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weebee chapter 25 . 5/28
Honestly, to this point this story was mostly really good. Sometimes I'd notice a few sections where your proofing would break down, specifically on names, but the vast majority of the plot, I had no problem with.

Sure, most of the girls are overly pushy, but they're teenaged girls and Ranma almost never pushes back, so that made sense. The dynamic is forming up well.

Still, I'm done here, because there's one constantly reappearing plotpoint that I... simply can't get past. You see, I detest your Nodoka.

I'm not kidding. By now, I actively dread when she comes on screen and ruins the mood of a chapter with her high handed decrees and patronizing insistance that she always knows best which is not once called out in a way that actually effects her. Truth be told, this hit its breaking point NEXT chapter, but since I didn't read all of that, I didn't feel I should review there.

The issue is honestly that you made Nodoka TOO compotent. See, there's a certain level of stuff we put up with most of Ranma's cast doing because in a real way each of them is terribly flawed. Ranma's got the sociiatal maturity of a six year old and the predictive ability of a potato, Genma is mind-bogglingly stupid, Akane has horrible anger issues that sometimes make her do things she shouldn't, etc, etc. In Nodoka's case, her worldview is... just a bit tilted.

Thing is, in canon she buys into Genma's hype, and not just the pretty stuff, ALL of it. She first really identifies Ranma in the bust battle arc by correctly identifying, describing, and disassembling a technique she specifically notes is for dodging debt collectors, understanding it well enough to note that Ranma altered it so that he didn't have to hurt her, and at the same time views a vow Genma and Ranma made as invialable, and thinks they would obviouslyw want to commit suicide for breaking it. She also has some truely strange ideas about manliness, which all seem to construct a fairly coherant worldview in her own mind that the reader never really gets more than a glimpse of.

Nodoka keeps some sympathy in canon because, in a very real way,she's as dumb as Genma. She had no idea the seppuku pact would be a dumb idea, or that they had a serious chance of failing it. When she found they DID, she was ready to perform her duty, but was also willing to take any explanation, including 'There's an explanation for this!" as reason to stop.

Your Nodoka, though? Sure, she changes the content of the pact, but the biggest issue is that she should clearly have known better than to have accepted it in the first place. She has a good idea of what Genma is like, and if she became a viceprincipal through progress up the teaching ranks, has enough intelligence to think through the consiquences.

In essence, my problem with your Nodoka is that she comes off to me as smart enough that the seppuku pledge comes as her fobbing her son off on Genma at age six with a fig-leaf of cover, and then having the gaul to start wanting to be a mother after all of the major work's done, using the contract as an obvious hammer to smash objections out of her way whenever her will is questioned. And if she's a vice-principal and DOESN'T know what kind of horrible abuse of authority THAT is, I feel sorry for all the kids she taught over her career.
RadicalErin chapter 38 . 12/15/2017
I need more
Shyguy1 chapter 38 . 11/16/2017
Great story.

I like how in-character you've kept everyone and how you haven't fallen into the flanderization standard that is so prevalent in modern fan fiction. Akane is immature but not a b!#y brat high on her own self importance. Nabiki is cool dry and sharp tounged but not a sociopathic megalomaniacle egomaniac. Kasumi is placid but not vapid.

The story is progressing fantastically. I was not originally a fan of magical girl fiction but your story has convinced me to take a second look.

I've read some of the more negative reviews for this story, and I must say that I disagree. The magical girl stuff felt out of the blue until I looked back over the story. It was foreshadowed long ago and I get the feeling it was the intention from the beginning.

As I've said, it's a wonderful story and I sincerely hope that you at least consider continuing. If I'm not mistaken, you prefaced this story with the message that you would leave it one day, but it's such a good story that i don't think you should stop now.
Aceina chapter 38 . 5/3/2017
very good chapter i hope it updates soon and i have a feeling goku wont be a boy for long he does want to be the ranma of the group
Aceina chapter 33 . 5/2/2017
im so glad you went back tot he light hearted insanity tone its far more enjoyable
Aceina chapter 29 . 5/2/2017
now this is the tone i liked before but its just lost alot of what i enjoyed before do to that depressing arc

hell why is no one mad at ranma for betraying there trust
Aceina chapter 28 . 5/2/2017
well this chapter made me hate ranma now as ranma was just a selfish jack ass who betrayed every bit of character developement that happened in the first 22 chapters
Aceina chapter 26 . 5/2/2017
well i see ukyo and shampoo have ahd any chance of a character arc in your story thrown out to now i hate them both as this selfish ranma is just a prize mindset dont work in a drama and thats what this story is now neither one of them loves ranma in the slightest
Aceina chapter 25 . 5/2/2017
the story had been good untill this hole mess it honestly feels like it is a different story its tone is different its just a big depressing mess

before this it felt like something rumiko her self would have written even your OCs felt like they fit the cast and grew on me quick

it did not even hit me emotionally as it came out of left field why did you change the entire tone of the story

but im this far in now i cant stop reading as i hate to not see how a story ends even a story that betrayed me
Guest chapter 24 . 3/30/2017
"Demon-B-Gone"? Persona? Is that you?
DschingisKhan chapter 38 . 3/26/2017
Well, Goku and Akira just signed up to be girls. What a pity.

You know, somehow I expected St. Hebreke to be... well, less of a mad house. I'm not sure why, but I realise in retrospect that that was a silly expectation.

Still, is it really so much to ask that Ranma willingly give up on masculinity to be adorable and have a cute Sapphic romance at a girls school? I mean, JEEZE! (I'm actually kind of rooting for Miyuki, even if she's completely ridiculous.)

Also, Kohana is the best girl.
icecold1039 chapter 1 . 3/14/2017
Nodoka seems ooc but my opinion matters, in this case, less than nothing.
Guest chapter 38 . 2/10/2017
So according to your profile update as of November 2015 you had chapters 39-43 complete.

Any chance of posting them? You have a lot of readers eagerly awaiting more from this story. We aren't expecting perfection, we just really want more of your writing.
The pen or The sword chapter 1 . 2/4/2017
I like it well enough though the trope of making nodoka not a crazy horrible parent is far to common. If we look at the facts nodoka was the bad parent, genma put his son through unspeakable things to ensure he would be the best at the art and royally screwed up his life. But the thought never occurred to genma that his son could die, he never wanted his son dead in any capacity. Nodoka on the other hand would personally kill her son if she felt he failed to uphold the contract. In other words genma is the good parent...Thats not really a compliment to genma as much as a horrible statement about had screwed ranmas life is...
Porpoisepower chapter 38 . 1/9/2017
I'm seriously loving this story, and hope you'll continue it.
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