Reviews for Gravity
apiegohome chapter 15 . 6/3
Such a great story! Thank you for writing this
Lazy Bum chapter 15 . 3/10
Ten years later, but this story is amazing! Loved every part of it, especially the spaz Axel and how crazy but lovable Alysa is. I hope you continue to write KH fics!
Caro chapter 15 . 1/3
I've just finished the story and it was so entretaining! I benched read it from 12 to 4 a.m! I had to go to sleep though, I wanted to be awake for the last 2 chapters hahahaha. Alysa was a hoot! Thanks for this fun story!
KHOrchestra chapter 15 . 1/1
For characters not KH, I'll sure miss Alysa and Doug. Those two are basically partners in crime.
TheSilverWolf123 chapter 15 . 12/5/2015
Awww... I'm gonna miss Alysa and Doug. I can always find Sora, Riku, Roxas and Axel in any other fanfic but I won't see Alysa or Doug ever again. TT In a way you did make it bittersweet. Great job.
SoulSoprano chapter 1 . 10/2/2015
I've been trying to find this fic again after I read it a year ago - my computer had amnesia, and on top of that, it didn't like this site, and then the fic disappeared... Sooo happy I found it again, I absolutely LOVE this fic it's awesome, one of the best!
guest chapter 15 . 9/11/2015
I know your probably forgot about this, but PLEASE let there be a sequel. This maybe when they're older and have jobs, but lost each other on the way. PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT, if you come back to it.
Guest chapter 11 . 3/12/2015
noitffb chapter 1 . 10/18/2014
Wow! For a first Fanfic, it's already the level of a expert, maybe a master! Great job so far! Please keep it up! :)
Darkflower123 chapter 15 . 8/21/2014
This. Was. Amazing! It was a lighthearted fic that made me laugh and smile at the jokes, Alysa was a character I absolutely grew fond of more and more as the story went on, A lot of jokes summer campers (such as I) would have got, and overall a really great piece of work.
Qwoppop chapter 9 . 6/10/2014
Boys, boys! You're all wrong. Figure It Out was the best, it had comedy, goo, and weird talents! Hidden Temple is definitely right next to it though as number 1, it was way better than Guts and such.
sophia.k.sahlstrom chapter 1 . 1/5/2014
Do you have any idea how many times I have read this fanfic or recommended it to my fellow KH-loving friends? Of course you don't, but let me tell you; it's a lot. I'm not sure if you're still on this page, but I thought it be rude to read this for then umpteenth time without leaving a comment. I absolutely love this story, it's my favorite fanfic of all time (and i spend most of my antisocial life reading them). Love to you lovely person!
Axel is movin chapter 2 . 12/25/2013
caledon chapter 15 . 10/6/2013
this is really cute XD
fuzzybuddy12 chapter 1 . 8/31/2013
i-i have no words i have only read the first chapter but i can tell its good u put alot of effort in this and i like how i can imagin roxas and haner but i know its roxas and axel i cant wait to read it all and find out they meet and fall in love and im only 12 but i am okay with gay couples and bl novels as long as there are no picture i love the storys but the pics are just NASTY remeber that im 12 and this stuff is gross for me but the story are really nice they put alot of effort in the character devolp ment and thats what i love about it and soo far i LOVE ur work
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