Reviews for Green Fire
PernDragonrider chapter 9 . 8/13/2006
Another great chapter to this tale.

Looking forward to more.

Keep up the great work,

DarkHonda chapter 9 . 8/13/2006
:) Evil Tommy YAY!

they nevr explored it in GWE... and you do it excellently!


Taeniaea chapter 9 . 8/13/2006
I Love The Chapter:9 Plz Plz Update It Soon!
ufc91 chapter 9 . 8/12/2006
This is the first story I've read that tales place during the Green Ranger saga.

I can't wait to see where you take this.

Good story.

CoolDiva chapter 9 . 8/12/2006
About time you updated! LOL. Anyway, I loved this chapter. It was really intense. Keep up the good work. Cya.
TonksieFea chapter 8 . 8/12/2006
it was good!
The Mystic Wolf chapter 8 . 7/14/2006
wow, this is a really erotic fanfic...and for some reason I like it a lot. lol, i'm glad I found this one. You don't see a lot of good green MMPR fanfics, especially anything well-written that's based in the Green With Evil miniseries. Most people are afraid that they'll butcher it, but you've sort of embraced it and made it your own with more mature twists and turns from Tommy's point of view. I'll definitely be looking foreward to future updates! _
Lola chapter 8 . 7/13/2006
Hey good story so far. Keep going you are doing very well. I am looking forward to what is coming next. This story is sure to keep a lot of people interested. Good job!
PernDragonrider chapter 8 . 7/7/2006
This was worth waiting for and I'm still very impressed with how you've given us an insight into what was happening inside the mind of Tommy Oliver while he was controlled by Rita's evil.

Very well-written, compelling reading for any original Power Ranger fan, and very much possibly what really happened; that we didn't get to see on camera.

Keep up the great work and update as soon as RL (real life) allows.

SKY UNICORN chapter 8 . 7/6/2006
WOW just found your story boy is it great! can't

wait to see what happens!
reforgedGaara chapter 8 . 7/6/2006
Nice one again please update!
reforgedGaara chapter 7 . 7/6/2006
I continue to like this topic and they way you portray Tommy and the rangers.
reforgedGaara chapter 6 . 7/6/2006
Wow, great dialog...great
reforgedGaara chapter 5 . 7/6/2006
Nice chapter, not much else to say cause its so short
reforgedGaara chapter 4 . 7/6/2006
Continued great coverage of the green ranger's thoughts. I had speculated as much when I was little and watched the show :)
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