Reviews for I'll Drink to That
Mirime Kisarrastine chapter 1 . 1/20/2010
You know, this must be a sign. A few days ago I read Interlude at Darkknell and was immediately assaulted by Bel Iblis/Moranda plot bunny. Now, I type in Bel Iblis to search for some fanfic about him and what do I find? This little gem. I like it quite a lot. There was no blatant OOC-ness, you did well with their encounter, I could imagine it going like that. And Moranda and her grallish liquor... She really likes it a lot, huh?

You know, she has been my favourite ever since reading VotF and how she pulled one stunt after another on Imperial agents. And with IaD, I really think this ship has some real potential.

So, thank you for writing.