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BountifulGames chapter 18 . 9/7
Just saying, that guest comment below is me. FOr some reason fanfiction decided to log me out right when i commented that
Guest chapter 18 . 9/7
I loved this story so much. The premise was amazing. Imo I enjoyed the first half more than the second half but thats just me. They were both amazing. I think i just liked the whole survival part more. One thing I would have changed (again, completely my thought, not saying its bad at all) is I would have made both Kim and Shego have the knowledge and maturity they had in the other world slowly come back. Like Kim is in class and she answers doctorate level science questions with ease. I mean you showed they did with Shego cooking but I thought it would be cool to see people's reactions to Kim having so much more knowledge than she should.

Again this story was amazing, you are amazing, yes.
AJM233 chapter 18 . 8/4
ssnowh chapter 18 . 7/25
Wow... Just, wow. The amount of effort, time, and greatness that went into this story is beyond breathtaking! Over the course of the weekend of binge reading all 16 chapters I discovered 3 things:

1: That McCafferty is a great band to go with certain stories! (No, seriously, listen to "Yours, Mine, Hours. It flows with certain chapters of this story just so... Perfect.)

2: Stories with erotica and/or same sex pairing or "ships" don't have to be nothing but a mindless sex-fest. (Every sex scene in this story was so well written, it wasn't just fan service, they all felt extremely romantic.)

And finally... 3: You're the greatest Kigo author of all time! No, seriously. I've read about 20 different ones, all from different authors. You by far take the cake. (I'm including "Accidental Mistress", "Not the same" and even "Fun with Kigo" was a fun take on the genre.) Something about how you write these just shows... Care and compassion for the characters. You don't rush in, and change their personality to fit the story, you gradually change them as the events happen (Something very few do.)

Well, that felt like a long review, and I know this fanfic is 12 years old (As I'm writing this, anyways.) And I doubt you will see this, but I hope you continue to write for as long as you're able! I have yet to check out any of your original stories, but I'll be sure to give them a shot. Also, I hope you recovered well from the heart attack, that's some sadly serious stuff. Best wishes, and congrats on your future writing career!

((PS: To anyone who wants "More" and doesn't know, there was a fan made "epilogue to the epilogue" that was posted on Failte200's account, which, in my opinion, closed the story even better then this one's ending did. Just thought I'd post that for the people that didn't know!))
Mages chapter 15 . 7/22
Not that it matters, but the statutory rape laws in Colorado go like this:

"Colorado statutory rape law is violated when an individual has sexual intercourse with an individual under age 17. Close in age exemptions exist allowing 16 and 17 year olds to engage in sexual intercourse with partners who are less than 10 years older, and minors younger than 15 to engage in sexual congress with those less than 4 years older. Defenses exist if the victim and perpetrator are married (common law marriages are not applicable). Although the age of consent is 17, child prostitution laws extend to those 18 and under."

So if Kim is 17, she can't be statutorily raped. And even if she's 16, if Shego is 26 or younger then it also wouldn't count as rape. The ages of the characters seem a bit nebulous, sometimes it seems like Kim was 17 when she went through the transporter, but sometimes it seems like she was 16. And I've no idea how old Shego is supposed to be. And you could just handwave it by saying that the laws in the KP universe are not the same as the laws in out universe. Though I suppose it's twelve years too late anyway.

Oh, and great story, by the way.
silentmusic16 chapter 1 . 5/18
This story is nearly 12 years old. It's likely you may not read this review, but I wanted to say that this is one of the best fics I've ever read, regardless of the fandom, the genre, the pairing, anything. It's well paced, wonderfully characterized in a way that respects the characters but also gives them room to grow in the story itself, effectively emotional and smart, well-researched (the appendix scene, the math, etc.), and, most surprisingly, so structurally sound you could set an earthquake under the thing; from the prologue to the final chapter, the way you've structured the work is really, really so well done, with call backs and parallels and the like. I give a lot of praise for the locus scene in particular - though, of course, that's only one of too many great scenes to name - where the description of the physicality of things, the intimacy removed from emotion, is fantastic, visual, and mature in so many different ways. If I had to point out any criticism at all, it'd be that a bit of the drama after the "return" felt a *tiny* bit out of character, maybe a bit too hysterical at times. But that's such a small issue - a non-issue, really - that it doesn't even matter.

I can't say enough how much I truly admire this fic and the work put into it. Wonderful, wonderful job.
Revolos55 chapter 18 . 4/12
Jesus H, that was fully awesome. Delicious angst. I've never even seen an episode of the show and I loved it chapter 18 . 4/5
so glad i found this. this was the first fanfic i ever read. amd damn its as good as i remeber. this is a wonderful story with a lot of plot and character development.

i love it to bits.
Treant Balewood chapter 18 . 4/4
Very much enjoyed this it was just what I needed today, Thanks for Writing!
Moosedrool chapter 18 . 3/25
This story is so good. Honestly I come back to it again and again. Thank you
RexCaldoran chapter 1 . 3/15
and even after the third reread it's still a unbelievable good story...
Axel Fones chapter 3 . 3/14
Damn, humankind was not meant for this kind of isolation. I liked the bear though, it's a shame it had to die.
Axel Fones chapter 2 . 3/14
Damn, now I want a mountain hidey hole. Looks like Kim is gonna math it up. I mean damn, not just math, there's gonna be a bunch of engineering to create a new ring and all that jazz. This is gonna take a while.
Axel Fones chapter 1 . 3/14
This looks amazing.
Olivia Rollins chapter 18 . 3/10
I've read this story twice over! Sad to see it end. So we'll written. :)
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