. I miss Ranma and Akane's romance and I love Kaida and Nabiki. The first and middle sections of this story will always have a dear place in my heart, and as such I really can't stop reading it, even as much as I want to.

Thank you for writing, and I hope some semblance of what it used to be comes back to this story.
Gary Go chapter 38 . 1/15
I'm saying it's wonderful!
Rune Tobor chapter 38 . 1/13
The bit about contracts seems like dealing with the devil.
Did they sign what grubby, filthy, small souls they have away?
Couldn't happen to "nicer" people.
Nargus chapter 26 . 1/12
Seem to me like quite an insight into (what I assume) to be a japanese tradition. I have never heard of those, in stories or otherwise, before. So this chapter is really good in more way than one to me.
Nargus chapter 24 . 1/12
Oh wow. This chapter is incredible. I certainly didn't expect such intense scenes in this story. So, awesome!
Guest chapter 38 . 1/12
Not too bad
Mika the Raven chapter 38 . 1/11
This had so much potential. The start was awesome the middle was awesome, now I have no idea what's happening. It's like adhd all over the place
Rune Tobor chapter 37 . 1/11
Shiori is a selfish brat that makes the Links look good.
She needs her ass kicked until she chokes on her shit!

And her so called friends should be beaten with a clue club.
Dumbledork chapter 38 . 1/11
Hehehe. I can't wait to see the two teams go against each other.
spicarus chapter 38 . 1/10
Doesn't anybody on Shiori's team know that the devil is in the details. I guess I'll have to wait to find out how "Artemis" screws over both Goku and Akira. "Artemis" never said they were signing magical guy contracts. Just that the contracts for magical girls and magical guys were virtually the same.

On another note; why do I get the distinct impression that the grand vizier doesn't want princess ragamuffin around? I get the feeling he's just using her training as an excuse to keep her away.
Mizuno Tenshi2 chapter 38 . 1/10
HAhahahahahahaha... More guys who end up girls, this time because they didn't listen well enough. Oh, that's going to be hilarity. Not that all of this isn't, really. _
aliesterus chapter 38 . 1/9
Thoughts: First use of over 9000 that was actually *funny*, in any form.

Ranma's mother is either being facetious, or really hasn't learned anything when it comes to Ranma.

I quote, "Yay! Being a magical girl is fun because I like ice cream!" Epic win.

Octava's protestation of Miyuki being anything other than a normal girl is another epic win.

Shortcake is short. I don't know why, but that popped into my head when Nabiki chastised Ranma.

So, Magical Girl politics? Human ones are already messy, I can't see how this would turn out.

No matter how many times I read it, I just can't take the name Holy Loli Puritan Sisters of Strict Orthodoxy seriously. I took the Anything Goes Angels more seriously than that, and that's saying something.

Ranma was right, cats(or at least of the normal variety) are all demonic creatures out to get us. Run, run or else you'll giggle to death at the sheer silliness of an attempt of a small black cat to instill fear into your very hearts.

Brother Radish... Did you ever watch DBZ Abridged by any chance?

Achievements in Ignorance, by not reading the fine print(or not reading the contract at all), those boys may very well have changed their gender... Or at least temporarily. Or... Something. Meh.
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