Reviews for Fact File: Starbuck
MoonArrow chapter 1 . 3/11/2014
Love these.
Goldleaf83 chapter 1 . 11/14/2012
The early scenes of this story do a great job in providing a backstory for Starbuck that fits what we find out in canon about his childhood. I agree with Clairon that you provide a really convincing backstory for why Starbuck wasn’t adopted, plus you fit it in well with how his character evolves as he gets older. Starbuck and the orphans going to church reminds me of William Blake’s “Holy Thursday” poem from Songs of Innocence. I’m not sure if you intended it, but it certainly works well as an allusion if so. You do a lot of neat parallels with the Fact File on Apollo (I don’t know which came first, but that’s the order I read them in), starting with how Griff and Starbuck mirror Apollo and Zac in Chapel services. Starbuck’s shifting relationship with Griff is handled adroitly: it’s ambiguous enough in the first mention, and later confirmed, though also obliquely, as Starbuck begins to engage in adolescent explorations of his sexuality. The way Starbuck recognizes and then consciously and deliberately “practices” his charm to use to his advantage fits in with the way you’ve constructed the emotional neglect he’s experienced for years. Nice parallel on choice with Apollo too. The worse implications of Starbuck’s lack of choice are well developed – I too can’t imagine Starbuck doing well under “authorized tyranny.” Of course, as an officer he’s still subject to that, but with some greater latitude, not to mention greater chances for advancement. Fortunately he has talents and skills beyond charm, though the charm certainly helps. Having read about Starbuck’s decision to take the Academy by storm, and particularly in his choice of Apollo as his friend, I’m glad I read the Apollo piece first: it’s interesting to re-see it from this perspective, and then see Starbuck’s own perspective shift. (It would still work the other way, but I like having read the more naïve version first.) The way the two change each other is nicely depicted, particularly the suggestion that Starbuck wants to live up to Apollo’s expectations of him but finds it hard, and the comic line that Starbuck is uncertain about who is manipulating whom! The way this story dovetails more and more with the Apollo version (while also following canon) is terrific, particularly on Serina. You give this character study a lovely finale too, pulling together the problems of young Starbuck and adult Starbuck into a single unifying conclusion. It’s really a great story!
unbekannt chapter 1 . 4/1/2007
that's so very beautiful,I'm lost for words
Carl chapter 1 . 6/20/2006
Beautiful, lovely, awesome. It is such a great characterization of who Starbuck is, I like it.
clairon chapter 1 . 5/21/2006
Love it AnnaO, as I love your previous stuff.

You answered a question for me too - I have always wondered why nobody adopted Starbuck (or Face for that matter!) I know I would and you put up a plausible explanation.

Thank you