Reviews for Fact File : Apollo
Goldleaf83 chapter 1 . 11/14/2012
This is such an interesting way to do a character study! I love how matter of fact the language is throughout the piece, yet it shifts to show Apollo’s increasingly mature point of view as he grows from vignette to vignette in the first parts of the sketch. You do a lovely job of tracing the family ties that develop as Apollo grows, starting with his cousin Jace (and Apollo gets to be the younger one and learns what a big brother does – such a nice parallel in vignettes 3 and 9) and gradually enveloping his younger siblings as they arrive and grow up. The relationship with his father is interestingly formulated too, catching both the affection and the distances between them. It’s a good way to depict the ambiguities of their relationship, which is both firmly loving and pressured. (That last line of 21 captured the latter particularly well.) Making Apollo unaware of his father’s reputation until middle adolescence is a nice touch, particularly in how Adama’s reticence contrasts with Cain’s self-aggrandizing stories. Apollo’s relationship with Boxey is fitted in nicely with that desire to protect you’ve shown in earlier vignettes, as it morphs from brotherly to paternal, with a heaping dash of guilt over Zac thrown in. The final line of vignette 37, on fighter planes and boys, managed to be both sweet and devastating. If I’m remembering correctly (it’s been a while since I read them), there are a number of points in this story that correspond with some of your other Apollo/Starbuck stories, such as the pilot Geraint that Apollo admires in vignette 12, but you nonetheless keep to the canonical story beautifully, finding spaces within it to fit in your own interpretation and backstory. This works particularly well in how you develop the relationship with Starbuck (and Boomer too, for that matter) as they meet at the Academy and Apollo falls under the Starbuckean spell, but delaying the change in their relationship until just after canon ends. But that’s set up beautifully in the subtle hints of earlier vignettes, and particularly Ila’s periodic smiles, which show that she understands her son better than he understands himself at these points. A lovely piece of work!
Meee chapter 1 . 4/5/2008
Aw, I like it. It works well with Starbuck's Fact File(which Ioved, by the way). Especially love Apollo's mother. Guess a mother just knows.

Thanks for sharing!